Trump Is Proving My Assessment Of Him Correct –He’s A Hitler In The Making!

The Oil for Your Lamp

I have said that I cannot support Trump because he has to many similarities with Adolf Hitler (the 1930’s Hitler — before he started WW II).  Well, if you are a Trump supporter, you are not going to be happy with this post, either.  That is because, the longer we watch him, the more Trump has proven that my concerns are warranted (or as Trump would say, he keeps proving me right).  Have you seen this yet?

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4 thoughts on “Trump Is Proving My Assessment Of Him Correct –He’s A Hitler In The Making!

  1. The only thing I like about Donald Trump is his value as a Trojan horse in the sense that this is EXACTLY WHAT the Republicans deserve. They’ve just spent the better part of 8 years aligning themselves as erstwhile allies of the American people in favor of becoming culpable counter-parts to the mentally deranged Democrats.

    It is my utter hope that Donald Trump rips the GOP to utter shreds.

  2. Yeah, Trump truly scares me. And that recent article in the New Yorker written by Trump’s ghostwriter for the book “Art of the Deal” is a really good description of Trump and what makes him tick. Scary times.

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