FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What Muhammad Actually Said About ‘Muhammad’

Even if you aren’t religious, you might want to read this one. If you are Christian, you had better read and understand this post. It reveals the very hand of Satan in Islam — and in Muhammad’s own words, no less.

The Oil for Your Lamp


This post is intended for the education of those who seek the Truth — no matter what that Truth may be.  It is wholly unsuited for those who seek to believe in lies.

This post is written mostly for Christians and those who understand Biblical teaching.  However, I have added editorial comments and citations to help explain the basics for those who may not be familiar with Scripture.  So, why should Christians bother studying Islam?  Well, aside from needing to know about Islam so we will be better equipped to share the Gospel with them — the true Gospel — we need to know and understand what Islam is.  In this case…  Well, just read.  I think you might be shocked by what you’ll discover this time.

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