“And the children of Israel said to them, Would to God we had died by the hand of the LORD in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the flesh pots, and when we did eat bread to the full; for you have brought us forth into this wilderness, to kill this whole assembly with hunger.”

~ Exodous 16:3

As there always seems to be, there is a Biblical precedent for what people face in contemporary times, that, rather than revealing a “higher truth”, actually reveals THE truth (over the span of my life, I have come to reject the progressive concept that there is a “higher truth” because simple truth is the most powerful force on this planet).

After Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt, they didn’t immediately go to the land of milk and honey promised them by God – far from it. The plight of the Israelites was to wander in the wilderness for 40 years due to their disobedience and unbelief after God ended their captivity in Egypt. They were to take possession of the land God had promised their forefathers, a land “flowing with milk and honey” (Exodus 3:8). Yet after reaching the borders of the Promised Land they became convinced they could not oust the current inhabitants of the land, even though God told them they could. Their lack of belief in God’s word and promises brought forth the wrath of God.

The Israelites completely gave up on God, building and worshiping idols representing false gods even though it was not God who failed them, it was they who failed themselves. For this blasphemy, God cursed them with forty years of wilderness wandering until the unbelieving generation died off, and like Moses himself, that generation never set foot in the Promised Land.

I believe in the existence of God – but even if you don’t and see the Bible as retelling of fables, it is difficult not to see the parallels between the human condition in Biblical times and today. Because I see things in a certain context based on my faith, I believe the Hand of God was moving in that unique group of men who conceived, bled and died to create the promise of an America. They enshrined that promise in two seminal documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. To me, these documents are the description of a modern era promised land, a land of milk and honey for those who believed and are willing to face the challenges and hardships of freedom – but also willing to accept the blessings that come from it.

As Exodous 16:3 reveals, when the going got tough, the tough wanted to get going – back to the captivity and slavery of Egypt. They preferred hardships and hopelessness of slavery over liberation because slavery offered three hots and a cot and freedom to make their way was just too darn hard. Collectively, they were like a prisoner who has been in a cell for most of his life and when released, commits a crime so he can go back to the thing he knows best, a place devoid of freedom but provides him safety, security and sustenance. There is actually a word for this, it is called eleutherophobia, a fear of freedom. Symptoms include suspicion of others, a sense of servitude, nausea at the thought of freedom, social anxiety, tremors, difficulty of breathing and weeping.

There can be no doubt that America has significantly (and perhaps irreparably) deviated from our founding ideals, commonly known as First Principles. As a result, like the Israelites, we seem condemned to wander the wilderness, constantly suffering starvation of spirit, emptiness and hunger of the soul and in constant fear of attack by any number of a variety of beasties. The elections of 2008, 2012 and the campaign so far to date seem to indicate there is a majority of this county who will vote to go back to the fleshpots of Egypt even though it means a life of slavery and servitude. They want either an overweening, controlling government or a strongman devoid of principle who simply promises to smite our enemies no matter what the Constitution says.

If you see the parallel I am describing, you will know that the Israelites were only allowed to enter the Promised Land AFTER they destroyed their graven idols and turned their faces back to God. It is my belief that America will only return to its rightful position as a promised land when we burn the idols of diversity, collectivism and “social justice”, oust the Pharisees from our government and turn our faces to the Constitution. Only then will we begin to cure our eleutherophobia.

13 thoughts on “Eleutherophobia

  1. There are several things required to return to that promised land:
    1. We need to end ALL sucking from the govt tit by able bodied Americans.
    2. We need to end ALL backdoor political dealing.
    3. We need to end ALL reasons for American businesses to move jobs to foreign countries.
    4. We need to end ALL entry into America that doesn’t follow the immigration laws already on the books.
    5. We need to end ALL loopholes which allow the richest Americans to not pay taxes in the same percentages of their true incomes as us middle-income Americans pay.
    Also we need to realize that electing a Trump or a Hillary, which unfortunately most likely will happen, will continue the decent of America, and proceed 180 degrees from 1-5 above..

  2. I think we have to be very careful of invoking God and scripture in our political causes. The rhetoric is approaching the level of dangerous this season…..and increasingly so in the last couple of years. Zealotry is on the rise, which demeans and deflects from the Truth found within scripture.

    Beck : Get on your knees and pray for Cruz:

    Beck :Thanking “God” for Scalia’s death so we would vote fot Cruz :

    Additionally there is a clear graven idol of Government Establishment to which not enough attention is given in the rush to trumpet one group’s choice over another. The truth is there is a defined Gradient of malicious intention coming from one side towards the other. No one has called for the Death or Assassination of anyone on the Democrat side nor for anyone on the Establishment Republican side.

