Never Say Never

As the GOP convention nears, Cruz is wisely preparing for a contested convention. Because this hasn’t happened since 1948, many people (including Trump) are confused about the delegate process. The way I understand it is that when a candidate wins a state, he is granted a certain number of pledged delegates. If the winning candidate doesn’t win enough delegates (1237) to achieve the nomination, he then goes to a contested convention. These previously chosen delegates must vote for their pledged candidate on the first round of voting, but may change their vote on a second round of voting. I don’t understand why there is a second round of voting, and why that can include Paul Ryan, but, um, okay.

With Colorado and other states invigorating the #NEVERTRUMP campaign, there’s a niggling fear in the back of my mind; that fear of tripping and being helped up Hillary Clinton…………or Bernie Sanders.

Now I know very well that Trump is about 99% to blame for lack of delegates, but I believe the other 1% (#NEVERTRUMP) attributed to no delegates for him. It is what it is, but as Dr. Carson so logically stated, “If Trump isn’t the nominee, vote for the other Republican.” Likewise, if Trump is the nominee, vote for him. Why? Because of the Supreme Court nominee(s) that will be chosen is why. Do you honestly believe that Sanders or Clinton would put a conservative or a moderate on the SCOTUS?

If we step back and look at the big picture, it is clear that a #NEVERTRUMP vote is a bad idea……..probably as bad as a vote for Paul Ryan. But, hey, I can’t stand C-3P0 (John Kasich). Maybe I should write a negative post every day about him in hopes that if it is ever between him and a democrat, folks will shift to the democrat. The SCOTUS isn’t that important. What have they done these last seven years, anyway? Help. Me. Now.

While Trump has a lot of shortcomings for many folks, I do know that every Republican on that debate stage eventually started preaching exactly what Trump was saying from the get go. Don’t believe me? Go to the Youtube and watch the debates in order. #truth

For me the economy and immigration are the most important issues. They are inherently connected. People may call Trump a racist, but the reality is that if cars were exploding like Muslims, you wouldn’t import them; you’d recall them until they were fixed. If foreign fauna was overtaking indigenous fauna, it would be stopped at customs.

As far as the economy, Trump knows that employment numbers are smoke and mirrors; the GDP alone confirms that. A businessman has a far better handle on trade deals than two people (Clinton/Sanders) who have spent their entire lives serving the people………or rather, servicing their donors.

Personally, I think the time has come to start taking our digs at the emperor with no clothes, and his loyal progeny wishing to follow in his footsteps. The GOP must unite. #NEVERTRUMP should be replaced with #NOTADEMAGAIN.

23 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. Agree.

    Except Trump is now sounding like a Cross between Hillary and Bernie. He’s for transgender bathrooms and for raising taxes on the rich and for Illegals doing a brief touch-back south of the border and then becoming legal.

      • If he puts Liberal Judges in the Courts and SC….increases Federal Gov’t power….expands ObamaCare to a quasi-Single payer system…….pressures for Fed Gov’t power against States power ( ala NC and Miss) how is that any better.?

        Better is the opposite of what the Liberals and RINOs have been doing. It seems at this point there is a lot of back-tracking on his earlier stated issues……or an Altering of them to the point that it looks suspiciously exactly like typical RINO capitulation to the Progressive agenda.

        At this point I want positions that are a clear divergence from business as usual. What I am getting is the “malleable Trump” that Jimmy Carter articulated.

        • How are you getting these ideas about judges and Obamacare and states’ rights? I’m assuming he’d choose a conservative or moderate judge just by some of the running mates he says he likes (Carson, Rubio, Christie) He has spoken negatively about Obamacare, but says that he doesn’t want Americans to go without health care. He said that while he respects the Canadian system, he said it would not work in the US. When asked about Jenner using a restroom in Trump Tower, he said he could use whatever restroom he chose. He has said the NC bill is in court, so my assumption is that he is for retaining the power of states’ rights.

          If you want a clear picture of his positions (better than I can provide) click here: and go to POSITIONS.

          • It’s curious that you think I wouldn’t have already read…and then re-read The … *Donald…J…Trump*…site and its…” POSITIONS”……. But thank you for highlighting it in CAPS, preempting any problems I may have with eyesight and/or Comprehension as to exactly where The Donald’s ( Stone’) positions might be located.

