Pandora’s Power

The other morning, I got a little miffed when I ran across the title, Why Women Destroy Nations/Civilizations, and Other Uncomfortable Truths. It was this 18-minute video titled, On Civilisation, Society, and Women.

One of the subjects this video touches upon is the work of J.D. Unwin called, Sex and Culture. Unwin studied 5,000 years of civilizations, and noted that the most successful ones were the monogamous family unit as they prosper due to their rationale. He concludes that the more sexually liberal the culture is, the more preposterous it becomes, which is a condition he claims to be irreversible.

The overall gist of the video (in my mind) is that by allowing women liberties, males have failed society because women have no inclination in building or maintaining civilizations as they are biologically programmed to attract themselves to the strongest male.

There could be some truth in this broad statement if we observe western women, particularly across the pond. I could be wrong, but I do believe in 15/20 years, the majority of Europe will be under Sharia law because the Muslim family unit is monogamous (for the woman), religious, and proliferating, while the majority of the European family unit is mother, government, child, religious indifference, and dwindling. The women in Europe will be the losers in the end I fear as they will lose their natural human rights in their new civilization.

This video had me ask myself: Did men fail society by giving women the right to vote? By giving women the right to vote, it is only natural that they will vote more freedoms for themselves. Has the women’s liberation movement backfired? Look around. Sexual repression/discretion seems to have flown out the window along with the importance of the family unit. Would America survive a massive Muslim migration? Are there enough Margaret Thatchers in our society to reverse the irreversible?

When you have 18 minutes, I would love for you to watch this, and tell me what you think.


3 thoughts on “Pandora’s Power

  1. I always thought women were a ( if not the ) Civilizing factor in Society.

    ( BTW my time is somewhat at a premium these days…..does the video show more such gals in their bikini underwear ? Let me if so I may find the time to watch…..being the Uncivilized sort and all……thanks.. 🙂 )

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