10 thoughts on “GRAPHIC: Investigators Release Synced Video Of LaVoy Finicum Traffic Stop And Shooting

  1. The FBI and State police shot Mr Finicum 3 times in the back….according to their version of the “story”. The family’s autopsy showed that La Voy was shot 9 times…….. the Official government “story” will “evolve” no doubt.


    But …… A citizen being shot Multiple times in the back by his own government is a Metaphor for what America has become don’t you think ?

      • I think also that too many ( including some here unfortunately ) view this as the exercise of ” Law and Order”. Meaning that ” Law and order ” has morphed into whatever any government says that it is. Some excuse expressed in the manor of…’well they should have taken it to the ” courts” ‘.
        Never mind that the Courts are the ones who in the Hammond’s case ended up extending their time already served…..which is in essence being tried for the same “Crime” twice. ( I use crime in quotes because it was really a CHARGE , that the government pushed to conviction, about setting a Fire on their own property which MAY have jumped into ” Federal” land ). The original Charge itself is suspect as well as the double Jeopardy.

        So they ( we ) are supposed to be supplicants to the ever increasing Crooked Federal Courts…..that supplication has now become the Standard measure of the Law-abiding model citizen. Never mind the whole issue of the Unconstitutionality of the Federal government owning lands….inside of States……however crooked and illegal the “deals” were in the 19th Century. And the 3rd issue of the Increasing intimidation by the Un-elected Federal agencies towards land owners who abut the “Federal Lands”….Which comes back full circle to the Hammonds, Bundy’s and others who the Federal agencies try to scare or sue or bankrupt off their land. Land in most cases owned for many multiple generations and purchased legally.

        So….. getting back to the Video. It is obvious the State and Federal Agency thugs as well as the FBI set this up to take these people out. I don’t know if Mr Finicum had a gun on him or not…..I know that I don’t trust the government to tell the Truth……LEAST of all those who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy in Ruby Ridge and Waco etc. They shot the man in SECONDS after he got out of the vehicle…..looked to me he was responding to the first shot with his right hand. And even the Feds say he was hit IN THE BACK on his left side….so….

        The combined videos show Clearly that the “authorities” were attempting to have those in the truck respond with gunfire so they could machine gun it into oblivion. There was no Bull-horn telling those in the vehicle what the “authorities” wanted…..not by the Locals….not by the Agency thugs and….not by the FBI. The “authorities just kept firing on the vehicle with bombs canisters and Flash grenades……. even though the glass was broken and all three were yelling for them to stop ( including two women, one an 18 year old—– But then Ruby Ridge and Waco proved that Federal Agents have a “talent” for targeting women and children didn’t it )….and that they surrendered.

        It was only after enough time had elapsed, and no response from the truck to justify their machine gunning it that the “authorities” realized they were in a danger zone with their plan, too much time had elapsed…..and they then attempted to CYA.

        • Don,

          As the vehicle approaches the ambush, before it swerves off the road, you will hear two ‘thumps.’ Those are rounds hitting the car. They were already under fire before he stopped. I believe this is why he left the vehicle: to draw fire away from the passengers. Afterward, they continued to fire of the vehicle. That’s what those thumps are that you hear in the video. The average person may not make the connection, but those of us who have been ‘in the fire’ know what those sounds are. Most likely, they are caused by 5.56 mm ball (AR 15s/M16s).

          As for the rest of this video (and your comments): they pretty much show us that the government has become exactly what the founders feared — and why they preserved the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

          • Yes that’s right…. I DID hear at least two shots in to the vehicle BEFORE it stopped. And they were clearly bullets.

            Molon Labe Indeed !!

  2. To Consider.

    The FBI will step up to the plate to shoot a Protester and protect State police who also do. But will look the other way when Hillary Clinton looks to have violated the espionage act. She likely put the entire Nation at risk…for some time to come too. But They don’t even whisper about that.

    Never fear though…..for the “Law and Order ” crowd is all over this and just to assure us that all is well in the “New America”…..the prosecutor has told us shooting La Voy in the Back ….3 times…… was justified.


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