What The Left by Effort and The Right by Complacency Have Wrought

What happens when you push a group of people so far for so long?

What happens when you mock and marginalize their values for decades?

What happens when you threaten their livelihoods and the success of their families?

What happens when their voices go unheard, unacknowledged and unwanted?

For decades now, the racially-motivated, culturally intolerant, religiously bigoted, economically destructive Left has increasingly divided Americans, exacerbating ruptures, exposing fault lines on every issue of significance, down to the foundations of the Republic, in a never-ending quest to redefine society, fundamentally transform American identity, and attain and hold power over every individual.

In pursuit of this goal, the Left has made unleashing of the rage of the populace – the “mobocracy,” – one of its prefered methods of political persuasion (see Ferguson, Baltimore and San Jose).

Compounding things, a tin-eared, myopic Republican party which has for decades campaigned for free market…

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One thought on “What The Left by Effort and The Right by Complacency Have Wrought

  1. Really GREAT piece Mr. Davidiuk !! Everyone should go to your site link.

    I don’t entire agree with your last sentence though, as “we” have been trying to change things via the Constitutional process….. “They” ( the Establishment ) has just ignored us and the press/hollywood has just continued to spit in our faces. I think THAT is closer to the larger Truth.

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