TRUTH: The TEACHINGS of Christianity and Islam are Negations of Each Other

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There is a difference between the people who actually embrace and try to live according to the teachings of a given religion; people who follow a version of their own making with teachings of their own design; and people who only claim to believe in that religion but do not follow any of its teachings.  In every case, understanding this difference demands that you know what that given religion actually teaches.  This way, you can compare their actions to those teachings to determine to which category a person belongs: a true believer, a follower of a sect; or a hypocrite who only claims to be a follower but isn’t.  But why should this matter to us today?  Well, in the case of Christianity and Islam, the two largest religions in the world, their teachings are negations of each other.  In a very real sense, they are Spiritual photo negatives.  This…

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