July 4th, 1776 — The Birth Of An EXCEPTIONAL Nation!

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If you listen to those who claim to know better, they will tell you this is not an exceptional nation.  That it’s founders were just a bunch of old, rich white men looking to preserve their place of privilege.  They will even tell you that the nation was built entirely upon racism and slavery.  Well, this may surprise you, but they are correct!  This is a nation founded by old, rich white men who use racism and slavery to preserve their place of privilege.  But then, we are talking about the nation that Progressives have built, and not the nation which was born on July 4th, 1776.  Now that was an exceptional nation, and the men who founded it were exceptional men, but that nation died long ago.  If you have a moment, I’d like to tell you about that nation, and its founders — so that you will know…

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3 thoughts on “July 4th, 1776 — The Birth Of An EXCEPTIONAL Nation!

  1. Thank you — for proving that the ways of the rest of the world do not work. But you proved nothing about the exceptional nature of this nation AS IT WAS FOUNDED! Yous ee, everything you just listed is the result of Progressives trying to push this nation to be more like the rest of the world (especially Europe). That has NOTHING to do with the founding principles and ideals of this nation, which is what I was addressing. But then, it could be that you are a product of our modern education system? 🙂

    • Once again, NONE of that applied to the founding of this nation. So you are attacking the world as it is, not America as it was founded. That means you are tilting at windmills here (not to mention demonstrating your ignorance).

    • One last time, get on the actual topic and deal with the argument, or I will shut this down. REASONED debate is allowed here, but not ad hominem or propaganda.

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