K.O.O.K. SOCIETY REPORT: Rush Seems to have Forgotten Who Floated the Trump=Perot Theory

I know this will not make you Trump fans any happier with me than it will the Ditto Heads, but it still needs to be said.

21 thoughts on “K.O.O.K. SOCIETY REPORT: Rush Seems to have Forgotten Who Floated the Trump=Perot Theory

  1. Got it,
    It’s early yet. Don’t miss the forest, because of the trees!
    I read a comment on “Intellectual Frog legs” that summed up “The Donald” phenomena.
    “He is not our candidate, he is our murder weapon. And the GOP is our victim.”
    My biggest fear is we are all trying desperately to paint ourselves in separate corners. The election is a long way off, (In political terms) I am thankful that Donald Trump brought issues to the front that:
    1) would have never seen the light of day without him,
    2) have brought our views to a larger Hispanic, and Black audience than we would have seen without him
    Try to be open to letting this run it’s course. No absolutism, (Unless Jeb steals it in a brokered convention.)
    That “Actual”, on the end of your moniker tells me that you know this is not the time to make a full commitment to action. let’s watch it develop a little more.
    Try to remember,
    You don’t always finish a race on the same set of tires you start out on.
    Semper Fi! brother!

    • fjf,

      I read you Lima Charlie! And I agree. This post was written strictly to bring the inconsistency in Rush’s narrative to the attention of those who may have missed it, and I wrote it in the form of an opinion piece. This was my only intention because — as you so perfectly outlined — it is too early to be sweating tactical matters when we’re still setting up our strategic goals.

      Semper Fi to you, too, Mac! URAH!

      • I thought so,
        At least I won’t have to explain myself, as I defend Trump and/or Cruz. ( Or Cruz and Trump if you prefer.) As far as Rush is concerned,you’re on target. Although he’s still our best mouthpiece. I’m waiting to see what happens there as well.
        It’s going to be interesting, Stock up on popcorn!

  2. From Later in your post on the OUL….you say :
    “..The truth here is simple: Trump is no conservative, and Limbaugh knows it. Cruz is a solid Constitutionalist —”

    I am for Cruz ( and Trump) but I think we have to step away from this image of Cruz a bit. His vote for the TPA, his support for McConnell ( while at the same time condemning him ), his attack on Trump about a temporary pause in muslim “refugees”, his contradictory immigration positions, his recent comments regarding those in Oregon……… Whether you agree or not with those folks positions, Cruz was Not in fact commenting “Constitutionally”. I am FOR Cruz…strongly but I think a little reality is due.

    THIS is a Constitutionalist :…. It’s NOT about the people involved…. it IS about the Constitution !

    • Don,

      I agree: it is about the Constitution. As you have been trying to teach me for some time, no one is perfect. Therefore, we will never have a ‘perfect’ candidate. An election is always a compromise. For me, this makes the choice between Cruz and Paul, as they are the ONLY two with a record of bowing to the Constitution. HOWEVER, in Paul’s case, he has shown more of an indication he will work with the establishment than Cruz has. After all, Paul helped get one of the re-elected in this last election. Plus, Paul has shown a profound ignorance of how the world actually works. He would try to take us back to an isolationist position that is too extreme for modern times. Cruz, on the other hand, has a long track record of standing up to the GOP and bucking their agenda in favor of the Constitution.

      Now, that said, Trump cannot make the same claim. He has never shown me he has any idea what the Constitution even says, let alone any compulsion to allow it to restrain his actions. In fact, he has said quite the opposite. Every time he boasts about what he is going to do in violation of Constitutional restraints, I can’t help hearing Obama, Bush W and Clinton before him. Those three all gave the warning signs, but most of us allowed Party loyalty to close our ears. I do not want to repeat that mistake again — not this time.

      However, on this issue, I am only stating my opinion. As I say, we all have to decide for ourselves. For me, it has to be between Paul and Cruz, and given both men’s past words and actions, FOR ME, Cruz is the best by far.

      BTW: I know this lady (Chris Anne). In fact, if I ever see her again, I still owe her an apology for running her over the last time we were on the radio together. She brought up one of my hot-button topics and I took off without ever stopping to consider she was the featured guest on the program — no me. Pride and arrogance: they have been a life-long character flaw for me (But I am trying hard to fix that)

    • NO I DIDN’T!!!

      In fact, I was typing a second follow-up when your post (and the comment I was typing) disappeared. I have looked for your post, too. I cannot find it in the trash. Which site did you reply on: The OYL or TRNL?

  3. Don,
    I want to hear and see more of this young lady espousing MY OPINION! I like her
    attitude: FACTS (The Constitution) MATTER! I hope there are a few THOUSAND of
    her with this ideology!

  4. Joe,
    Thanks for the info on KrisAnne Hall. Will be checking on her endeavors now that I know
    who she is. She sounds like a person I can really support, am disillusioned with the GOP
    and TEAParty people I thought I could depend on.

    The next eight months are going to be real burners for TRUTH!

  5. Don,
    Have gone to KrisAnne’s blog site and downloaded info to send to all our local TEAParty
    members. Am amazed at the reaction of all who comment on KrisAnne’s presentation.

    This Lady is NOT your typical Conservative, but energized, engaged and SPIRITUALLY
    active TRUE AMERICAN Patriot? Am I overly optimistic?

    Are we looking at a TEAParty of disillusioned Republican, democrats and independents
    forming a new TEAParty Patriots?

    Not too long ago I, as a democrat JFK supporter/voter, went Republican and all out for
    CA Governor/President Ronald Reagan.

    We are evolving?

    • EdwardS,

      Are we ‘evolving,’ or are the people whos till embrace the founding principles and ideals of this nation just starting to wake up and pull themselves out of the Parties that had left them and coalescing together in a new movement?

    • Edward,

      If you haven’t voted for a Democrat since JFK, I would say you are safe… :- )).

      Both JFK and Reagan had the Constitution as the central mooring feature of their philosophy. It may ultimately habe been what got JFK killed, and Reagan shot.

  6. Joe,
    I passionately and humbly pray to God that you are right regarding a new movement!

    We (America) are experiencing the last vision of our great country! The EVIL ONE has
    taken almost full control and with the followers of “The Religion of Peace” to carry out
    his final victory, our Patriots will have to prepare for an agonizing future!

    1938 has arrived!

    • EdwardS,

      True, but the Evil One has also seized hold of God’s House (i.e. the Church) and most of those who call themselves by His name, as well. If the Church were still clinging to His Word, and living as we are called to live, I do not see how Satan could have prospered so.

      Personally, I have come to a point where I believe we are living in that short season where Satan has once again been set free to deceive the nations. Sadly, the Lord has also lead me to a point where I also believe the two horned beast that looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon, and which sets up an image of the last beast and causes it to live again is a reference to the Church and/or ‘Christian West’ which — like Islam — has become war-like in all its ways (hence the image of the beast — living by the sword). I pray I am wrong, but feel I understand correctly. The result must be that those who live by the sword…

      Let’s just pray that He remembers His promise to hide His people behind their doors at the hour of His wrath.

  7. Joe,
    I agree with you on the Church, have made changes in my life that reflect my disappointment
    with the Leaders. They have to get back to their primary obligation of Saving Souls and give
    up the objective of power and money?

    I can’t include Sadly and The Lord in the same thought, He has always shown me the
    correct path and instilled me with TRUST in His Word.

    My daily guide is The 23 Psalm of David.

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