The Science of Magnetic Force

magnetsProgressives will always see conservatives as their mortal enemies and as such, will reflexively oppose anything a conservative says or does. So why does Trump anger them? Why does he face violent protests at his rallies?

He certainly is no conservative, at least by any definition I understand and I have lived a life guided by classical liberal philosophy.

If I may offer an opinion based on my observation and it is one that I have observed in the physical world – I think Trump angers the progressive movement that exists in both parties because his bumbling rhetoric and “happy talk” populism forces them to attack him and in doing so, they must take positions that expose their own dishonest rhetoric and history of broken Utopia-seeking promises. In many ways, his positions are structured and delivered just like those of the progressives – and keep in mind, I did not say the substance was the same, just the delivery and structure – and when progressives attack Trump’s positions, due to the similar construction, they reveal how weak their own positions are. For example, I have recently noted that while the progressives (both Republican and Democrat) have attacked Trump for his inarticulate and incorrect “Mexican” comments about why Judge Gonzalo Curiel had treated Trump unfairly via some sort of bias based on his ethnicity (incorrect because he did not present evidence of bias), progressives routinely select appointees to the judiciary exactly because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., etc. When they attack Trump, they expose their flank to examination – if it is unfair to criticize because of an assumed ethnic bias, how is it rational to select based on the assumption of the same? If one is wrong, the other must be as well.

As I have stated time and time again, voting for or selecting someone simply due to race or ethnicity is just as racist as voting against or deselecting them for that same reason.

Trump can get at the soft underbelly of the progressive beast. Every time Hillary attacks Trump about how ridiculous his positions are, she reveals the same about her own.

  • Trump doesn’t have the background to be President – coming from a nominee whose only accomplishment is being married to a two term President.
  • Trump doesn’t have the temperament – coming from someone who left people to die in Benghazi in order to win an election for her party.
  • Trump was nominated unfairly – coming from the nominee who depended on unelected “super-delelegates” to get nominated.
  • Trump is a liar, unethical and can’t be trusted – coming from the first nominee of either party who is (or has been) under investigation by the Senate, the CIA and the FBI for the possible violation of national security laws.
  • Trump’s rhetoric is inflammatory – yet it is the Clinton and Sanders supporters who are rioting.
  • Trump uses identity politics to criticize those who oppose him – coming from a nominee whose major appeal is that she is female and represents a party obsessed by identity politics and “diversity” above all else.
  • Trump is a racist – coming from the nominee of a party obsessed by race.

I’m not a Trump supporter but I once proposed that he would make a great “tip of the spear” to attack the progressives on the other side – and the way he is currently exposing the idiotic rhetoric of the progressives is why.

In the world of physics, the opposite poles of a magnet attract, the like poles repel. At least from a logical construction and behavioral aspect, Trump and the progressives are like magnets. The reason they are repelling each other is that they are that much alike.

I just never expected him to be the nominee. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

7 thoughts on “The Science of Magnetic Force

  1. Utah,

    Doesn’t matter: by definition, Progressives do not respond to reason, and only a rational person will see the hypocrisy.

    OH! There is one other reason the Left is attacking Trump. The American Progressive as he/she exists in the Democrat Party is a Communist. Trump represents the more Fascistic wing of Progressivism. Those two have been just as much mortal enemies as Progressives vs ‘Conservatives’

  2. Most liberals just plug their ears and sing la-la-la-la-la when you try to point out the hypocrisy. I disagree with B. (big surprise): I don’t think Trump’s a fascist, I think he’s a businessman, and will lead this country as a CEO.

    • He’s a Liberal New Yorker. But you are right he is not a Socialist Fascist.
      He is more of a Hoover republican who doesn’t really understand that Tariffs are antithetical to Free Market Capitalism. He also is “challenged” in his understanding of the deep connection of True Constitutional Freedoms to True Fee Market Capitalism.

  3. The 9th Circuit Court ruled today the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee the right to concealed carry. SCOTUS is gridlocked at 4/4 with no guarantee Roberts will vote pro 2nd.

    With Hillary at the helm SCOTUS will make the destruction complete. Regrettably Trump. For all his faults at least he’s an American.

    • High Five Chhelo !!!

      And we will all have to get used to repeating that the SCOTUS does not give or take away rights. The Constitution / Bill of Rights is not up for a vote.

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