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I do not want to risk distracting the reader from the point of this post by making it appear to be about President Obama.  Therefore, I am not going to post any supporting stories or video in this piece.  Instead, I am just going to assume that the reader has heard President Obama mocking ISIS as “The JV Team,” or “A bunch of armed thugs running around in pick up trucks,” or some other words to this extent.  Rather than making this about President Obama directly, I’d like the reader to pay closer attention to the deception in the President’s words.  It is intentional, and we can prove this with reasonable certainty.  This is important because, if we can be reasonably sure the President is intentionally deceiving us, then we can conclude that this mocking of ISIS is propaganda, and propaganda is usually a sure indication…

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3 thoughts on “RECOGNIZE THE AGENDA: When Obama Mocks ISIS (ISIL)

    • Anyone who reads the Bible knows that this man is no Christian. You will know them by their fruits. Well, when you constantly accuse Christ and defend Muhammad, that fruit testifies against you.

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