Yes, but He’s OUR Idiot!

I have voiced my intent to proceed with my anti-Hillary vote and cast it for Trump – but he isn’t making it easy. His speech in Cincinnati yesterday (actually more of an incoherent assemblage of rambling sound bites from the past) was embarrassing and immature on so many levels. It was filled with childish taunting and for a supposed businessman, some of the most anti-business rhetoric I have ever heard from a Republican. 35% tariff on all Carrier air conditioners built in Mexico? This guy is a bigger isolationist than Ron Paul.

Of course Hillary is worse. A picture of Bill and Hillary are in the dictionary beside the definition of the word “corruption.” Of course, Hillary mishandled classified information in such a way that if it were anyone else, there would have been no question about prosecution. Of course the media is in the tank for the Hillary (just as they were for Bill). Of course progressives don’t care about integrity – big shocker there, I know. They define “integrity” in terms of devotion to the progressive agenda – they don’t care about lying, corruption, influence peddling, graft or lawlessness as long as those behaviors advance the progressive agenda.

But Trump has so many flaws, he makes Hillary look viable. This childish rant in Cincinnati was just another in a continuing stream of inanity since he became the presumptive GOP nominee. Instead of actually hitting Clinton in a way that has lasting effect, Trump steps on his manhood with golf shoes and has to defend his statements on Saddam Hussein from some very conveniently timed outrage by the Hillary Media Fan Club. While he is in defense mode, he can’t attack…but then again, Trump isn’t a statesman or a student of debate, Trump is the class clown who makes fun of the debate club.

If there were an honorable, principled, solid Republican candidate this time, Hillary would suffer the same fate as Walter Mondale did against Reagan in 1984 – but we still in danger of a corrupt senior politburo member becoming party chairman. This is what you get when you support flawed, unprincipled candidates just because you think they can win and they promise to do exactly what the other side does, just not to you this time. This is what you get when you are just driven to support your agenda of retribution at any cost – just like a progressive.

How much different would it be if there was a Ted Cruz laying out the similarities in what Hillary did to the cases that have already been prosecuted regarding the unintentional mishandling of classified material rather than a political simpleton who thinks hanging a funny nickname on someone is an effective strategy? How effective would he be for the candidate to be asking the media to explain why General Petraeus, Kristian Saucier and Bryan Nishamura were prosecuted and Hillary gets to skate? How much different would it be if a principled candidate were attacking the progressive assertion that Hillary is innocent because she didn’t show “malicious intent” by suggesting that she showed depraved indifference in her actions – rather than making his supporters chortle at “Crooked Hillary?”

Trump is not a stupid man; however, he IS a stupid politician.

But he’s OUR stupid politician, right?


13 thoughts on “Yes, but He’s OUR Idiot!

  1. Utah,
    Lots of why not, but IF is no solution!

    I’m with you Tim! As of today he is my stupid/idiot politician!

    If Trump was the perfect candidate/politician, I would be asking far more questions
    regarding his ethics and honesty. We are living in the age of hillary and obama.
    I know what Hell is like, now its time for some fresh air and sunshine!


    • Spoke just like a German citizen who said Hitler couldn’t possibly be any worse than what they’d had for a decade prior…

      Why can’t the people who have been telling the world they were principled the past 10-15 years see they have switched sides. All we can see is hatred for the other guy. To keep them out of office, we will elect someone we KNOW to be bad for the country. We’re no better than the Dems now.

  2. I am with Ed and Tim on this.

    Agree with the substance of what Utah is saying…. but is the intent to cause a fracture at the Convention ? Because you Still think Cruz is a viable candidate ?…. He ISN’T. And causing a fracture at the convention will just split what unity there is, and assure a Hillary win and probably a loss of both the senate and house.

    So…. I repeat…. I agree with the basic underlying take on Trump’s recent performance. But Articles like this seem to serve the (Hillary….#NeverTrump/RINO camp) well. I have to ask if maybe that is isn’t their ultimate intention. After all Bush….McCain and all of the Usual Progressive suspects have already broadcasted that they would prefer Hillary to Trump.

