Kim Jong-Trump

His position on economics, more than anything related to social policy, is why I consider neither Donald Trump nor his supporters to be “conservatives.” His positions (cheered by his supporters) seem to be some sort of hybrid of Keynesian economic theory fused with Marxian command and control with an overlay of late night infomercials.

Powerline points to this blog post by Francis Menton titled “Trump Voters And The Magical Belief In Government Action“, it begins with this:

“After violent protests forced the cancellation of a Trump rally in Chicago on Friday night, I listened for about half an hour to Trump being interviewed on the subject by Sean Hannity. Much of the discussion was about the illiberality of the “liberal” left, but some considerable percentage of the time was also devoted, after a fashion, to issues of economic policy. I say “after a fashion” because, as usual with Trump, there were no specifics. Instead, given the opportunity, with all the time in the world, to lay out anything he wanted about economic policy, what Trump did was repeat, over and over, the same line: “We’re going to bring the jobs home.” By my count, he uttered that line at least half a dozen times in the half hour, and that was the beginning and the end of what he had to say about economic policy.

Well, what does that even mean? What is the thing that supposedly Trump is going to do that will “bring the jobs home”? Certainly, he did not mention anything in this interview. In previous interviews, I have heard him go as far as to say that we are “losing” in international trade to countries including China and Mexico, and that he can fix that by doing better “deals” than our current incumbents. But the better “deal” consists of what, exactly?”

If you listen closely to Mr. Trump, you will hear him say over and over things like “I will be” this and that and “It will be great.” People must realize that in every case when a president says “I”, they aren’t speaking at a personal level, they mean the power of the federal government – so when Trump supporters cheer the great “deals” he will win or how he will “bring jobs home”, they are actually cheering for the government to do more and control more. They are cheering for even more government intervention in the economy and subsequently, in American society.

That is not a conservative position.

Melton sums it up:

“What could actually help our economy take off? How about stopping the suppression of cheap energy? How about recognizing our financial sector as the crown jewel of our economy and ending the demonization of it? In a simple summary, how about basic encouragement of productive economic activity instead of intentional demonization and suppression? But instead we have Trump proposing better “trade deals” with China and Mexico. Meaning what? Tariffs? Quotas? How are things like that going to help?”

I seems clear that with his anti-China tirades, Trump is going all North Korea on the American economy. We all know how the Norks have a penchant for blaming the West for all the internal problems created by their own oppressive government and its totalitarian policies. Trump is doing the same thing by blaming China, Mexico, Japan and just about every other trade partner the US has – and there is some validity to his charges but solving these issues alone will not cure a sickly domestic economic engine. The issue is that these countries have no responsibility for problems that have been created by our own government interference in the markets, the over-taxation of businesses and individuals and overweening regulation of the economy. Trump has said nothing about how these issues will be resolved under a Trump administration, like Kim Jong-un, he prefers to keep the eyes of his supporters sharply focused on the boogie men abroad.

16 thoughts on “Kim Jong-Trump

  1. Utah, its not rocket science. Just reform our federal tax system (vote buying system) by doing away with corporate income tax and going to a fair tax system like Forbes has been pushing. Cancel all international trade deals and take the boot off the neck of our business’s the alphabet Federal agencies have placed on them with over regulation. These few steps would likely double our GDP over 8 years and lift the rest of the Worlds GDP’s as well.

    All really comes down to less government not more. Trump is all about more.

  2. What you have just described is Fascism, and Trump’s character contains all the makings of a dictator. Put him in office and don’t be surprised if that is what we get.

    • Trump is an disgusting replacement for the POS that is in the White House now but I will hide my face and vote for him if it gets down to him or Hillary.

  3. Wow.

    Trump is Hitler.
    Trump is a North Korean murderer .. Kim Jong ( Il or Un take your pick …. Hell, say he’s both !)
    Trump will kill the world according to The Brit Economists and Bookmakers.
    Trump is worse than a Nuclear War in the South China sea say some “knowlegable” pudits.
    Guess the only thing left to compare him with is the Anti-Christ !!

    Good to know all this…… comforting to know that the actual Dictators and Political tyrants with us are nothing in comparison to Trump. We don’t know how good we have it with them and with our current crop of decent honest politicians.

    Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about the Likes of Hillary, Ryan, Boehner and the Boys.

    • Nothing in any of my posts claim that he is Hitler or he is Kim Jong-un. What I have clearly said is that there are stark parallels between the conditions in the US and in pre-WWII Germany that led to the rise of a nationalistic, authoritarian leader and that Trump’s penchant to blame external forces for internal issues is much like what North Korea does. To assume that my opposition to Trump means I support the people you mention is a fallacy. I support the only candidate wedded to constitutional principles, one moored to a solid foundation and personal history of such, Ted Cruz. Usually when people rant as you have it is because they see a little of what they fear in what they support. Methinks the lady protests too much.

      • I support Cruz too. Have since the beginning.

        Not your posts specifically. But other Posts here have aligned Trump with Hitler and elsewhere in the press with various forms of Armaggedon. Taken as a total the list of associations with Trump is as I’ve outlined.

        Also I have outlined very specific problems I have with Trump on other posts. But when the comparisons in the press and blogs veer into hyperbole to such an extent that a virtual Meme of Evil is created post after post, mention of it is needed. Thus the Lady is acting more of a Canary in the Coal mine than jilted suitor …. ;- )

  4. In Trump’s defense, his tax plan is pro small business, and proposes cuts to the corporate tax rate. I think he is smart enough to know that improving our trade deals is only one aspect of growing our GDP.

  5. With “God” on our side !
    Donating to both Parties isn’t OK.But this is :

    All according to the Mormon “Constitution” I guess …. the same one that helps Illegal Aliens come across the border…. because “they are Children”…… Kinda , sorta like….”they come here for love”. Here’s some of those Children and that Love on display :

    Mormonism and Mr Constitution have the same goals…… interesting. Obviously free speech isn’t one of those goals. As it isn’t for the Left Progressives.

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