Welcome to Kansas

Lately, I’ve been visiting some Alt-Right sites. For the most part, these folks are conservative pro-Trumpers. There are varying views about the movement, (the left claiming them neo-Nazis with no grasp of the financial global market, and the right claiming they are ignorant, and not true conservatives for voting Trump) but I believe it boils down to nationalism vs. globalism.

When the Gods of the Market Place are illegally finagled by the government at the expense of its citizenry, when they in turn pay off the government to push their controversial leftist agenda at break-neck speeds for their own benefit and the peoples’ detriment, when Sharia is suggested over the Constitution by some executive-branch folks in the government, when illegals, foreigners, and deadbeats benefit from the labors of the natural-born taxpaying citizens, the resulting effect will be an outlash from the people. In other words, I believe the Alt-Right is like Dorothy when she lands in OZ and asks Toto, “What the hell happened to Kansas?”

To illustrate what I’m getting at, check out the documentary, Clinton Cash. It is based on the NY Times best-selling novel of the same name by Peter Schweizer. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and will open worldwide the day before the DNC, because, well………. timing is everything. Obviously, this play-for-pay isn’t unique to democrats, which is why Jeb had such a poor run. The Alt-Right doesn’t want a 50’s America; it just wants an American America. By that, being American doesn’t mean being white. It means abiding by the US Constitution……particularly elected officials.

Will Trump save the day? Since I don’t have B.’s magical 8 ball, my guess is that he’ll put a lid on this can- o-crazy. Maybe the crazy won’t be contained, but getting your foot in the door is better than having it shut in your face.

Oh, here is the trailer for the documentary, Clinton Cash:


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Kansas

      • Because I know the definition. They are both Socialists. The split then is globalist/govt ownership (commie) or nationalist/govt control (fascist). If the description fits, then that is what you are.

        Just like I’ll admit Trump IS a ‘conservative:’ he is trying to conserve the fascist wing of the Progressive agenda. The Teddy Roosevelt side of Progressivism. But he is NOT a Classic Liberal. But then, that is an entirely different conversation — and a conversation that I’ve been told few people even care to have: the REAL definition of ‘Conservative’ (not the one everyone likes to assign to it, but what BURKE said it is).

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