Don’t Cross the Streams

Electing Donald Trump will not end the “establishment” governance by either party. What it will do is install a new “establishment”, this one the GOP version on steroids – a mirror image of the Obama administration, one possessing arrogant, authoritarian tendencies of its own that will continue the rapid erosion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
I’m accepting the real possibility that Trump will not be denied the GOP nomination by the only two candidates with the power to do so – Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (I’m not a Rubio fan). I don’t think the Democrats have a real chance, no matter how hard the media works to prop them up – Hillary is a flawed candidate with little real appeal outside a very narrow constituency and she promotes the same progressive agenda her husband ran on in 1992, almost a quarter century ago. She is an uninspiring campaigner, a proven liar and stained with just about every scandal imaginable. She now has little other option than try to completely obliterate Haight-Ashbury Bernie after his win in New Hampshire (and likely win in Iowa) and to do so means attacking the very basis for her own platform – remember she said she is a “progressive Democrat”. There is likely to be a third option for progressives who see both candidates tainted by the fallout from Hillary’s nuclear attacks – either Michael Bloomberg as an “independent” or perhaps the disaffected Democrats will be Ridin’ with Biden – but either option will come too late in the cycle to gather much support. The Democrats will be holding their collectivist noses and voting this time against President Trump rather than for a Democrat, much as many Republicans did against Obama in 2008 and 2012.
When you consider how fashionable the socialism of Sanders has become and that the basis for all Democrat polices since FDR have been socialism, it seems that a significant segment of America has become quite comfortable with the authoritarianism (or at least ignorant of it) that has accompanied socialism throughout its history. In the past, there has always been someone on the political right who, to paraphrase William F. Buckley, is standing athwart the flow of history, screaming “Stop!” Not this time. The leading candidate of the GOP is an authoritarian, promising to do “right leaning things” by coercive diktat with little concern for the limitations of the Constitution – as a matter of fact, he rarely even mentions the Constitution or any limits it would place on his promised actions. When he promises to do this thing or that thing, notice his language – rarely does he ever mention any other entity except himself. “I’m” going to do, be, cut a deal, make Mexico pay, etc. Me, me, me. Not Congress – “me.” “I” will destroy the losers, the low energy and the no-talented people on the other side!
As the team prepared to do battle with the ectoplasmic world with their proton packs, the noted paranormal researcher and Ghostbuster, Dr. Egon Spengler once said, “Don’t cross the streams.” His compatriot, Dr. Peter Venkman indicated he was a bit unclear on the concept, Dr. Spengler clarified, “It would be bad.” Pressed harder, he continued, “Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.”
“Right. That’s bad. Okay. All right. Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon,” replied Dr. Venkman.
Today, one can imagine there are several streams in danger of being crossed:
– There is a segment of the GOP electorate salivating over the chance for the same kind of revenge that Obama voters wanted over the Eveeeel Boooooosh regime in 2008 and 2012 and they see Donald as just the guy to hand out that flavor of ass whuppin’.
– Free speech and access to information is being concentrated by private companies with crony capitalist relationships with government – Google, Twitter and FaceBook are all tied tightly to global governments and have already shown in China that they are willing to self-censor to maintain access to those markets.
– Banking and finance has rapidly become virtual, with physical cash now being a minor medium of exchange. The majority of transactions are now done electronically and through sites like Amazon, Ebay, and other virtual commerce and financial institutions, some of which only exist in the cyber/virtual world.
– “Big Data” knows and predicts everything about us and that data is fed into government databases via the IRS and other agencies – the DMV, health insurance companies, etc.
– Government has become ubiquitous – from going to a national park to starting a lemonade stand, there is little you can legally do without their permission in the form of a license, a permit or some sort of fee.
It is not difficult to contemplate what permanent damage could be wrought when the streams of authoritarianism, revenge, ubiquity of government and crony concentration of the control of speech, finance and information are crossed. In Ghostbusters, it destroyed the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man – but in the real world, the merging of the aforementioned streams of control usually strengthen authoritarian impulses, making the Marshmallow Man all the more powerful.
In this election cycle, many think the GOP is choosing the form of the Democrat’s destructor – but we could well be choosing the form of our own, an all-powerful Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man named Donald J. Trump.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Cross the Streams

  1. Doesn’t matter if you ( or anyone else) is a Rubio fan or not. Rubio is a liar. And not just a small lie…..not merely a “broken Campaign promise”. He lied about an issue that WILL be the End of this country. AMNESTY will insure the Perma-Socialism in America for the next 70-100 years !

    And listening to him on the campaign trail and in his recent interviews he has said CLEARLY….that keeping Illegals who are here already is his TOP priority. He’s said this in English and even more strongly in Spanish.

    Cruz truly IS the Conservative alternative as well as being an outsider. So the question remains who would be his running mate that supports his Positions and agenda of re-instituting the Contsitution as the primary guide for all legislation and judicial appointments. Perhaps Cruz/ Sessions …2016.

    But remember that Sessions is strongly supporting BOTH Cruz and Trump. And by not understanding the reason for why Sessions is supporting BOTH, we miss the larger political realities.

    Trump is not a true Conservative. Rush, Levin and others have repeatedly noted this as well. But Cruz is not a Reagan-esque personality. And in addition to Reagan’s commitment to and articulating of Conservatism in relation to the Constitution, Reagan also had “Star” power. And this feature must be factored in to his success.

    In a way the Combination of Trump/ Cruz is the best match for that combination at this time. Remember the crossover that Reagan consistently got. Some of that was a generational understanding of what America stood for within even the Democrats…. Blue-dog Democrats….. but a lot had also to do with his strong Personality too.

    There is a confluence between Trump and Cruz on immigration…..there is a Divergence between Cruz and Rubio. Thus on this issue Trump/Cruz is consistent….whereas Cruz/Rubio looks like a lie….because it is. And this lie will NOT fly with the Conservative base….and certainly not with the Crossover voters that WILL be needed to win against Hillary.

  2. I WAY WAY WAY WAY disagree with you here bud. Trump is the only one on the Right who is NOT in someone elses pocket. EVERYONE ELSE is owned. I Believe he is thinking of the future for his children and the American way of life. That’s where he is at this point in his life and genuinely wants to try to save our country. We go down with anyone else. PERIOD. Mass unstopped, uncontrolled immigration kills us.

  3. Utah,
    Quite true, quite true, but with a Trump presidency, the re-elected Republican Senate
    and Congress will not have to contend with their racist attitude regarding a Negro president!

    It will be “routine” action to sanction, impeach and remove Trump for unconstitutional
    decisions/executive orders that were indecisive regarding obama.

    I do agree with Don that a Trump/Cruz ticket would benefit America. There is going
    to be a real not-so-kind shakeup in the next few years in the operation of the U.S.
    Government. I think (hope) Trump is the radical that will initiate it?

  4. You might as well get ready for a Trump Presidency. Right now, he seems unstoppable. He’s got the (Trump)mentum going. In South Carolina, he’s got a double digit lead over second place in the polls.

    I also believe Trump will choose a good conservative VP and will only serve one term, then retire and let his VP go for it in 2020.

    • 8 years of Trump and 8 years of Cruz and America might just right the ship ! As long as during years there was concerted effort at educating the youth in Primary schools. The Millennials might be a lost generation…..hopeless to educate as to the true Evils of Statism( Socialism/Communism). But if we can all get to educating the younger ones during that time then after 16 years we’d have a newer crop of Americans who understand our Founding and its deep meaning historically.

      Trump probably WOPULD only stay for one term. so 4 of Trump and 8 of Cruz would do it too.

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