Brexit Stage Right

brexit-800x500Brexit was not solely about economics, tax policy or being part of a greater union with the Continent – Brexit was a reaction to both elected and unelected elites demanding total obedience and fealty to often absurd commands simply because some official said so. I can remember at time when I lived in Edinburgh when a grocer in London was actually fined for simply printing pounds and ounces on packages with kilograms and grams instead of just printing the metric measures.
The infatuation of being a “citizen of the world” has now ended in England – not so much in Scotland, that voted “Remain” (William Wallace and Robert the Bruce are spinning in their graves right now). Implied in such an appellation is the support for open borders, preferential treatment of immigrants, equivocation of extremely disparate cultures to native culture and the assumption that diversity is an end in and of itself.
“Diversity” has had too long of a run without critical examination. Academia loves it – as do the quota-mongers in government. It is also used to defend illegal immigration but “diversity” for the sake of being diverse has just become a way for “progressives” to say to others “look at me, look how evolved and tolerant I am” but it isn’t “tolerance” at all. It is just putting a check in the box of the “progressive” job application. They are not concerned about diversity except as a badge of “progressive” achievement. The fact is that “progressives” only care about differences, they think that tossing a bunch of different colored marbles in a bag makes them all unified, all the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
As it is with much of true political and philosophical thought, the concept of diversity has its origin in the natural world – and as such can be described in scientific terms. There are two types of diversity with definitional roots in the science of chemistry. These are what I would term to be solution diversity and mixture diversity. The two are very different.

The technical definition of solution is this: a solution is a homogeneous mixture composed of only one phase. What you have here is a solute and a solvent combining to form something entirely new with properties different from the constituent parts. Solutions cannot be separated into their individual parts after they are mixed.

I would propose that this is the type of diversity that we want, that this is very beneficial Brexit-20-650to our country. This is the historical diversity of the American Colonies and post-Revolutionary War America. It is the diversity of Ellis Island and the genesis of idea that America was a “melting pot”. People brought their varied heritages with them but ultimately blended and combined to catalyze into Americans – not Italian-Americans, German-Americans or Mexican-Americans – just Americans. While they maintained a fondness for their origins, they subjugated that fondness to the love, devotion and loyalty to their new home.

A mixture is a material system made up by two or more different substances which are mixed but are not combined chemically. The materials are in suspension and the heavier particulates will eventually precipitate or fall out of solution the minute that the mechanical mixing action stops. This is the “diversity” that we have today – it is what Britain has. Disparate groups with allegiance to foreign countries intent on retaining those loyalties.  Rather than assimilate, they retreat to cloistered areas and resume the same customs and lifestyles as their old countries, most refusing to even learn the language of the United States.

It is a mistake to assume that all people who come here legally or illegally are here to become part of America. The common excuse for illegal immigration from Mexico is economic. Once these illegal aliens satisfy their economic goals, they have no need to assimilate – being here illegally also creates a secretive culture, assuring that assimilation will never take place. Legal immigration assures that the people who come to America are coming because they desire to actually become an American, not simply as a method by which to satisfy an economic need. There is a purpose for the process of legal immigration that transcends simple protection of sovereignty.

Creating diversity for its own sake creates a mixture, not a solution. Mixtures are weak and eventually break down. Solutions do not.

maxresdefaultAmerica still has this illness – primarily in the progressive fever swamps. The reason they see love of country, American exceptionalism and the populist nationalism of someone like Trump is that they have given up on their own affiliation with America to be a “citizen of the world.” They may call themselves “Americans” and physically reside here but their actions say different. Perhaps a Texit or a Utexit isn’t as far fetched as it once sounded.

19 thoughts on “Brexit Stage Right

    • Republic of West Florida ( 1810 )……. Bonnie Blue Flag incorporated into the Texas Independence flags of the 1830s….and eventually into the Flag of the Great State of Texas.

      High 5 on a FLexit !

  1. The Progressive-Socialists are famous for shouting at us that the Country has changed.,…. that people think differently.

