9 thoughts on “Breitbart Joins the Ranks of Propagandists

  1. Good set of Links and observations about BB.

    Problem is Mercer, who is a majority stakeholder in BB….is for CRUZ !! Don’t have an answer. But all the pertinent facts should be shown.

    • I think we have a reverse case of FOX. It was owned by a lib (still is), but run by someone a little smarter (until he quit recently). Now FOX is going to crap.

      BB is majority owned by this guy, Mercer, who may be OK, but he is letting a Trump drone run the show, so BB has gone to crap — at least where Party politics is concerned.

  2. Re: Beck.

    He is appearing to be more and more of a wacko….. by intention or uncaged hubris ?

    Reached for comment, a Breitbart spokesman jokingly referenced Beck’s call to fast for Cruz, saying:

    “Since Glenn had been fasting, we assume he was simply ‘hangry.’ Either that or this is another example of Beck trying to carry water for the Ailes-Murdoch-Fox News establishment in their anybody-but-Trump crusade.”

    His antics virtually invite this .

    • If fasting makes Beck unhinged, then everyone who claims the heritage of our founders chases after the works of ‘unhinged’ men. All BB did with this comment is announce to the world that it and the people there are Godless.

      Now, I understand that many will think Beck is losing it, but I do not. I understand much of what he has ben doing is driven by his religion, and — as I’ve said many times — I disagree with Beck’s religion and his opinions where matters of faith are concerned. HOWEVER, he is NOT wrong in his thinking that we are at the final cross-roads and he is doing what only one other talk radio host has done. He is going all out to try to make people see that there is only 1 candidate who has any chance of upholding the laws and that all others will lead to the final destruction of this nation. I agree with Beck on this point — because I know history (as do you) and I recognize where we are in the death cycle of a republic. So, if that makes a person crazy, then count me with Beck on this issue.

      BTW: that other talk show host? The ‘other crazy?’ That would be Mark Levin, who has also said this is our last chance to turn the ship before destruction.

      • Agree with you about Levin. Beck in my mind is a Trojan Horse…..and a Fraud. He is variably for Rubio and others when he isn’t talking about Cruz. Trump aside…..ALL the “others” are Progressives….you know it, many know it. And Beck’s comments about liking Bernie Sanders are completely “off the wall”. And… YES….I know the phony context within which he said this…..Bernie being …”honest”.

        I’m not buying the Beck kool-aide.

        If Beck-bots were honest they would see a Narcissist who makes Bloviating verbal attacks on people that often times attack their religious commitments in contrast to his “genuine godliness”.

        -He viciously attacked Sarah Palin BEFORE she ever endorsed Trump…then has tripled down.
        -He called Scalia’s “natural death”….an event given to whomever….a “sign” from God to vote for his choice.
        -He uses the term Nazis against the Exact people that His Liberal friends in the press do. And against the people actual Socialists like Pelosi, Reid and Obama do.

        So I’m not sure exactly WHAT he is actually thinking or working for to be honest……. Am I am for Cruz as First choice. In fact my family has already voted early….FOR Cruz.
        And we all have the Little Stickers to prove it ….. :- ))

        ( except the Lady at the polling place said “here this will make you even more hansom if you wear this”……yah just can’t win.. ;- 0 ))

        • Don,

          OK, complicated issues here, but worth the time. Let’s tackle something I think is at the heart of them: what is it that motivates Beck?

          You say he is a narcissist. I agree — but maybe not in the way you would expect. He is consumed by guilt, and I believe this is why he is drawn to Mormonism. He is looking for ways to atone for his past, and Mormonism promises him heaven and godship if he does enough good deeds in this life. So he is consumed by what he does, and this does make him self-centered in a way most people will not recognize. Christians might call it false humility.

          Does he attack others unjustly, especially their faith? YES! According to Beck, I am a hater and, as we all know, a hater cannot be a true Christian. So I am among those Beck has and continues to attack. Again, we agree. I have said so in my blogs. In fact, I addressed this very point and said that it makes Beck a progressive when it comes to matters of faith and religion: he thinks he has no boundaries in what HE determines to be true and is blind to his own hypocrisy.

          But all of this is what I think drives the rest of your observations. Beck has no anchor! It is as simple as that.

          He reads and accurately reports history, but he does not remember it. If you do not remember, you can’t hold on to, so you might as well have not bothered to even learn it in the first place.

          Beck is also easily manipulated/lead by the nose. Ever notice how he parrots his buddy, Pat? Pat is probably the reason beck is in the Mormon church. But this also manifests itself in the way Beck will run after the latest book he is reading. He does not have a consistent world view, so instead of integrating the good and throwing out the bad, when Beck runs across something new, he charges after it wholeheartedly — hook, line and sinker. This is the mark of a foolish person (I know, I have been guilty of doing this most my life).

          But this also caused Beck to be naive in a way I do not think he even sees. When he says he appreciates Sanders for being honest, I think it is that simple. But the way he turned on Palin (partially deserved, in my opinion) reveals an ugly side to him that most his audience does not see.

          His use of the term NAZI is equally messed up. Because he believes he is trying to “do good” and refuses to attack people, he does not use the term correctly. Instead, he half-asses it. Look how he wrote that book on Islam, then turns around and creates a division between Muslims and what he calls ‘Jihadists’ or ‘militant Islam.’ This is an out-right lie. He knows there is only Islam (who he calls Islamists), apostates (who he calls ‘good’ Muslims) and kafir/kafur (all the rest of us). These are NOT Muhammad’s distinctions: they are Becks. By doing this, Beck is claiming to be above Muhammad (and to a Muslim, that means he is claiming to be above Allah). He does the same things with Christianity, and according to God’s Word, that makes Beck “the man of lawlessness” (even antichrist, since he makes the God head into three separate gods).

          SO, hopefully, you see that I am largely in agreement with you. Where we differ is in that I do not think he is intentionally harmful. He believes he is doing good, and when it comes to matters of history and telling us about things the media is hiding, HE DOES! (IMHO). But the bad has been outweighing the good for a while, and it is driven by an inward-looking sense of guilt and a need to repent that has caused him to be rash, foolish and naive in ways that are as dangerous as the things he claims to be trying to warn us against.

          And then there is the fact that he is convinced he is a prophet of Yahweh…

  3. I told you Guys Beck was a Bobble-Head a long time ago!

    I would consider Beck too insignificant for all the words you have expressed concerning his

    • I wouldn’t. Over the years, he has impacted the public discourse every bit as much as Rush. Nor would I consider him a bobble-head. As with all things — even Rush — he has his usefulness. You just have to know what it is and strict to that parameter and listen with careful discernment if/when he goes outside of it.

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