We All Live In A Gilded Yello Cage, A Gilded Yellow Cage…

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The Oil for Your Lamp

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

–Samuel Adams

This is one of my favorite quotes, from one of my favorite founding fathers.  However, I think it needs to be updated just a little.  I trust Mr. Adams won’t mind if I re-phrase his words this way:

If you love your stuff more than your freedom, and your safety and slavery more than personal responsibility, leave us.  We do not want your opinion or your help. Cower on your knees as you lick the hand that feeds you.  May your chains not be so heavy that they crush you, and…

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17 thoughts on “We All Live In A Gilded Yello Cage, A Gilded Yellow Cage…

  1. Joe,

    The proof that the Bible is the written truth of God and that he does exist is right in front of all to see.

    If man was an evolutionary creature he would not exist today. He would have destroyed himself long ago without God’s restraining hand against evil.

    Man will go to great lengths to rule over others and the others will give all Liberty away for bread and entertainment.

    Our Founding Fathers new this because they knew history and lived under the thumb of King Geroge. Our citizenry, is basically is uneducated (indoctrinated) purposely by our progressive public education system. Free stuff has become freedom. It will take a dose of tyranny but even that may not be enough.

    • EdwardS,

      Thanks. Sadly, however, this has become a struggle for me. Where I once thought everyone had to hear my opinion, the more I read my Scriptures, and the more I understand, the less I feel like my voice is important. Oh, don’t get me wrong: I still have things to say. It’s just that I no longer share my words, but those ot the Lord — and no one wants to seem to listen to those these days (which is precisely the reason society is going to collapse).

  2. Joe,
    I can understand your feeling of being dejected, but when I think of all the leaders in the
    Holy Bible who were also dejected, in their process of teaching the Truth of The Word,
    I have to wonder what great philosophical insight you have yet to publish?

    I disagree with your last line. I am very confident that this next six months will
    present us with the reward we have been seeking for the last five years?

    Have Faith!

    • EdwardS,

      Thanks, your words are kind 🙂

      Also, know that I have faith, and I know that His will WILL be done. I just fear it is not going to be what so many believers are expecting. 😦

    • I think… “The lord helps those who help themselves” is the operative line actually.

      We have to make it happen…”seeking” ain’t gonna cutit. No salvation will be found in any one person….even if Cruz were front and Center.

      What I hope is that millions realize this and are prepared to set up to the plate. Because relying on “voting” has proven to be both false solution and false salvation.

      An example is the Gun Grab by the Establishment ( McConnell-Obama-Hillary ) through the DHS. If Americans don’t literally stand up and exercise Civil refusal, nullification and disobedience of this Clear violation of the Constitution then no “vote” will save us.

      As to the return of the Lord…..that is HIS timing, not ours nor tied to our wishes. And I strongly feel He wants people to do the right and moral thing….not wait on bended knee.

      • Don,

        While I understand and even agree with the sentiment of your comment, the “God helps those who helps themselves” teaching is not in Scripture. In fact, the Bible teaches the exact opposite: God helps those who obey Him. We have not done that as a nation for a l-o-n-g time, my friend.

        As for resisting: again, when the founders did this, they did it God’s way. They appealed to Him. Sought His counsel and blessing. They fasted. They prayed. And when things went their way, they gave thanks. Where is this nation doing that today?

        • I know. That’s why I called it “the operative line”. So as not to confuse it with Scripture itself.

          Most know the phrase.

          My attempt at saying what you just said was : “He wants people to do the right and moral thing”. But I agree. As to resisting we may diverge slightly on the vector, but not the basic direction.

    • EdwardS,

      Just an FYI: Don’t forget to keep an eye on my main blog page, The OYL (www.theoyl.com). I try to be very selective when cross posting on the RNL. It is a political blog, so I do not share the majority of my work there. Please keep this in mind 🙂

    • Then, if you haven’t already, you might want to read the last one I posted about the things Beck doesn’t tell people. I used his show to share some prophecies most people overlook, and it ties the secular left directly to Islam — BIBLICALLY!

  3. Joe,
    Read your post on Beck when you put it up. When I read it again today–same
    attitude about Beck–he has the Crazy Bernie mentality that is quite obvious to any
    sane person?

    Because I treasure my reading time–have no “Beck” conclusion but to award him the
    solipsistic prize for “Who Cares?”

    • Was more interested in your take on the connection between Esau and Ishmael as it relates to secular humanism and Islam, because there IS a connection there — prophecy, even 😉

  4. Joe,
    My attitude (opinion) regarding Izlam, Muzlims, Black Obama, the democrats and the
    racist Republicans was broadcast by Rush Limbaugh today, 17 June 2016, hours 1 & 2!

    I totally agree with Rush’s analysis regarding our current American terrorist situation.

    If anyone has an opinion that can produce evidence to counter or induce me to
    consider an apposing view, I may have words for a conversation.

    I have NO comments other than those stated in my above post regarding Beck of
    of his opinion regarding Esau and Ishmael and Izlam.

    I accept the words of my Holy Bible. My reading and understanding (considering
    the many volumes of interpretation in my possession) is the ONLY acceptance
    that matters to me! The Old Testament is defined with marginal interpretation.
    Mohammad was quite confused, being an illiterate Arab, when the Book was
    explained to him. His confusion regarding The New Testament is evident in
    his proclamation of Jesus ideology in the final interpretation of the Qur’an.

    Regarding that, have been reading a New Updated Edition of “The Life and Times
    of Jesus The Messiah” written by Alfred Edersheim (1883-1885). Of all the books
    I have read, this volume, eleven hundred plus pages, is the ultimate, definitive of
    Christian History!

    I like brevity, but its difficult to express opinions with such a broad subject?

    • Wow! Edward, it might just be me, but your comment seems to suggest that I do not understand any of the things you mentioned? 😦

      Oh, well, no worries. I know we are not enemies, so I’ll leave it at that…

  5. Joe,
    No suggestion here, we on the same understanding.

    My post (insinuation) was with reference to Beck–I was arguing against his points/view regarding
    his Biblical interpretation and total assumption that if I don’t understand and accept his opinion,
    I am not elegible to be critical of what he thinks?

    Sorry if I expressed (to you) any ambiguity in word, was definitely NOT my intent!

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