    You FKING WELL better BELIEVE it has. I would have NEVER advocated for secession 20 years ago and before…..Now, after decades and decades of increasing hate from the Left…../.. Secession can’t happen soon enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have changed how we feel TOO you leftist freaks . There are now Two Americas….you sick twisted Socialist version…..and the REAL Constitutional America. Separation is the ONLY realistic long-term answer. One for the takers and Leftsits…..and one for the Producers who know how to make a life and a success.

      • There will eventually be a separation. The movement and history since 1989 show that. Not a single for Soviet satellite country has opted to rejoin into a “union” with Communist-Socialist-Capitalist(sorta) Russia. The Western province in China as well as Hong Kong are increasingly separatist oriented.

        Scotland and Catalonia want separation. The whole EU concept was entered into after the failed Communist experiment with Russia and Communism. Today there are significant separatist movements in France, Italy, Belguim, Holland, Hungary and Findland. In the USA parts of Colorado and California consistently want separate States for their regions. And of course Texas has a growing movement and sentiment towards RETURNING to its original form as an independent Republic.

        The point is the tide is moving for independence… is world-wide and reflective of the Deep and irreconcilable differences in ideology. In every case it is the Takers pushing on the Makers for MORE of their rights, property and production along with the extinguishing of local cultures in favor of a Centralized ideology.

        History teaches us that movements happen often as a wave in many places at the same relative time. The change in thinking from Scholasticism to Renaissance as an example. Starting with Petrarch in about 1370 … 1500 it was the dominant force in the universities and courts.

        And you are right….the producers side…. OUR side will proper and promote true freedom.

  2. Several thoughts come to mind.

    First starting with the Brexit. Obama has already laid down his law. You will be punished for your actions. Go to the back of the bus on trade relations and any hope of a US/UK relationship unless you bow down to the NWO.

    Second, it may not matter and may have come too late. Islam has a huge beachhead in England and without drastic action on immigration Islam will continue to grow as cancers do. The City of London may already be lost. In major portions of the city Anglos are not even safe to walk the streets. Some areas look like a city in Pakistan. As expected the new Muslim Mayor of London is loyal only to his Muslim Allah and not Englad. His only goal is to replace English Cannon Law with Sharia Law.

    Third, we will know in November, very soon, where we stand in the US. In the event HRC is elected and follows in Obama’s footsteps we are headed for very dark days. If you thought Obama was evil remember the story of King Ahab and Jezebel in the Old Testament. HRC will run circles around what Obama accomplished. HRC is evil incarnate and if it requires killing Americans so be it. Remember by progressive logic, which the Republican leadership supports, it is impossible to round up and deport 10 to 20 million illegal alien criminals but it will be fully possible to confiscate 400 million firearms from over 150 million US law abiding citizens even if our masters have to kick the doors down to accomplish it. By the end of her first year SCOTUS will nothing more than a rubber stamp to shred what is left of the Bill of Rights. Specifically, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th will be null and void.

    Fourth, if Trump is elected it may provide a temporary reprieve for 4 to 8 years however the NWO juggernaut will not end it desire to enslave the World. It may only be the UK and USA as the last outpost of freedom for a season. If this Republic falls freedom and liberty as we know it will be a relic of history.

    Go figure a little over 250 years out of 8000 years of history is all the years man was capable of governing by a system where the government served the people.

    • One can look at the negative side readily enough. It is easy to tear something down…….hard to build it up.

      No doubt the NWO will continue its desire to enslave the World and HillBILLary will be their vector to do that in the US. But looking at that 8000 year history we see an upward slope of Freedom and prosperity…..with the last 2000 years after The Lord’s coming being an accelerated time of such.

      With new technology have come new and fast attempts by the NWO to continue……but also have come new and powerful information sharing and production capabilities for free people to expand their own power and effect their own lives. It is a balance for sure. But a temporary repreive can also be a time of BUILDING rather than just a lull. During the “Reagan” Lull” and de-regulation the climate was built for the PC revolution and the Internet after it which has transformed the stituation World-wide.

