5 thoughts on “Can Conservatives Find a Home in the Libertarian Party?

  1. Mr. Davidiuk, in answer to your Initial question…………… No.

    The ‘Fiscally Conservative/ Socially Liberal’ designation being used to expand and define the Modern Libertarian party is a non starter. So I agree with you when you say this : ” …. giving the Libertarian Party the enviable position as a new vehicle for right-leaning policy, but one currently bearing the asterisk of an unearned legitimacy as a viable outlet for conservatism. The result could merely be a split GOP, guaranteeing a loss for Republicans. ”

    You are correct that current Libertarian platforms ” bear an UNEARNED legitimacy as a viable outlet for conservatism”.

    This is so in many areas, just one of which is that “Socially Liberal” stances often infringe upon their so-called Fiscally Conservative ones……. most Liberal Policies are just conduits of Tax dollars from producers to takers. Or result in the expansion of Tax resources to implement. And they also change the society from one based on fundamental individual Liberty to one based on legitimizing the power of Centralized govt.

    • Trying to get me all excited now ?

      Just when I put my decoder ring away and all ….. sheesh !

  2. Vlad, someone has to say it ….

    Donald Trump is the candidate that these doltish & vapid Republicans deserve.

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