The Quest for Relevance

The_Persistence_of_Memory_1931_Salvador_Dali_7873Trigger events. Microaggressions. Cultural appropriation The current trend of grievance groups and their politically correct outbursts which are seemingly vomited upon rational members of society are less protest and more of a search for relevancy in an increasingly absurd social landscape.

Imagine if you will a world run by psychopaths…oh, wait – that’s a Twilight Zone episode – or is it? Seriously though, imagine you are living in a Salvador Dali painting. You have been there for quite some time – as a matter of fact, you have been there for all of your formative years. You look around where you are standing and everywhere you look, the images are surreal (of course they are, you are in a surrealistic landscape painting) – but I digress. You are surrounded by flaccid horses and melting clock faces – and this is the world you accept as reality.

Now imagine this: in such a reality, how would you get attention?

My thought is that you would try to out-surreal your already surrealistic landscape.

Isn’t this what immature people do all the time? When they can’t compete for attention on their merits, they go for shock value to get noticed. It works for toddlers in the Terrible Twos, lonely children and young adults who exhibit destructive behaviors to get the attention of their parents. It also works when public figures like Madonna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus want to shock their audiences to gain notoriety. Some would argue that a certain presidential hopeful follows that same model.

The point is that all of these behaviors are enacted in a quest for relevance.

Relevance is an interesting concept. Related to society, relevance is something meaningful or purposeful in current society or culture. What I find curious about that definition is that the person attempting relevance has no control over whether they are or not, it is up to the greater body of society to decide if who they are or what they represent actually makes a connection in such a way to satisfy something society needs, wants or desires. That could be enjoyment, entertainment, understanding or comfort – or any of any other potential connections. Our Constitution and our laws are subject to the same concept – they are relevant (and binding) because we treat them that way.

That is why entertainers like those mentioned above have enjoyed such large and loyal fan bases – they connected. They were considered relevant by their fans.

One could argue that Madonna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus achieved “relevance”, not due to true talent but rather through “out-surrealing” their contemporary landscape through their outrageous antics, appearances and stances on pet issues.

I would like to think that the majority of society is rational. I really can’t test that idea – it is more of an observation that society hasn’t yet devolved into such chaos as to be dystopian, therefore I must assume that a majority of acts of a majority of the population rationally comply with standard social operating procedures. If that is true, it is up to us to deny relevance to the absurd politically correct groups and those like Concernedstudent1950 and #blacklivesmatter that have built their “movements” on nothing but the wishcasting of offensive events and the mythology of “oppression”.

These misguided children will only have relevance if we give it to them.

2 thoughts on “The Quest for Relevance

  1. The majority of society can’t possibly rational. They voted for Obama twice. Then again, I’m off to the mountains to ski. There is no snow, and I don’t know how to ski. I’m hoping Hugh Jackman will be filming there, and I can be an extra. That’s rational………….or optimistic.

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