A Question For Those Who Are Still Listening To Limbaugh

Why?  Why are you still listening to Limbaugh?

Now, before you think this is a rhetorical question, or some sort of attack: STOP!  I am sincerely asking you to tell me why you are still listening to him?  I want to know.

Me?  I try, but it has become as difficult to listen to Limbaugh as it is to listen to any of the other ‘government-controlled’ media out there (yes, that definitely includes FOX News). I tried to listen to Rush today, and I couldn’t.  Limbaugh is in the bag for Trump along with Breitbart and FOX and the rest of the ‘lame stream media.’  But that deserves an explanation.

Today, Rush was ‘explaining’ what he thinks Trumps plan is for winning a brokered convention.  In the process, he repeatedly used the term ‘lying Cruz.’  Now, I understand that Rush will say he is just using the term Trump would use, but let me ask you a question.  When ‘W’ was in office, and the ‘Left’ was attacking Bush, how often did Rush ‘explain’ the Left’s position using their language?  Hint: he didn’t.  In fact, he took great pains to explain that the Left uses such tactics so they can turn people against their opponents.  But that was when it suited his purposes.  So why use those terms now, especially against thee person Limbaugh claims is the most ‘Conservative’ candidate in the race?  Why is Limbaugh helping to ‘label’ Cruz and bias people against him and toward Trump?

And for those who accept Limbaugh’s explanation as to why he speaks this way: STOP!  I am a long-time listener, and I have heard Limbaugh explain this many, many times.  He will tell you that the ‘Left’ puts things in a way that they can point to a transcript and say “See, I was not saying that.”  Limbaugh has explained that this is how they can send their coded messages while providing themselves with the evidence they need to deny it.  Well, Rush is the one who has explained this, so Rush shouldn’t get upset when we catch him doing it.  That means, even though he ‘claims’ he is neutral and is just using Trump’s language to explain things, the fact that he is violating his own declared principles suggests that he is trying to turn people against Cruz in a way that let’s him claim he is neutral (after all, he needs to keep his audience).

So, yes!  I have soured on Limbaugh — but for sound reason.  I have caught him doing many of the very things he has told us for decades are indications of a ‘Liberal’ attitude/agenda.  But what I want to know is why are YOU still listening to him?  What are you getting from him that I do not see?  Or, more importantly, what might you have missed about yourself that we have both missed?

11 thoughts on “A Question For Those Who Are Still Listening To Limbaugh

  1. Joe,
    Why am I still reading “Black3Actual?”

    My interest in reading/listening to intelligent, opinionated persons helps me to understand
    their point of view (ideology) concerning current political policy.

    I do not totally accept anyone’s point of view or opinion regarding the latest political
    conversation, but if I don’t listen/read what they say/write, I would be a liberal democrat!

    Although I favor your posts and Limbaugh’s conversation, I limit my time more to these
    types of opinions versus the liberal/ progressive, of which I have a most difficult time
    trying to understand how they can survive as a sane individual in our current political

    • EdwardS,

      Thanks for your answer. Now, let me see if I can ask you for some clarification without antagonizing you. That is the last thing I want to do right now. I am honestly trying to understand something here that I cannot reconcile. Maybe you can help?

      First, if I A — start acting in a manner that is contradictory to everything I have ever expressed as an ideal or principle and B — I seem blind to my hypocrisy and more than this, C — I refuse correction, then YES! I would expect you to stop listening to Black3Actual.

      But this is why I am confused. For years, Rush has explained how ‘Liberals’ work (he should say Progressives, but he is careful to stay away from that term. Why?). Now, with this race, he is doing EXACTLY the sort of thing he has always told us is a characteristic of Liberals. And don’t think for a moment that Rush doesn’t know what he is doing. As he tells us, he is a ‘professional.’ And he has exlained what he is doing many times, and he has always attacked it as ‘dirty liberal politics.’ So why is he doing it now, and to the person he claims is the only ‘Conservative’ in the race? And why aren’t more people seeing what Rush is doing?