    However much these may be couched in hyperbole or expressed as “jokes”…..the only real Joke is not to take their basic intention very seriously. The hate for what the Establishment considers outsiders is real and palpable. The calculus is VERY simple. They Do Not want to lose power ! And all those who haven’t had such “Jokes” leveled at them represent the Continuation of their power. This is not rocket science.

    Be very careful the side that you may unwittingly be helping.

    Senator Lindsey Graham “jokes” about killing Cruz on the Senate Floor :

    New York Times “jokes” about assassination Donald Trump:

    • @DonAmeche

      You are lecturing the wrong person. This is an excellent post!

      You cite examples where people clearly crossed the line. Lecture those people.

      Everyone needs to find their own reasons for what they do. Christians are motivated by the Bible. We find relevance in it, applications that fit this day. Do you want Christians to ignore those applications? Are you against freedom of religion? You don’t want citizens who care about the difference between right and wrong? Do you want God out of the picture? No! Then please stop making noises that sound like you are advocating political correctness.

      • The last I checked, Murder is considered wrong in the Bible.

        My post is warning about the misapplication of God to political purpose. There is where the “noise” lives. I would want Christians and all moral people to NOT IGNORE the Implications of misapplication. And it is up to Christians to call those who do out on it.

        • @DonAmeche

          You are jumping at shadows. Read this post again? Where does Utah propose any violence? Are you just worried that the post hits too close to home?

          There is a foolish notion that we are not suppose to bring our religion into politics, but if that were so we would almost certainly not be a free people. It is BECAUSE of the fact we no longer study the Bible and apply its teachings to our political life that we now risk tyranny.

          Much of the Bible is about politics and government. The first five books constitute the Mosaic Code. Other books in the Bible provide us the history of the kings of Israel. Of course, there is also the Book of Judges, and there are prophecies that predicted and predict the downfall of nations for the sins of their people.

          What about the New Testament? Did Jesus prescribe a government for a Christian people? No, but Jesus left us blatantly obvious clues. Consider the Gospels. Didn’t Jewish and Roman leaders conspired to try and kill him? Didn’t Jesus speak approvingly of the Old Testament? Did He not make it clear that we have a God-given right to accept or reject Him? Isn’t the Antichrist of Revelation a corrupt world leader?

          Note that you brought murder into the discussion.

          What I see you doing is using political correctness to impose your religious values upon on others. That is, you are insisting that only secular discussions of politics are appropriate. And why? You really have not said. Are we to suppose worry some numskulls might infer Christian fanatics are trying to revolt and take over the government? Just because we want our Christian beliefs and our politics to be compatible?

          Why don’t you try being specific? What did Utah say that you disagree with? Instead of spewing innuendo, why don’t you actually explain the rationale for your disagreement?

          • What I brought in to the discussion is HOW religion is being applied in the political dialogue this season. And gave examples of such. Further I expanded upon the Graven Idols to include those not Specifically mentioned….the Establishment which has arrayed itself against very specific people. An example if you will of the ” overweening, controlling government ” that Utah mentions.

            Instead of tilting at windmills and having a reaction which belies an issue worn on your sleeve, perhaps a re-reading is in order for you.Because what I originally wrote is more of support for what Utah said. As indeed the word Misapplication indicates.

            It is you who are jumping at Shadows……shadows of your own concerns perhaps. No one who has rewad my comments here would consider me an apologist of Political Correctness.

            • @DonAmeche

              Be very careful the side that you may unwittingly be helping.

              I think that means that you cannot be specific. That Utah did not say anything you disagree with. At best you were warning Utah against doing something he was not even close to doing.

              • I will quote you exactly ( Cut and paste) :

                “That Utah did not say anything you disagree with.” Indeed.
                I said and meant exactly what I wrote. And any problems with subtlety and rhetoric perhaps lie in your own personal expectations….as I mentioned to you above. From your responses it might appear you have problems with additive comment and reflection. And just to be clear, I feel no compulsion to answer based on accusation.

                ( BTW…..In my years here, I have found Utah to be articulate, strong and in no need of support or incapable of challenging or addressing any comment ).

                • @DonAmeche

                  If Utah is so articulate, strong and in no need of support and capable of challenging or addressing any comment, why did he need to be warned against “invoking God and scripture in our political causes”?

                  I have seen too many people get upset when anyone mixes Christianity and politics.

                  Zealotry is on the rise, which demeans and deflects from the Truth found within scripture.

                  And the argument from some is that the Truth found in scripture is too precious to mix with politics. The funny thing about that argument is the politics that is already found in scripture. Pharaoh, for example, would not let the Hebrew leave so they could worship.

                  Anyway, you say I misconstrued your words. Shrug. Zealotry is on the rise, I suppose.

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