Killing JFK – A Progressive Tipping Point

You have to keep one thing in mind about a committed progressive – which almost every Democrat is these days – they are only about the glorious people’s revolution and as such there is only the revolutionary truth – that collection of words that support the aforementioned revolution. Whether those words are true or not is of secondary importance. This is why they can support potential criminals who run for president (Hillary), allow tax cheats to attain positions of prominence in government (Tim Geithner, Charlie Rangel, etc) and will excuse moral failings in their leadership (Bill Clinton) as long as these people are true to one thing – advancing the progressive march toward Utopia through perfecting the human condition – i.e. the progressive agenda.

Sort of antithetical, isn’t it? Perfecting humanity through imperfect messages, means and men? Unfortunately for them (and us), society follows the GIGO rule – “garbage in, garbage out.”

I’ve long held the opinion that contemporary “progressives” are some of the most regressive people that I have ever met. Since their ideology is committed to secular humanism and the limits of the human life span, it has a sense of fatality and finality to it – almost a dystopian, doomsday, “last days” sort of feel.

A couple of years ago, Sonny Bunch at the Free Beacon quotes the inimitable James Piereson and his assertion that JFK’s death was the moment “progressivism”/American liberalism turned from a positive, progress focused belief to something darker and an assuredly more negative ideology:

“President Kennedy’s assassination stalled the advance of twentieth-century liberalism, then the nation’s reigning public philosophy and, in the opinion of historians at the time, our only genuine public philosophy. It did this in several ways: first, by undermining the confidence of liberals in the future; and second, by changing their perspective from one of possibility and practical reform to one of grief, loss, and frustrated hopes. It also compromised their faith in the nation because many concluded, against all factual evidence, that in some way the nation itself was responsible for President Kennedy’s death. A confident, practical, and forward-looking philosophy, with a heritage of genuine accomplishment, was thus turned into a pessimistic doctrine—and one with a decidedly negative view of American society and its institutions.”

Brit Hume had perhaps the best quote about John Kennedy that I have heard in a very, very long time:

“I think he was the coolest president we ever had. He was just a cool guy and therefore, appealing…I think, however, that despite the thinness of the record that you just mentioned, that George mentioned, he has been the subject of the most successful public relations campaign in political history. The notion that he was a great president, indeed, perhaps, in some surveys he’s been listed the greatest president, is really a remarkable testament to the ability of those who have so admired him and others to have built this man’s legend, and it is a legend bordering, I think, on myth.”

Essentially, Kennedy’s life was ended by a communist assassin’s bullet before his “accomplishments” could be tested by time. He was Obama before Hope and Change became Gloom and More of the Same but there is a significant difference between JFK and Obama – while Kennedy was a liberal, he was an ardent anti-communist. Obama’s views are much closer to those of the man who shot Kennedy than those held by Kennedy himself.

Bunch notes that the modern left’s obsession with JFK is a least partially due to their inability to reconcile that a fellow traveler was responsible for his death and therefore must find a way to blame it on the political right, something we have also noted:

Liberals were so perturbed by the fact that a man of the left had killed Kennedy that they simply waved away the inconvenient truth like so much smoke. It wasn’t left wing ideology that killed our dear prince but the meanies on the right who created a culture in which something so senseless could happen.

Sort of like denying that the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando had anything to do with terrorism, huh?

It could be argued that JFK was assassinated simply because he wasn’t progressive enough.

When you here things like this from the progressive side of the aisle, just remember – for the progressive left (as it has been for any and all regimes with a fascist, authoritarian, totalitarian bent), there is no truth save for the revolutionary truth so it logically follows that there is also no history but the revolutionary history, those sets of words and “facts” that serve only to support the glorious revolution. There is no other.

4 thoughts on “Killing JFK – A Progressive Tipping Point

  1. Utah,
    Thank you. You have stated my opinion exactly. Having voted for JFK, I was a democrat
    then, I always believed that there was more to the despicable act of his murder than was
    reported by the early drive-by media.

    As time tells all, we will have to wait to reflect on the current actions of the liberal/progressives.

    It is my opinion that we will NEVER learn all of the TRUTH. It will depend on which Historical
    Truth you believe?

    • Much of the Truth of this event is known Ed. Even many of the details. Just not ALL of the details. But the trail of “disappeared” evidence and info is itself a “truth”, living along side all of the other known evidence.

  2. Kennedy was indeed assassinated by Communist ( progressive) bullets.

    We must remember regarding the Kennedy myth that he was elected by vote fraud just as LBJ was throughout his career in Texas. Popular sentiment was decidedly in Nixon’s favor for a couple of cycles. But Nixon gave us the EPA etc. He also was a Republican Progressive.

    1963 was a play between factions of the US Progressive political machine. Similar to the Teddy Roosevelt Progressives versus the Wilson Progressives ( Democrats). This is a game which has been playing out for a very long time.

  3. It was a sad day. Even more so is the fact that the Oswald’s took his old seat. I thought I’d have it figured out by now, durned if I warn’t wrong agin!

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