A Few Words on Self-Segregation

The current trend toward the self-segregation of black America would seem to be the very antithesis of the drive for inclusiveness of the Civil Rights era. Where Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King sought to enable black Americans to be judged by “the content of their character, not the color of their skin”, there were others like Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale and Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis who sought to implement black separation or supremacy through religious (Islamic), economic (communist) and/or governance (totalitarian) methods. The inclusiveness ideals of Dr. King lost out to the forces of separatism kept alive by white liberals like Father Michael Pfleger, black nationalists like Jerimiah Wright and black Islamic radicals like the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan.

There can be no doubt that MLK had communist sympathies but he at least was honest about his desire to abolish the color barrier so that all comrades – black, white or other – would be treated the same. Now there are those of both races clamoring for “safe spaces” because whites are always racist, even at a subconscious and DNA level and the only answer is to allow whatever racial minority to put walls up around its own slice of the color wheel to “protect” its own “racial homogeneity.”

What we are seeing today has nothing to do with racial equality, rather it is simply the attempt by the racial minorities to be guaranteed access to the benefits of the majority culture in America (which happens to be “white”) with none of the risks of having their motives being called racist, bigoted or communist and no skin of any color in the game. If they are ever accused of such, they merely retreat to the protection found behind the walls of their “safe spaces”. From these parapets, they can hurl forth tortured linguistics designed to reverse the blame onto the blameless and shirk the responsibility of their own actions by claiming that the majority is congenitally racist.

We see this playing out in full technicolor on our university campuses. It was just reported that the University of Connecticut was building a racially segregated dorm, one assumes that white students would not have access to, yet the black students will still have access to all of the services and amenities the “white” students do, thereby giving race preference to black students and race restrictions to white students.

This process will never result in a homogeneous society – it will actually foment more discord and resentment. This is a minority remora attaching itself to the belly of the Great White Shark. There is nothing symbiotic in that relationship – it is entirely parasitic. The host gains nothing from the relationship.

When parasites are expelled, as they frequently are, they cannot exist on their own. The way to an inclusive society is to have less of the vaunted (but never held), generalized conversation on “race” and more focus on the individual. Once again, this is an idea enshrined in our Constitution and the foundation this country was built upon.

8 thoughts on “A Few Words on Self-Segregation

  1. After the mixing of the races in the 1960’s, I never thought we would have such a divided country as we have now. I also never would have imagined that the racial war would have happened during the term of the first black POTUS.

    • There is DEEP racism in Africa and South of the border. An organization like La Raza tells us all we need to know about endemic and deeply held beliefs.

      Por La Raza todo. Fuera de la Raza Nada……. “Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, Nothing.”

      In Black America they have for centuries categorized other blacks based on variations of Skin coloration and hair. They STILL do this in Africa too. It was a characteristic brought with them from Africa.

      It was naive of us to think that their cultural proclivities were caused by us. For perspective, the exact same racial war is happening in Europe. It is somewhat obscured by the muslim aspect. But it is a mix of islamic cultural jihad mixed with racial hatred.

      • There is DEEP RACISM in every other country in the world, except for the United States. Before Obama gained the Presidency, race relatio ns were about as good as they had ever been and getting better.

        Enter the Hawaiian Kenyan and after seven years, we are on the brink of a race war.

        • We are and he did. No argument with that at all …. because I agree !!

          However, Obama just stirred the pot of racial enmity that exists, especially as I noted above. The fact is Obama created nothing but the environment for it to express itself and gave license to racist ideologies like Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory.

          The penchant for racist hate already existed and so BLM and its ilk found fertile ground.

  2. The Dream is over. If anything we are going back to small clans of people we know, trust and I’m sorry, look like.

    • The Dream isn’t over.
      Part of the problem is that Leftists translated the “dream” in to something it was never meant to be. Such as “economic equality” ( MLK was especially guilty of this….mostly because of his Marxist agenda) and then into racial harmony or equal outcomes measured not by effort, but by skin color.

      America was taught or had shoved down their throats the notion that measuring the success of the Dream was equivalent to the goals of Communist social engineering.

      The Dream in fact is still alive. To be allowed to follow one’s dream freely without the fetters of government shackles. THAT is the Dream. And in fact it will flourish in SOME of those “small clans” you describe…..I firmly believe this. History shows us already exactly WHICH of those clans will thrive.

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