The Obtuse Marcuse

“Tolerance is extended to policies, conditions, and modes of behavior which should not be tolerated because they are impeding, if not destroying, the chances of creating an existence without fear and misery. This sort of tolerance strengthens the tyranny of the majority against which authentic liberals protested… Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.”
~ Herbert Marcuse
There are those who believe that once you assume the position of the victim, nothing is impermissible in your quest for reparation from, and repudiation of, your enemy but the truth is that victims are often victims because they are weal. Minorities that subscribe to the cult of victimology are not more noble or correct in their beliefs than the majority simply because they are a minority. Deference should not be given to an idea simply because it emanates from a minority or even a particular viewpoint. Ideas, beliefs and statements should be judged on their own truth and worth regardless of origin.
Whether it comes from ConcernedStudent1950, blacklivesmatter or any other group, false or patently incorrect views should not avoid scrutiny and be given credence simply because of their origins – that is a logical fallacy called an appeal to authority (aka the appeal to false authority) – defined as using an authority as evidence in your argument when the authority is not really an authority on the facts relevant to the argument. As the audience, allowing an irrelevant authority to add credibility to the claim being made.
In the above quote, Marcuse is proposing that arguments should be accorded a sort of assumed “validity” simply due to their ideological origin regardless of their validity if they are “impeding, if not destroying, the chances of creating an existence without fear and misery.” He also assumes that includes any argument from the political right or the majority. This idea is the same as contemporary feminists claiming that all females who accuse males of rape should be believed without question, something that Hillary Clinton just espoused – absent any recognition of the irony of having defended her own husband who was accused of sexual abuse and rape by several women.
Progressives have a history of assuming Marcusian legitimacy simply because they are progressives. Climate “science”, white privilege, GOP racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, Keynesian economic theory, the welfare state, Obamacare and socialism are all assumed by progressives to be true and “correct” simply because progressives believe them – facts and evidence to the contrary be damned.
Ideas must stand on their own and not be vested with the presumption of validity simply due to the group that holds them. Presuming to be a victim does not vest you with special privileges – you are simply a prisoner of your own delusion.

2 thoughts on “The Obtuse Marcuse

  1. We are seeing the consolidated emergence of a new line of professions that I categorize as “The Professionally Aggrieved.” And I am certain it’s quite a lucrative business for those who promote it, yet it yields very little return (unless you count jail time) to it’s consumers.

    I have to say, it’s quite fashionable though.

    • The return is getting Tax dollars. All they have to do is yell and call people names. And then say the people they are yelling at are responsible for their actions….and voila they get money. First from Soros….later from even more warped versions of the already warped Affirmative Action.

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