      With the Video-tape…..Soviet Citizens saw what the West really had to offer instead of what their Oligarchs told then…… with the Internet and I-phones that kind of knowledge is now instantaneous. It’s Glass half-full versus half-empty.

      There’s no doubt about HRC calling out the forces of the Federal govt joining with the ILLEGALS and BLM and SJW to literally battle against Liberty and the Citizens of the US….. Just look at this : US Soldiers smuggling Illegals !!

      But there are signs and venues for positive change…..ones that are also very powerful.

      • Don, with Kings, Queens and Warlords setting on the thrones of power up and until we declared our independence from King George there was no real freedom or Liberty for man. Monarchs may have been more liberal in their treatment of their subjects but they could still kill at will to have their way.

        With history books full of the results of communism, fascism ans socialism then explain why 10’s of thousands of our young rally for the likes of Bernie Sanders and HRC. Have they not watched the horrors and atrocities these regimes committed in the march to utopia? Even our sold out
        Republican leadership, who should know better, plan to vote for Hillary even though they know Trump would be the better of two evils.

        As for the two US soldiers making a buck out running illegals. Are they any more guilty than Obama and crew that are violating US law. The only answer is Obama and crew are above the law and the two soldiers are likely going to Leavenworth. Obama and Michele are going on another tax payer funded vacation.

        We’re are no longer safe from our own government. You can be taken into custody for any number of missteps and find out you no longer have the protections afforded in the Bill of Rigths. Whether or not you want to admit it most every citizen in the country violates some law everyday and in Hillary’s world that will be used to destroy any and all opposition. This is the glass half-empty world of today.

        So in summary, I to pray that people see the light and we walk back from the cliff to a glass half-full. I do try to live my life with this attitude daily but that is due to my Christian faith not on what man will ever do.

        • “why 10’s of thousands of our young rally for the likes of Bernie Sanders and HRC. ”
          As a Florida Certified General Contractor, I have an possible explanation why this is so. I have a son who is talented in many parts of the construction industry and made straight A’s all the way to a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. More than once while he was working on one of my construction projects, he called me late at night to see if he could take the next day off. Naturally, I ask are you OK? He says yes, he is fine but he wants to take the day off because the surf is supposed to be great. When someone like him can justify deserting work because the surf is up, I am lost. I can assure you that when I was a bottom of the ladder worker, $2-$5 per hour, I took some time off for probably equally silly reasons. He is making about five times the national minimum wage, so that day off amounted to about $250. He also amazed me a few months ago when he asked me whom I was voting for. I asked him if there was ever ANYTHING that occurred in the 33 years he has been around me that would suggest that I was going to vote Hillary or Bernie? I asked him who he was going to vote for and he said he wasn’t sure yet. I have since convinced him and a few of his buds to vote for Donald and maybe that would help them end up where I am at their mid-sixties.

        • Well. Yes and no. The Swiss Federation and events leading up to and including the Magna Carta were definitely on the upward slope towards freedom. The increasing power of Cities and towns during the later Middle Ages likewise. Parliamentary government was part of the process.

          The Slope has been up. And the strong break upwards from 1775 – 1787/91 led to an accelerated worldwide change. Extending even to Asia.

          But no argument that we are now no longer safe from our own government and their supporters. Still the movement for Liberty is happening along side this regression from the Elites. And that movement is worldwide.

  3. Evil is the norm for mankind. At times great men stand forward for Liberty and freedom. Now is such a time when these type of men are needed. Now is the time to take a stand and one should be ready to answer the call. You can live in sermon or die in glory. Glory is preferred for real men serfdom is for the cowards.

  4. I was born a slave at birth and will die free at death. No man can dictate different. Only my God, Jesus Christ, has a say. If my faith be in him what can man do, nothing. I fear not death as that is the fallacy of man. There is no death for we serve the Lord our God not man for eternity. You will enter Heaven or Hell the choice is yours to make.

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