Drive-By Thought of the Day — Alex Jones

Hey, you Trump supporter!

Just think: if your guy wins, Alex Jones gets to take over from Rush Limbaugh as the voice of the GOP!


12 thoughts on “Drive-By Thought of the Day — Alex Jones

    • Yeah, you keep saying that, but you sound like Alex. He speaks for Glenn too, and those who have actually bothered to listen or research Jones’s claims know he is lying. Beck has NEVER said the things Alex has been claiming. SAME FOR YOU! Anyone who has been reading my blogs knows I have been taking issue with Beck — A LOT!

      But then, you don’t care about that. I mean, you don’t even know what you just said because you don’t hold to any fixed meaning for words. 🙂

      • You quoted Glenda without attestation …. I was helping you out with that. Being that the “words” have meaning …right ?…………… :- )

        • Where did I quote Glenn? Dude, I was on the phone for business all morning. I didn’t get to listen to Glenn today, and I have not heard him say this in the past. I came up with my drive-by post all on my own. So, if I repeated Glenn, then it must be the the Truth is self-evident (OK, you can call me TJ now 🙂 ).

    • ROFLMAO! Thanks, Kells. I can always count on you to make me laugh. 🙂

      It means Alex Jones will become the voice of the GOP/’Conservatism’ So, basically, what the left has always claimed about Rush will now be true — ‘right-wing’ talk radio will be lead by a nutter

      • I have never heard Alex Jones on the radio; I’ve only seen him on the youtube. It would seem more logical if you had put Sean Hannity or Mike Savage; I hear them on the radio. Maybe I just drive at oddball times?

        • It might be, except for one thing: Trump spends a LOT of time on with Jones and he seems to agree with a great deal of Jones’s conspiracy theories. So Alex would seem to be the heir apparent.

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