Drama Queens

At Least 50 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In OrlandoGee – you know what is EXACTLY like an attack by ISIS? Vile comments directed toward the LGBT community – or so claims this op-ed in USA Today:

“Hate, it seems, isn’t always carried here from foreign shores. In fact, homegrown hate can be just as deadly as any rooted in the Islamic State’s ideology.”

Just as deadly – get it? The instances the writer recounts are simply comments. As far as I know, no gays were physically harmed in the writing, speaking or hearing of those words while Omar Mateen most certainly did physically harm 49 folks at the Pulse nightclub – and he did so terminally and with extreme prejudice.

And you know what else? 49 people slaughtered wasn’t a terrorist attack perpetrated by a jihadi, it was a hate crime against the LGBT community and if you don’t understand that, you homophobic homophobe, you might just be homophobic:

“What is equally dangerous, however, is the number of people choosing to ignore that the attack was one rooted in homophobia. Those who insist the shooting was solely an Islamic terror attack try to erase the LGBT community from the narrative, causing only more pain by invalidating their experiences in this ordeal.”

And damn Islam for stealing the LGBT thunder because the meme must be about 636017067477417013-USP-NEWS--Orlando-Pulse-Nightclub-Shootingdiscrimination against the LGBT community. Never must the spotlight be diverted from the LGBT stage and shown on the violence of Islamic terrorism:

“We argue so much about gun policy and the label “Islamic radical” that we risk overshadowing the voices of the victims and their loved ones. More than ever, they need us to lend our ears. Acknowledge their pain. Understand their unique position as the intended targets of this attack.”

FallingMan_060829015536020_wideweb__300x430,1Unique position as compared to whom? The 2,606 folks in the Twin Towers, the 125 at the Pentagon or the 265 people on the four airplanes crashed by jihadis on 9/11? San Bernardino? LGBT folk who are being tossed off buildings or hung from lamp posts in the Muslim world? Why are 49 Orlando LGBTer’s more special than any of these people?

USAT says to acknowledge their pain, bigots. Understand that LGBT practitioners are unique and deserving of special attention in this world, you bigoted bigots who are just interested in bigoting all the time.

Shorter version of the article, “We’re queer, we’re here and we are fabulous. We deserve special attention and protection. Get with the program, bitches.”

Know who is at fault here? ‘Murica – at least you anti-cake baking straight ‘Muricans. Possibly also rednecks…and Christians. Maybe even white privilege or climate change. Anything but what it is.

This op-ed takes absurd equivocation to its most ridiculous level.

The term “Drama Queens” spring to mind.

11 thoughts on “Drama Queens

    • You may certainly draw your own conclusions. Perhaps a clue might be in the post and have something to do with the shifting of blame to people who had nothing to do with the incident but are more politically convenient to blame.

    • What is your point exactly ?

      You don’t think America and Americans were the intended targets of 911 ? And that the common denominator of the 911 attacks and the Orlando attack and the San Bernardino attack and the Ft Hood attack was likewise that they were against America and Americans ?

      • Pretty sure there were gay folks on those planes and in the Twin Towers… Mr. Reinhofer seems to want this to be all about the LGBT hate – not coincidentally making my point for me.

    • Yes, he did. His reason was terrorism. The only thing an Islamist hates more than an infidel is a gay infidel.

      But you miss my point – my point wasn’t anti-gay, it was about how the gay community is being used to help explain away a significant failure of the Democrat anti-terror policy. The LGBT community is being used as a political pawn, as all Democrat constituencies always are.

      • re: The only thing an Islamist hates more than an infidel is a gay infidel.

        Where did you read that nonsense?

    • If you choose Democrat Ideology, above your own survival, you are doomed to extinction…refusal to delineate the problem…precludes the possibility of solving the problem. Yes, he targeted the LGBT community …IN AMERICA…because in the Sharia countries they are already EXECUTED…not by Christians…not by white Europeans…but Islamic fundamentalists…for crap sakes either grow a pair or get the hell out of the way….

  1. High Five Utah !!

    You stirred the pot of Drama Queens up to a Frothy tizzy. What better proof of Special Interest politics that to see their response and extremist support of failed Liberal ideology.

    A thing of beauty is indeed a joy to behold as s(h)e trips on her taffeta trying to salvage sanity from the Progressive failure of multi-culturalism.

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