7 thoughts on “Time To Clear The Decks

  1. To use Conservatism in the same sentence with Rubio is an oxymoron of the Highest degree. To suggest a Ticket with Cruz and Rubio is to suggest a net Zero in intent and Character between these two.

    Cruz a + 5 so to speak and Rubio a -5 = 0…..= Stand for nothing.

    Where Cruz does understand the Constitution, Rubio has flipped it off and gone to negative territory. No body who was part of Constructing the Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill is a Conservative, believes in rule of law, loves this Country and believes in her Sovereignty, nor does anything for your Beloved Republican party as Amnesty buries forever any hope of ANY Conservative Constitutional government.

    Further Rubio is out now saying one thing in Spanish and another in English…..and has recently stated in so many words the exact same provisions as the Original Gang of 8.

    Rubio is Establishment. Cruz represents those who are SICK of establishment. I guarantee you ….ANY….ANY RINO establishment clone on the ticket with Cruz will SINK his campaign. Real Conservatives will drop him and just stay home. You miss entirely those who support Trump and why they do. You may not like the fact but there is crossover in the anti-Establishment sentiments of those who support Cruz and Trump.

    Better you should add the numbers of Trump, Cruz, Carson and Paul and THERE is the anti-RINO base. At this point it is about 67-71% NOT favoring Establishment Clones like Rubio-Bush and your other favorites.

    Put ANY RINO in the way and you will split this, what is probably like 80% anti-establishment block and loose to the Socilaist/fascist or the Communist…….. Bank on it !

    • Frankly, the word “conservative” has lost its original meaning. Anymore, it can mean anything from Classic Liberal to Progressive to something in between.

      Now, I understand what many people “think” it means, but many of those folks do not understand how far THEY are from the framers, themselves.

      Just to make my point: when Limbaugh was talking about the top shelf candidates today, he was taking great care to count Trump in with the conservatives without actually saying Trump is a conservative. This is intentional deception by Rush because Rush knows better and refuses to say so. But many actually believe Trump is a conservative — AND HE IS!…if you are talking about classic conservatism from the Progressive establishment perspective…

      • Frankly MANY words have lost their original meaning : Liberal, cool, bad, rad ( for radical… which is any thing but nowadays )….the list is endless.

        Conservative NEVER means progressive ……. just because Bush and Christie call themselves that. We’ve over all this as nauseam.

        My point was and is about the Establishment versus the Large Base which is very motivated and sick of the Establishment. And my numbers confer with Frank Rich BTW.


        Bernie Sanders is riding the same anger with the Establishment too.

        • See, Don, this is what I mean. “Conservative” — as defined by Edmund Burke, simply means to “conserve” the status qua. So, if Putin tries to hold on to the Communist past in Russia, he is a “conservative COMMUNIST.” You are I try to hold on to varrious degrees of our CLASSIC LIBERAL past, so we are “conservative” in that sense. HOWEVER, if the Progressive GOP establishment tries to hold on to their power, they are “conservative PROGRESSIVES.”

          You and I have had this discussion before, and recent events are making my point for me. I know you see it as well. I think it might be time for “conservatives” start calling themselves by another name. I prefer Classic Liberal, but others may like “Constitutionalist” better 🙂

          • I think you are missing the Forest for the trees.
            I am talking about a movement in sentiment, a kind of groundswell.
            When Washington addressed his assembled troops, they had already come with a certain common purpose but with varied reasons. They had already assembled and committed from Massachusetts colony to Virginia but were different in their specific reasons. Washington had Paine read to them to help articulate the larger reasons for them uniting. To focus their purposes. But the groundswell was Already there before Washington ever read so much as a grocery list.

            As to Edmund and ‘conserve’ :

            Conserves are also Jellies, Jams, Preserves, Marmalades…… at this point by analogy we are speaking of the sweet Confection and its effect, not its various names.

            • Don,

              As you are well aware, I HATE John Dewey. However, he was correct about the importance of language in connection to how it controls a dialogue. Unless we are all using the same definitions — or at least know the definition each of us is assigning to given words, then we might as well be re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic for all the good we’ll do.

              You see, the growing sense of lawlessness in this world has been in our language for a long time. In fact, it is how the rest of it has been affected. So, if we wish to arrest the growth of this lawlessness, we had better start looking at the foundations of how we communicate as one of the first places we need to start.

              • Language is indeed a crucial part of unity, understanding and even weaponry. But virtually all Strong political movements start and grow in the space deeper than language. Certainly deeper than definition.

                Those who seek to control these movements use language as a trigger. Those who are afraid of, don’t understand or reject the movement out of convention, all use language as a crutch.

                So even Before there is any language of adequate description, there has to be the language of understanding. There can be no unity without understanding. And understanding at this stage does not live in definitions but rather in articulating at a more visceral level.

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