Rise or Fall?

If there was ever an election where understanding the frame of reference was important, 2016 is it. Dictionary.com defines the term “frame of reference” as “a structure of concepts, values, customs, views, etc., by means of which an individual or group perceives or evaluates data, communicates ideas, and regulates behavior.” Understanding events correctly means placing said event in the proper reference frame for evaluation.

Such it is with Mr. Trump. In all honesty, I find nothing high-minded or uplifting about his rhetoric – satisfying perhaps but being satisfied and inspired are two very different things. Trump’s stock and trade is delivering sharp one liners that strike our current culture of absurdity directly in the heart and the willingness to counterpunch anybody at any time for any reason. In this crazy election season, the counterpunch doesn’t even have to be accurate or truthful, all it has to be is rapidly delivered, a swift kick to the gonads of the opponent.

People are fascinated and enamored of Trump because he is willing to respond to every slight with a cacophonous “F**k you!” This is a yuge departure from the idea that the right must always remain calm and respond civilly when attacked by the looney left. The difference is stark – where Ted Cruz was capable of delivering informed, fact based retorts to challenges, he seemed lifeless and dull compared to the brawler Trump and Trump was able to build a winning coalition of people who cared less about whether the response was reasoned and more about the force with which it was delivered.

In my observation, Mr. Trump isn’t rising. When viewed in the proper frame of reference, one can deduce that it is his opposition that is sinking. Blacklivesmatter and all the radical groups who protest Trump by rioting and battling police are simply being who they are, pretty much nothing but Alynskyite commies, racial separatists, pro-illegal immigrant open borders kooks and anti-American anarchists. Trump’s willingness to go toe to toe with these folks in a mocking and public way serves to prove Mr. Trump’s assertions in real time. When presented this situation, one doesn’t really need to do anything. As the old saying goes, when your enemy is destroying themselves – all one has to do is stay out of their way.

In my opinion, this is the measure of Trump’s success – he is measured by the lack of quality of his enemies rather than his own quality – and because his opposition is so awful, he looks good in comparison. In this lies my concern. I prefer a president who will be defined by the level they are able to raise America to reach, not because he is measured by how horrid and disgusting his enemies are in comparison.

2 thoughts on “Rise or Fall?

  1. I would love to be able to list dozens of things that are reasons to vote for Trump, but I actually only have one, that being that the other choice is the worst BITCH we could ever have for POTUS, and that is why I will be voting Trump in November.

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