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fireworks1.jpgContributors and readers (all 2 of you) – I’m about to retool the blog and start spending more time over here. I moved over to FaceBook to post the majority of content I produce (a lot is cross-posted here) because FB was a more real time, reactive platform but the fact of the matter is that all I’ve been doing is feeding the Proglodyte Beast.

I firmly believe the liberal bias is strong on the FakeBook. I’ve seen important conservative news go nowhere on the medium while clearly progressive themes were not only reported and trending but celebrated.

Since most of what I do post is political, I’m going to continue writing but will be posting back here starting on Saturday. This site used to get about 1600 hits an hour but now only gets around 1600 a day. I need to try to revitalize it…at least I won’t be assisting in the care and feeding of the Zuckerberg Empire. I’ll still use it and Twitter to draw traffic here but I’m done providing content for their benefit.

I have several things to figure out regarding the upgrade of the site and I simply want to make it more interesting and informative for the folks who visit. I will probably be bringing in a few new writers to supplement our long suffering troops who have been manning the parapets here since we jump started this puppy in January of 2011 off of my old TownHall blog that I had written since 2002. The mission of the site will stay the same:

The name is taken from the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and as you probably will notice, is written from a classical liberal/conservative/libertarian viewpoint.

The Rio Norte Line was the key productive asset for the Taggart Transcontinental Railway and had fallen into disrepair. The protagonist, Dagny Taggart, sought to repair the line, realizing that the foundation must be solid for any enterprise to be successful. Her efforts to save this key asset were frustrated from many fronts ranging from personal to political but eventually she found a way to do it. In the long term, the “looters” milked the line for short term gain, and when faced with disaster, instead of addressing the foundations, sought to plaster over it with political solutions including restrictions of others, expropriation of their revenues and political favoritism.

I apologize if we are up and down while we try out a few things but sometimes we have to experiment with different approaches before we find the right one.

To all who have been around for a while and those new to the space, thank you for visiting and I hope you stick around. Hopefully you will find something here that interests and maybe even inspires you.

15 thoughts on “Site News

  1. Utah,
    Count me as a continuing regular. The RNL gives me my daily intellectual stimulus to converse
    and offer opinion on interesting (controversial) subjects?

  2. Polite request from the supersensory-stimulated social media generation: Kindly make the site mobile-friendly. By “mobile,” I mean “iPhone.” (Steve Jobs was a self-made billionaire and a visionary capitalist entrepreneur.) And speaking of young bazillionaires, are we keeping the Zuckerberg Empire fed with a FB share button?

      • That contemporary liberals suffer from congenital syphilis?

        After all, it is the only affliction found in prostitution that explains their mental disorders.

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