A brief dispatch from your Peking correspondent…

I’ve been in China all week on business but even there, I couldn’t escape the US presidential campaign…

Hot button issues gave rise to Donald Trump, right? His loud and brash mannerisms when addressing these issues are the reasons people are flocking to him, many of whom seem to have lost their ever-lovin’ minds just like the Obamazombies in 2008 and 2012. Obama was the ebony, community organizing “lightworkwer”, Trump is the flipside of the coin, the ivory, WASPy, business guy savior of the Republic.

I’m not buying it.

There is something deeper in the rotting American soul driving it. It isn’t racism, nativism, or any other “ism”. It isn’t because we whiteys hate the first black president or we don’t want to bake a gay cake (well it may be a little about the latter when you consider being forced to bake the damn cake) but the answer is pretty obvious, as long as you are following the Hillary Clinton email scandal, the answer is right in front of you.

Today, it was revealed that several of the emails kept on Hillary’s totally unsecure, off the books email server are too sensitive to be released – even to the people investigating this issue and yet, nobody in the press or the deep state seems too interested. Contrast this attitude with the wall-to-wall coverage and the aggressive prosecution of General David Petraeus and Scooter Libby. Libby did time, Petraeus had to cut a deal to stay out of jail (even now Obama is still trying to cut him down) and yet, Hillary Clinton is still running for president like there was no crime in what she and her maidservant, Huma the Weinerette did.

What is happening is unfair and unjust and people know it. It can’t be ignored or talked away. It is in your face preferential treatment of a politically connected, self-appointed elitist who is likely to skate on any charges, possibly get elected to the Oval Office and if she does, will certainly pardon herself.

I don’t doubt the surveys on both sides of the aisle that indicate a significant number of people feel the system is rigged and there is little fairness in society (more than just Bernie Sanders fans think this – hell, I think it). People have turned to politicians to restore “fairness” – every political speech has some equivalent of “I’ll fight for you” embedded in it – but expecting a politician to create fairness is like expecting to douse a fire with a can of gasoline.

Politicians thrive on creating inequality, unfairness – if they didn’t, they would have no reason to exist. In order to keep the con game going, politicians have to carefully balance the fairness and unfairness but that is really difficult to do when you create the problem and control the solution. They tend to go overboard and when they have to protect themselves from the monster of their own creation, like Hillary’s arrogant email issue, the scam becomes obvious.

When basic fairness is lost in any group or system, it divides itself into two opposing camps. These camps choose a champion who they hope will open up a can of medieval whup-ass in a Battle Royale, a trial by combat – the winner take all prize being the righteousness of the cause of the victor.
This is where we are today and by Crom, it is the reason for the rise of Donald the Barbarian, the Conservoprogressivitarian Warrior King from the fabulously yuge realm of Trumpmania (with all due apologies to Conan and his creator, Robert E, Howard). We are not choosing a candidate for president, we are looking for that ancient Cimmerian champion to wield his broadsword and battle axe to mow down the opposition and win the battle of righteous indignation for us.

We on the right wish to crush our enemies and hear the lamentations of their women. That is what is best in life – so we elect a warrior king to bash the left until they elect their warrior king. Fairness is then defined as a cycle of win/lose/win/lose played out over successive presidential terms.

There is a way to stop this lather, rinse, repeat cycle. It’s something that neither current leading candidate from either side is talking about – it’s called the Constitution.

3 thoughts on “A brief dispatch from your Peking correspondent…

  1. You hit the Nail on the Head …. from your Article above :

    ” What is happening is unfair and unjust and people know it. It can’t be ignored or talked away. It is in your face preferential treatment of a politically connected, self-appointed elitist who is likely to skate on any charges, possibly get elected to the Oval Office and if she does, will certainly pardon herself.

    I don’t doubt the surveys on both sides of the aisle that indicate a significant number of people feel the system is rigged and there is little fairness in society (more than just Bernie Sanders fans think this – hell, I think it). ”

    And this Rigged, Unjust, Criminal and Unconstitutional Lawlessness just keeps Marching on …Spitting in our faces :

    Obama also found to e-mailed Hillary 18 times though said he didn’t know about it….yet another Obammy LIE !!

    Former Inspector General says Hillary and sate Dept is lying….and that she will just “walk”.


  2. To sum it up.

    Once you give or allow people the freedom to do whatever they want, they will do exactly that !!