      Edward, have we become so filled with hate for “the other side” that we have lost the ability to reason? Or is it that we so identify with “our team” that we have lost the ability to look objectively at our own behavior? What? What am I missing? Because I know it isn’t that I am wrong: Rush most certainly is waging a passive-aggressive campaign against the man who his entire time on radio would suggest he should be championing, and he is doing his best to carry water for a man who is — honestly — a Liberal/Progressive mole in the GOP. So HELP! Honestly. Show me the light, my friend.

    • High Five on that Edward !!

      Limbaugh has his “hand” on the Pulse of our time……. more than almost any one currently out there.
      Hour 2 this past Tuesday 4/12/16 as just one example. In that hour he explained the back round feelings of Frustration that have led to the support the outsiders and Trump in Particular, and the motivations of the RNC elite in Protecting their Party over all other Concerns. And he reiterated that his own realization that those interests of the party were not aligned with his…. a realization that he had been surprised at and that had been revealed to him relatively recently.

      • Wish I had heard that hour, Don — because I have been waiting for Rush to say exactly that. But more than say it, I have been waiting for him to actually act as though he understands it. But yesterday… No, yesterday, it was still “Lying Cruz, lying Cruz,” over and over again with no other explanation or clarifying comment. So, while he may have said he has had a recent revelation, I have not seen any change in his actions as a result.

        This is why I am so confused by those who listen to him. If we actually believe in the things he has always advocated, why then, are so many excusing him for not living his purported beliefs? I honestly do not get it. Words say one thing, actions another? How many times has Rush told us this is a sign of ‘Liberalism?’

        • Rush is about 125 % for Cruz ….you know that right 1??

          He is making fun of Trump when he says “Lying Cruz Lying Cruz”…… He and Trump are friends……but my sense is Rush is #1 for Cruz…. then Trump a distant 2nd……but Trump would be better than the Establishment folks like Kasich.

          Rush is very strong in the STOP HILLARY camp.

  2. Thanks, Don. As usual, you and I look at things a little less intriguing and accept conversation
    and opinion in a normal format.

    After listening to Rush (watched him on TV in the early days) these past twenty-six years,
    now on my iPod (commercial free) during my morning mile walks, I have accepted his
    opinion (as stated in above post) as normal “Political Period” talk.

    Much of Rush’s comments/opinion are acceptable because I have “heard it all before.”

    Joe, I have to admit that I don’t listen to Rush “religiously” just as I don’t read your
    comments and opinions as a matter of fulfilling my day. Most of the blogs that I read
    are of my thought/opinion persuasion, but tuning out to digest the current trend is
    as important as tuning in and clinging to every comment!

    I have mutual friends that meet and converse at the same place and talk about
    the same subjects. This is not my idea of spending an interesting period of my
    time. Therefore they accept my absences and are willing to tell me the new
    updates of subjects I may ask about.

    As Rush often reminds callers about brevity being the key to interesting/
    intelligent conversation, I have expressed my “clarification” opinion as
    honestly as possible without trying to overwhelm the space of this post.

    Joe, honest and truthful opinion are never antagonizing.

    • Joe and Ed,

      Trump has a sense of the Pulse of the building discontent….. Rush does too ( although a deeper one). In the interest of Ed’s comment and very good point about digesting and looking outwards some and not only inwards….. I submit a “flash from my own past”….A pulse I took a lot of comfort in :…. :- )

  3. Don,
    Sorry, I’m not into “Country and Western.”

    All my iPods and players are strictly voice: books, (non-fiction), commentaries, and Conservative
    Talk Radio.

    Seems like I kind of dug the banjo stuff when I was living in Thailand. My girlfriend played the
    music, but I was much younger then?

    • Weren’t we all ED….weren’t we all.

      If I remember correctly….. most of my girlfriends in Thailand played the banjo too …. ;- )

  4. I have not listened to Rush in a while; also have not listened to Levin in a longer while; and have not listened to Hannity in yet a longer while; and have not listened to Beck, ever. Do I get a cynic award?

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