            His repeated mention of his Liberal sister as a good SC choice as well as the “moderate” Judges favored by Carson, Christie and Rubio you mention point to a Roberts or a Kennedy. I hope I don’t have to re-state the huge problems with both of these two re: the Constitution. Neither has proven to be Conservative, even though one is a GW and one is a Reagan appointee.

            Trump’s comment vis a vis the NC case was to SUPPORT the Court which is a FEDERAL court intervening in a State law !…..this mixed with His comment about keeping State lands in Federal Hands ( especially in the Western States) belie Trump’s favoring a Large Federal Gov’t over State’s rights and over a return to Constitutional Federalism. Saying Bruce Gender may “use what-ever restroom HE choses” is basically saying exactly what the LGBT fascists demand….. it is in fact supporting the whole Gender-neutral position.

            WRT Obamacare…..he touts the RINO “Replace” Obamacare rather than *repeal* as Cruz says…..which in Trump’s version extends the long arm of the Federal gov’t. ” Doesn’t want Americans to go without health care”….is Liberal/RINO Obama-esque. It assumes as the Progressive stance that health care is a “right” without overtly using the word. So he supports either the forced buying of insurance ( An Establishment RINO position)…..and/or he supports the extension of some form of “free health care” to those unable or unwilling to buy insurance.
            This is in essence the Core of ObamaCare. He has said he LIKES a lot of Obamacare remember.

            The Choice of Rubio and Christie as VP is so antithetical to Trump’s most FUNDAMENTAL position….the one that propelled him to the fore….The Open Border and AMNESTY…. that it really does undermine his credibility. And please don’t insult me with the tired and intellectually dishonest line about… “the VP doesn’t matter for policy ” line. The VP is th CEMENT the candidates Policies as it is his FIRST semi-official appointment. ALSO ….the example of JFK/LBJ and Reagan / G HW Bush are the reality of choosing a VP with divergent policy commitments.

            Finally here are Trumps comments on the NC issue. They also belie a back-tracking on his ASSUMED stance AGAINST Political Correctness…..another of his public stances which propelled him….. What we see here is basically a complete reversal of his Campaign Rhetoric.

            “Economic Punishment”……….. Basically this says Trump is for *Money over Morality*.
            Which is the essence of the Establishment.

            “There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go. They use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate,” Trump said. “There has been so little trouble. And the problem with what happened in North Carolina is the strife and the economic — I mean, the economic punishment that they’re taking.”

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  2. I wonder though if Trump supporters haven’t been sold a bill of goods.

    Now he’s surrounding himself with the SAME old Washington insiders :….. and KASICH !??

    And now the Touch-back Illegal thing…… The Border and illegals was THE issue. I’m having doubts he will do anything about the Border actually.

    • He said that he wants a fast track for reentry into the US after they go back and follow the procedures to be here legally. I believe it’s in order to weed out the riff-raff.

      • “Fast track for reentry” is Amnesty by any other name. It further pushes the ones doing it correctly all along….further down the list. So it is really more of the same.

        Why not a Fast Track those who have been waiting…..those who are standing in the LEGAL line ???? In stead of taking those who PROVED they broke the law….and “fast Tracking” them ????

        Because those in the Establishment have already made a “Deal” with Trump for de facto Amnesty…. Another hint is the Rubio as running mate talk !!

        In short…. “Fast Track” is ultimately a REWARD for Illegals breaking the law. And a spit in the face of those Immigrants following the law….and a spit in the face to American citizens who don’t break the law.

  3. Kells,

    Count me in the NEVER TRUMP crowed. Here’s why:


    If you vote for him because you hate Hillary, YOU STILL GET HILLARY! Only, this time, the GOP will be forced to embrace the Progressive agenda because “Trump is our man.”

    On the other hand, if we end up with Hillary, then there is a chance the GOP can be forced to oppose her because… Well, she’s Hillary.

    The choice of Trump or Hillary is like choosing between the firing squad and the hangman. Trump is the firing squad, and that means certain death. But with Hillary, there is always that small chance that the rope might break. So no to Trump and certain death.

    Now, start working to get a LAWFUL candidate nominated at the convention and STOP paving the way for certain death.

