Rule 5: Hot Country Edition

Dear Miranda Lambert,

Blake is a loser. I’m from Mississippi, therefore country by birth and not a loser.

Call me.

Your pal,



7 thoughts on “Rule 5: Hot Country Edition

  1. Whoa !

    Miranda and Maria in rule 5s within days of one another. Someone’s trying to get a cat-fight started maybe?

    • I used to hit up a Rule 5 every week. I have to start paying attention to the blog or kill it – we used to average over 2000 hits an hour – we have been under 200 an hour for a long time. I’m going to start investing more time over here and see if we can punch it up a bit.

      • Careful Boss…… “punch it up a bit” might require establishing a “Safe Space” for the Snowflakes.

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