Let’s Make America Constitutional Again

Trump’s rise is easily explainable once you actually do give it a little thought. He is leading because he is following the same formula as the Democrats always do – promise everybody anything they want whether you can give it to them – or even have any intention of giving it to them at all.

Trump is really not that different from Hillary or Bernie – both Democrats promise to singlehandedly change the culture or in most cases, give material things to their mindless supporters, things that are simply impossible to give. Things like free college, income equality by taking more from “the rich” to redistribute, reparations for black Americans, free healthcare, free this, free that, free, free, free. Whatever you want – vote for us and it will be free.

For Trump, it’s a case of same song, different verse. Trump is promising to satiate every right wing desire, something impossible for him to do but certainly not impossible to promise. The wall, magically bringing back industry to America, we will win so much that you will be sick of winning, beat the Euroweenies…and on and on. His early rallies were a “tick the box” exercise in satisfying the angry right.

People thought those were actually political rallies – they weren’t. They were free focus groups that allowed the master marketer to hone his message and learn what the angry, emotional, unthinking masses wanted to hear. Those “rallies” were the undercard to help Trump determine how long he had to maintain the charade until his supporters were too invested to get out…exactly the same as the business model for every one of Trump’s projects. We have now moved on to the main event.

If you are angry at the Vichy GOP for running candidates as conservatives who promised to get things done and then didn’t, you are not alone. I count myself as one of those people. That is why I can’t understand the animus people have toward Ted Cruz. People talk about how he can’t be president because he is not liked in the Senate, he conducted a silly “filibuster” when he knew he couldn’t’ win, he singlehandedly created the Shutmageddon that wasn’t (OMG! We can’t have that kind of tomfoolery, can we? How will we survive if government is shut down?). Good Lord, what a narcissist for taking a stand based on principle and being the only one standing up for why he was sent there – who does he think he is? And so on and so on. Given this, it should come as no great surprise that Cruz is not invted to join the fabulous Trump Boehner Texting and Golf Club.
People – this is what we elected people like Cruz, Mike Lee and Justin Amash to do, is it not? I thought going to war with the progressive Democrat and Republican establishments was the whole point. Did I miss the memo?
Trump isn’t actually a conservative – or a Republican for that matter. He has spent the last 30 days or so sanding off the sharp edges if his “hard right” platform that initially garnered him a tremendously yuge amount of momentum, giving a “foreign policy” speech that never mentioned “the wall with the tremendous Golden Door” and just last week, being quoted as saying, “I’m a conservative but at this point who cares? We’ve got to straighten out the country.” Trump’s son, Eric, has reminded anyone actually listening that “the wall” is more of a metaphor than anything else, saying this about Dad’s plan “The point isn’t just deporting them, it’s deporting them and letting them back in legally. He’s been so clear about that and I know the liberal media wants to misconstrue it, but its deporting them and letting them back legally.”
I said earlier that Trump’s rise was easy to explain once you give it a little thought – and that is the problem. Thinking America is dead. We gave up thinking at the end of the Reagan administration because, Dude, thinking is hard. We have reared successive generations that cannot think for themselves because they have had everything given to them and have been shielded from competition to the point they just expect others to take care of the hard stuff. Everything should be handled by the government and nothing should change for them. In their mind, government is not designed to protect an environment where liberty and freedom grow, it is there to protect them from having to change their lives in any way no matter what happens. To them, it is Captain America’s vibranium shield, insulating them from the outside world. Unfortunately for them, vibranium doesn’t exist and governance is a full contact sport where there are no participation trophies.
As they used to play on Sesame Street, one of these things is not like the other. Trump, Special K, the Hildebeast and Bolshevik Bernie are all the same – all promising to give you what you want at the expense of the “other guy.” One thing you might want to consider – to everyone else, YOU are the other guy.
Let’s truly Make America Constitutional Again.
Cruz/Fiorina 2016.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Make America Constitutional Again

  1. I am doing nearly all I can for Cruz/Fioina………… As I have ALWAYS done, I just am not handing over any money. At least a couple times daily, I explain to people why I will be voting Cruz. I am sure some of these discussions will have added to the Cruz vote numbers.

    • Have you ever worked a phone bank as a volunteer !?

      That is valuable time for them….well spent.

      • Never have……….. might look into it and see if I can find the time to do it. I am still working (not yet retired) and have just over 50 acres and 6 houses to maintain, so I may not be able to fit it in.

  2. Utah,
    My position exactly! Nothing to add here…Except that the Cruz/Fiorina Team do have expenses
    that I have accepted to help with my donations.

    I am well aware of what running for office entails, and our local TEAParty has been doing a
    great job getting out the VOTE! I can’t expect them to pay all the expense (gas, mailings, etc),
    to do much of my obligation that I can’t participate in.

    I have NO evidence that the GOP and the “elites” in Washington are supporting the Cruz/Fiorina

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