    I campaigned for Cruz when he was running for his first Senate run…..have been a HUGE supporter all along. ( Including much dinero !) But this constant sour grapes attitude does nothing KEEP divisions open and assure defeat.

    Levin has said, correctly I think, that only about 30-40% understand and are for real Free Market Capitalism and The Constitition as it reflects the ideals of the Declaration. That being the case…..a Cruz can not win with those realities…. not NOW. But with a long time horizon and having a long-term game plan…..8 years say. The case can be made and enough minds changed to merge into a Cruz presidency while retaining the Congress.

    I just don’t subscribe to the let the Hillary-Socialists win and let everyone see how bad it is. There are professional deficits with Trump and there are progressive deficts ( tariffs etc)…… but he is not Hillary……the hysteria from some about that not withstanding.

    • Long-term? Elect Hillary and you will never see tomorrow. Elect Trump — SAME THING! They have both said they will end the Constitution, but for some reason, the people on the Right who have always said they know better no longer seem to know better. All they can see is their opposition to Hillary. Well, guess what? The GOP leadership has FINALLY succeeded in making themselves a bunch of Republican slaves — just as the Democrats did with the minorities decades ago. Now, BOTH groups are firmly embracing their masters — defending them even.

      And we think we are going to solve anything by sticking with the system that created all this? HA! Welcome to the insane asylum.

  3. “If there were an honorable, principled, solid Republican candidate this time,…”

    There was. The GOP said they preferred the corrupt idiot instead. Now, do not make the added mistake of excusing the other idiots in the room — the people who rejected that honest, principled, law-abiding candidate!

  4. And allowing this to Continue and accelerate under Hillary is the game people are playing with constant ( NeverTrump-essentially pro/Hillary) articles.
    America will be utterly destroyed with a Hillary presidency ( BREXIT did show the way !)

    Majority of refugees also unemployed and now even MORE with active TB:

    • My thoughts on this is that I NEED to do whatever I can to get ANYONE but Hillary in the presidency. If sometime between now and November any third party candidate is projected to stand a chance of winning, I will gladly give him or her my vote and probably get them at least a dozen more. I have many folks that come to me for direction every time there is an election, because they know that I spend lots of time searching for the best politicians at all levels..

      • Unfortunately that ANYONE is Trump. And anyone ELSE is a guaranteed vote for Hillary. It is a reflection of where the demographics are AT THIS TIME.

        You are 100 % correct we NEED to do whatever we must to avert the Criminal Cabal from continuing with Hillary.

        I think what we are seeing with the resistance to Trump is a mix of RINOs who want to keep the gravy train rolling and thus are for Bush and the like ( Eric Ericson would be an example)…..and mixed with principled people who have unfortunately JUST begun to awaken. They thought Cruz or Paul would triumph because they didn’t believe the Country had fallen as far as it has. Within this second group are those Principled folks like yourself and Joe and Utah and the majority who come here ( not counting the muslim and the liberal “journalist” who lurk here—-yeah you know who you are!)….who KNOW how far the country has fallen.

  5. Wishful thinking ain’t going to hack it! All the WHAT IFS and MAYBES are for dreamers.

    Don, Tim and I are opening up REALISTIC thought here! Maybe everyone should consider
    what the REALISTIC situation (fact) is at this time: THAT TRUMP IS THE CURRENT NOMINEE!

    When the GOP realizes (as many have) that the Voting is over and certification is to be
    finalized, the childish reaction by so many who should know better, will cease?

    Joe, I immensely resent your insinuation! Calling me a Nazi only displays your “thin skin”
    and your immaturity. If you want to act like a twelve-year-old, OK? But you need to
    grow up!

    Lets Make America Great Again!

  6. Donald Trump is literally the f*****g that the Republicans have brought upon themselves. As far as I am concerned, I hope they enjoy the taste s**t, because they are going to be feasting on it for atleast the next 8 years, if not longer.

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