Who’s the Boss?

If I were a male boss, I’m pretty sure I’d be accused of sexual harassment. Then again, I’m getting awfully confused by what delineates sexual harassment from flirting. That subject could be its own post. But I digress…

On the internet I read about Fox News anchor, Gretchen Carlson, filing a sexual harassment suit against Fox News Chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes. I summed it up to sour grapes. Her ratings were low. He told her to bring them up or she would be cut loose. She didn’t. Her ratings remained low, and she was an embarrassment. Fearing early retirement, she pulled the woman card.

After her announcement, many assumed the other female Fox News’ anchors would be jumping on the SH (sexual harassment) bandwagon. They instead came to Ailes’ defense. Except one: Megyn Kelly. I was really surprised; especially after I watched this video. Wow. Really, Megyn Kelly?! Suddenly, by her estimation, Ailes goes from Obi-Wan Kenobi/mentor, to Jabba the Hutt/casting-couch director.

Obviously, Megyn has no job fears as her very own (thanks to Ailes) show is ranked number two on Fox. Given Ailes’ track record at Fox News, (devoted 20 years of his life to the network, making it the number one cable news show for 15 years) how on earth did he end up not only fearing for his job, but actually being given the boot?!

In hindsight, he probably is regretting ogling Carlson, calling her sexy, and telling her, “she would be better if she had sex with him, and he would be better if she had sex with him”. Those were Carlson’s accusations of sexual harassment. Did he ogle and say those things to Kelly too? I’m surprised he didn’t ogle and comment to the pretty ones, Harris Faulkner and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Personally, I think it’s a sad state of affairs when grown women resort to these tactics. If Carlson and Kelly felt sexually harassed, why didn’t they say something sooner? If they were tough enough to endure all these long, suffering years of pain and emotional hardship, while enduring worldwide fame by being extremely well-paid talking heads; why did they suddenly turn soft now? Why did they give their “aggressor” unwarranted praise all this time?

My theory is these two have gone #FULLFEMINAZI. Basically, this just means that a female pulls the same shenanigans that all liberals do: Casts blame on someone else to deflect from their own shortcomings and gain the upper hand.

Getting back to my first statement, I’m convinced I would not be sacked as a male boss because I would only hire males to work for me.


6 thoughts on “Who’s the Boss?

  1. This was all a set up to get rid of Ailes. The Murdocks orchestrated this faux drama in order to take FOX more mainstream Liberal. The Murdocks are Globalists and open borders apologists. Even a little push back was too much and Ailes was too much a Conservative to trust the changes afoot….. Brexit and all.

      • It would seem yes. But they are more about the Money and controlling the direction of dialogue. The Money comes from ties to Socialist govt throughout the world. They are betting on the opposite of BREXIT and Trump in a way. In many ways it has the feel of a desperate move.

  2. “…Getting back to my first statement, I’m convinced I would not be sacked as a male boss because I would only hire males to work for me….”

    Well …….. here’s looking at you Kid !! …….. Line forms on the right….resumes are in the G-strings.

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