Of Monsters and Men

Now that the primary elections loom before us like some sort of menacing, unseen looming thing, we are left in a quandary as to which vote we cast will best keep the monster at bay. Everyone with any sense knows the beast is not really hiding. Ponder this: Are we freer under our government than the founders were after the Revolutionary War?

As to how to take out this creature, it must be an outsider. The leviathan of remoras must be infiltrated; a cataclysmic disruption to awaken people, if you will. This much my husband and I agree upon. Then we announce our choice candidate for this quest, and the debates begin. I say Carson. He says Trump. Here’s how a conversation between us looks like:

Kells: Trump’s a lib.

Mr. Kells: So? Doesn’t matter.

Kells: Why do you say that? He’ll pass lib ideas.

Mr. Kells: He’ll get conservative ideas passed too.

Kells: Carson would do that.

Mr. Kells: I like Carson, but he doesn’t have the temperament.

Kells: I disagree. What about Cruz?

Mr. Kells: I like Cruz, but he’s part of the machine, and he won’t be the nominee.

Kells: He could be the nominee.

Mr. Kells: For the same reason that Hillary is still allowed to run is the same reason he will not be the nominee.

Kells: Hmmm…. That could change………..maybe. Well, I’m still voting for Carson in the primary.

Mr. Kells: Go ahead. It boosted Ron Paul’s ego when you voted for him in the primary.

It’s a lot of fun round these here parts. Speaking of fun, here’s a fun fact: 45% of Americans do not pay Federal Income Tax (remarkably close to Romney’s assessment). As the divide grows, so does the patience of the other 55%. Who shall be our knight-errant this year? Better question: Can he slay the dragon?

23 thoughts on “Of Monsters and Men

  1. Interesting question. We’ve already voted here in SC. We voted for Trump. Cruz can’t handle his campaign staff…how will he handle his cabinet? Carson is a likable guy, but doesn’t seem to have the demeanor needed to be the CIC.

    I’m under the impression that Rubio is on drugs. Could explain the dry, smacking lips and the heavy sweating on stage during the debates, plus his rapid speech patterns. I’m not the only person that has noticed this either. Looks like he’s either on Cocaine or some kind of Speed.

    Kasich would probably do a good job, but he doesn’t have the personality to gather enough votes to win it.

    I think that Trump is going to walk away with this primary and most likely will mop the floor with Hillary.

    • Rubio is on the Drug of Power and Money….the kind that comes from “Smoke filled rooms” … Lied to get elected, Started on AMNESTY the day he got to Washington and hasn’t stopped since…..In fact he’s doubling DOWN on Amnesty.

      Kasich would be a disaster. Big Gov’t apologist and Medicare ( ObamaCare) expansionist ( ie, future Debt). Under Kasich the Nat’l debt would be 25 Trillion before his 3rd year was up and the deficit would explode. He never balanced anything…. Trump is correct about that.

      Cruz is the way…. Long term Trump…short Term…… Trump/ Cruz.

  2. Kells
    I’ll say one thing for Carson…… A lot of sense comes out of his mouth!. And he stays on the Constitution as the Solution….so to speak.

    I wonder at his staying in at this point though. Seems he would do more for the country to suspend and publically announce FOR Cruz……or second Trump. Conservative America ( Classical Liberals ) needs uniting and coalescing now.

    • If people would stop listening to the media and listen to the candidates, he could win. They never let him speak because he’s a huge, er, YUGE threat. I don’t think he would back Cruz after the Iowa debacle. I was certain Carson had that in the bag. That win really could’ve helped his campaign.

      • It was a minor thing…..blown up in the Press and by the Donald. If you look at the Polls long out from Iowa…. It happened virtually exactly like they said. Cruz first Trump second.

        Only polls 2 days had it any different and not even all those did.

        He is missing the bigger picture, and appears to be running because of a selfish motive at this point….or because he is himself a spoiler . This is something I thought at the beginning actually.

        • I read your comment this morning, and it really irked me. I was gonna let it go, but I can’t. Here you’ve got an honest guy who respects the constitution, (even wrote a book about it) whose campaign is funded by the people, is courteous in debates, and has the most logical solutions to the extraordinary mess this administration’s got us in, and he’s somehow selfish? It just doesn’t jibe in my mind that a person of his integrity would set himself up as a spoiler. By staying in the race at this point, he is doing the will of the people that support him. Fancy that. Carson is exactly the man this country needs. He gets it. Unfortunately, people hear what the media tells them to hear. Shame. He would beat Hillary, Bernie, and Biden.

            • “Irking” is one of my special qualities….and as you know, I only aim to Please.

              I have said elsewhere that Carson is a good man. And that his sense of the Constitution is strong.
              You are not entirely correct about his money trail. He has Pharmaceutical Lobby money behind him as well. At this juncture, with all that is at stake in this election, UNITY is what’s needed. My sense is that Cruz would be open to this from both Carson and Trump……..but that Trump and Carson would not. And that stance is fundamentally selfish on Trump and Carson’s parts. Unity between Carson, Trump and Cruz would virtually ensure the election goes in their favor. The continued Circus and vitriol does nothing but empower Rubio and his attempt to steal the Nomination for his Establishment bakers at a Brokered Convention.

              If Cruz and Carson were to unite it would give Trump a run for his money as well. It is somewhat disheartening to see we still have an election about “the Man” instead of about The Country. Especially so in light of the protestations of those running.

  3. I would love to see Carson be the veep and move up in 8 years to POTUS. I’ll be voting in just over a week for Cruz, but I will be glad to see any of the 5 of them beat Hillary.

    • Rubio and Kasich ARE Hillary …. don’t be fooled. About the biggest and most important issue they are virtually Identical !

      AMNESTY…. Illegal immigration….open borders….Deficit…..Debt……Taxes….. about these things they are identical and represent the Establishment 100 %

      • I couldn’t reply above. I think Carson and Kasich will decide to stay or drop on the 15th. I took a FB quiz today, and it pegged me as a Cruz girl. Hmmmm…. I’ll tape the debate tomorrow night, but if they ignore Carson, I’m switching it off.

        • I thought Carson said he wasn’t going to the debate. And he also said he didn’t see a way forward….so….

          Kasich will stay until Ohio I agree.

          So….as a Cruz Gurl ……does that image come with Yellow Fringed Calve – high Cowgirl Boots and matching Hat ?

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