PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: WARNING! Failed Coup In Turkey Is Harbinger Of The Beginning Of The End!

I beg you to read this and not just dismiss it as more religious nuttery. Seriously, when you have the pieces put together by someone who has studied and understands the symbolic language and you hold it to what is happening in the Middle East today,… Well, it gets real hard to dismiss as fairy tails.

The Oil for Your Lamp

I know that People have been saying the end is near since before Christ ascended into heaven.  So I know the natural tendency is to dismiss the warnings and label those who sound them as ‘crack pots.’  But before you do this with me, please read this post.  Things are different this time.  For the first time in history, we have been given the keys to understanding the prophecies which the Lord sealed.  If you know those passages, then you know that this is the last generation.  Please, I beg you, read this post all the way through, and do not take any of it lightly.  If you do, you just might find that what the world has always thought was crazy people reading things into vaguely worded fairy tales are actually supernaturally accurate prophecies of the times in which we are living today!

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