LESSONS IN LOGIC: How To Spot The Insanity Sweeping The Western World

The Oil for Your Lamp

The attack in Nice, France was an act of Jihad by a devout Muslim — period!  Anyone who disagrees is either ignorant, part of the greater Jihad or a victim of the insanity which has gripped the Western world for nearly a century, if not more.  I was listening to Glenn beck, who wrote the book, “It is about Islam,” and former CIA analyst, Buck Sexton. Both of these men claim to be experts on Islam.  Sexton was even part of the CIA effort to protect this nation against Islamic terrorism.  Yet, for all their knowledge, both of these men remain ignorant of Islam.  The problem is it is not innocent ignorance, but a willful ignorance.  This means they are caught up in the insanity that is destroying the Western world, and all because we have forgotten how to apply something as simple as a definition.  So, for the nth…

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