  3. I’ll bet the Chinese are baffled by all the noise over here. The news media are prospering, though, with the frequent updates in their 24-hour news cycle. Unfortunately, important things are all too easily being ignored. Separate events are treated separately, with no effort to connect the dots.
    It is important to keep aware of what is going on in our surroundings, both in our neighborhoods and in those foreign countries whose products are important to our economic life. There is some general awareness of vague threats from Muslim countries, and occasional terrorism, but little awareness of the dedication and power they can bring to bear, and who they work with.

    It is a life-or-death matter for modern American society to have electricity. Current international energy affairs and political alignments are unstable enough to be dangerous for America. Most Middle Eastern oil suppliers are hostile toward us, and drove prices down to kill our fracking industry, but it hurts their economies. Russia bases their budget on selling oil to Europe at $90 a barrel, and cannot tolerate low prices much longer. Both Russia and the OPEC countries are hurt when oil prices are below their production cost. Only the Saudis can live with oil below $30. Russia and OPEC nations have a history of using war to distract their populations from economic problems. Our military has been weakened, and our politicians are waffling.

    On Dec. 15, Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a 34-nation Islamic coalition to defeat ISIS. They are threatened by ISIS and the rise of Iran’s Shiite power. Can they put it together? Probably – they have built and staffed Wahhabi mosques around the world, where they can recruit. And, the Muslim Brotherhood’s tentacles are widely embedded in governments around the world. What will they do with the coalition?
    They could oppose ISIS, or they could one-up ISIS by embarking on a grander Islamic project that could re-unite Islam’s warring sects. They could start out toward ISIS, and then call on ISIS and the Shiites (Syria and Iran, primarily) to join in an attack on Israel – the common enemy of all Islam. They would probably cross Jordan anyway, putting them within 200 miles of Israel – a matter of hours. They would want to do it before our elections. They would not want America to interfere. We should expect internal problems, inspired from those external sources, probably resembling those being felt in Europe.
    It has been admitted by DHS that there are over 3,000 people from countries controlled by Islam who have come to America and overstayed their visas, and we have no idea where they are. Thousands more have crossed the southern border. Our oil and gas producers are losing 2 billion dollars a week due to Saudi Arabia’s efforts to hold oil prices down; the domestic industry is threatened. Even more oil is coming in tankers from Iran, so the price may go lower – until our industry dies. Then America will be completely at their mercy for oil supplies. A Mideast war will cause oil prices to spike, but our production will take some time to reach previous levels.
    Terrorism can appear at different levels, Cyberattacks can take down a generating plant or distribution center, but would not be likely to black out a large portion of the country or last very long. It was reported on 1/27/16 that a cyberattack occurs on the average of every four days on some part of our grid. Gunfire or explosives can take out large and expensive transformers and shut down long-distance transmission lines with long-lasting regional effects. This happened in San Jose in 2013. Coordinated attacks at numerous sites might be caught in the planning stage but there is no guarantee of that. Muslims have been infiltrating America thru the southern border for over a decade. They have easy access to public information on our electrical grid. Sleeper cells could be activated to attack key points and transmission lines to produce large-scale blackouts that could be long-lasting. The effects could be close to those of an EMP.

    Note: EMP data can be found at

    The Shia countries have a working military relationship with Russia, China, and North Korea. Those countries also harbor a strong dislike for our social and economic system. Any of them could launch an EMP attack on America from international waters, halting any possible support for Israel. We would not know where to retaliate, even if we could. The stakes are high, and without a certainty of retaliation, their rewards would be great and long-lasting if our electrical grid were taken out. Russian oil and gas are expensive to produce, and they would like a cheaper source for export to Europe. China has its own problems with its coal-fired generating plants, and needs cleaner fuels since they do not choose to install pollution controls. If they help the Islamists, they could be rewarded with recently discovered fields in and near Israel. They would also have more warm-water Mediterranean ports.

    If we lose the grid, the internet, social media, e-commerce, and communications, federal command and control will end too. The states are on their own. People would feel isolated, and the most cohesive groups are churches. They may be able to calm strife and restrain hoarding in their communities; revival will be needed for people to work together with what they have. Fuel and food will be scarce, and agriculture will need many more workers to grow and harvest. Older vehicles and tractors and small engine-driven implements without electronics would still work. Is this the way God might restore character to America? A return to God and to the farms? Many cities are hopelessly lost, but if the EMP comes in summer we could perhaps have half the population survive past 6 months if they go to rural areas and work hard. This is better than the usual estimates that 90% will die in 6 months. Industry will take longer, starting over at a lower technological level.

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