    • Just focusing on his one MAJOR campaign point:
      His choice of Rubio or Kasich or Christie as VP kind of deconstructs his whole narrative on Illegals, AMNESTY and the Border.

      • Don, I have made no secret that I do NOT believe ANYTHING Trump is telling people. He is as much a huckster as the Clintons have ever been, and anyone supporting him does so mostly because they value their Party or hate Hillary, NOT because they care about the nation, rule of law or individual rights and liberty.

        IF Trump were to actually win, he will be worse than Obama. Mark my words.

    • “HE IS A LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE LIAR” For the majority of his life, he voted Democrat, but switched sides for Reagan. He stated that he voted for McCain and Romney. I think he has some progressive ideas, but I think his voting record proves him to be less of an ideologue, and more of a businessman. In other words, he’s no politician, but knows what will work for America to be more economically sound. What did Trump lie about?

      Clinton, like Obama, is led by the money. She has no interest in the economy of the US, only fulfilling her benefactors’ positions. She wants an extended vacay. He picture is next to the definition of liar in the dictionary.

      Firing squad or hanging? You honestly believe Clinton will work with congress?

      How is Trump an unlawful candidate?

      • What has Trump lied about? Well, for starters:

        1 — Cruz — the man is NOT the liar Trump says he is (this is a typical case of lawlessness painting lawfulness as the ‘bad apple).

        2 — That he is being treated ‘unfairly,’ or that Cruz is ‘stealing’ delegates. Records show that Trump knew how the nomination process works long before he started running for the nomination.

        3 — That he is a ‘Uge’ Success. Look into the man. He would have done better had he taken his inheritance and just invested it in the stock market and stayed home. Now, this wouldn’t normally be considered a lie, except for the fact that Donald knows this to be true. So, in this case, it is a lie.

        4 — Then there are all the things he has promised people that — we now find out — were merely promises made by a man playing a role. Intentional deception is a lie.

        Finally, the man IS a politician. No ‘big businessman’ can succeed unless they learn to play politics. So there is another lie. He just knows you will not notice because you think the government side of the fascist coin is the only side you will recognize as being political.

        Oh, and Trump has already told you he is unlawful. When he tells you he will just “do it’ (or ‘force them to’), he is telling you he is JUST LIKE OBAMA/HILLARY! You just do not hear it because you are not seeking truth, but victory.

  4. 1) He nabbed that nom de plume from Rubio’s argument with Cruz in the debate. He’s half right/ half wrong. Cruz initially voted for TPP, then against it. He did vote for executive power over congress wrt TPP. Trump also said Cruz lied about Carson’s campaign. Once again, half right/ half wrong.

    2) Trump is highlighting what many people do not know about the voting process.

    3) If he had stayed home, there would probably be a lot of people out of work today. For someone so unsuccessful, I find it noble that he’s picking up the tab for his campaign.

    4) I have no idea what unmet promises he made…

    From the way that he speaks, which is off the cuff and unguarded, he is not prepared with calculated responses as a politician is. I find this to be glaringly obvious about Trump.

    Unlike you, I fear every candidate will be tempted to an EO spree.

    • I think Cruz voted for TPA not TPP. In other words for fast track authority.

      Your (2) is mostly true……….. except it isn’t really the “voting” process…..but what a Political Party really is and how it really conducts itself. I didn’t know many of the Finer details emerging either.

      You are getting at a very important point vis a vis the EO disaster brought on by Obama. The larger issue is where Obama has steered the Office of the Presidency and the Executive Branch in general. He has set precedent for a dictatorial Executive and Presidency…. EOs, EAs….President appointed “Tzars”……threatening the SC….the Congress….using Propaganda 24/7…..legitimizing the Presidency as an ideological biased machine to divide the people and promote Social issues.

      Obama’s precedent has basically destroyed the Executive as a legitimate branch of co-equal government. As such he has basically destroyed the Republic as founded.

      In doing this the imperative has been set for either (1) a concerted attack on Obama’s Presidency as to its Unconstitutional actions… attack which has to be targeted and ongoing and public, or (2) a revolution and re-institution of a Constitutional Republican government via a Convention of States…..which re-States the Executive with clearly delineated limits.

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