Still Cruzin’

I have always thought that Ted Cruz offered the greatest opportunity to break the hold of the “establishment” over Republican politics and it’s “go along to get along” practices in Washington. Many disagree (and that is their right) but what I see in the two remaining candidates is this – Hillary will continue a third term of Obama’s moderate talk while enacting radical progressive policies and Trump will just create a new “establishment” based on isolationist foreign policy, anti-free trade and executive dictat.

A careful reading of Trump’s nomination speech reveals that is sounds a lot like it was written by Ron Paul but delivered by Barack Obama.

He is also setting up his family to be the new Bushes or Kennedys. One subtext of the RNC was “how great is the Trump family?!!” Seems clear to me that a vote for Daddy is a future vote for Ivanka, Donnie Jr., Eric (am I the only one who thought he should have been in Twilight?), Tiff and Baron.

I’ve said that I think Cruz’s speech at the RNC was a mistake. I think he should have simply stayed away. I knew there was no way that he was going to kiss Trump’s ring because Cruz (and any true classical liberal) wants no part of the “new” Trump GOP (which is just a reincarnation of the old Teddy Roosevelt progressive GOP). Sure, Cruz is ambitious (so are both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – and is anybody who wants to run for the office of President) but I saw (see) in Cruz, the desire to break the back of a political machine and confine it within the proscribed boundaries of enumerated powers, not a desire to “make America great again” via a more authoritarian and massive (Hillary) or authoritarian and well-oiled (Trump) Leviathan.

Trump has seized on a number of issues that are red meat for conservatives and as a result, are hard to argue with. I have no issues with them – what I do take issue with is how he plans to achieve the results he promises. If he plans extra-constitutional actions, I will oppose them as I have those of the current President.

I fear America is simply trading one “establishment” for a “new and improved” establishment…and the fact that donors are turning on Cruz in favor of Trump adds confidence to my view of this situation. At the end of the day, the Trump Republicans are the same as the Clinton Democrats, they don’t want change of an Article V magnitude, they just want power.

30 thoughts on “Still Cruzin’

  1. I am 100% behind everything you cited as your opinions………….. I was seriously backing Cruz during the several months of elimination of the 16 GOP candidates and felt that I would back him in 2020 if he was the hope of ending a disaster that started in ’09. The only problem now is that in his speech during the GOP convention I feel he should have asked America to back trump simply as a chance to keep Hillary out of the Presidency. If he felt so strongly hurt by Trump’s attack of his family, he should have turned down the chance to speak. Since he didn’t endorse Trump in the speech, I am no longer sure I could campaign for him in any later attempts to become POTUS.

      • Reagan didn’t sign a pledge to endorse Ford either. A politician who isn’t as good as his word, his handshake, or his signature isn’t a politician for me — I don’t give a shit what party he hails from.

        That’s the measure of my morality. How about you Don?

        • Politics are the measure of your morality ?

          Trump did abrogate the whole pledge play ( the media melodrama created by FOX and Migraine Kelley in the first place). On March 29th 2016…….the whole pledge thing was put to rest by Trump himself.

          • What an utter tragic attempt to twist my words, Don. I rather expected more of you. Do I honestly need to rehash what I wrote up there? Really, it was not an ambiguous statement, but if I must, I will gladly step down the ladder a few rungs and go over it again.

            Let me know.

            • Indeed your rhetoric here seems more like that found on Salon or HuffPo. So you need to step UP quite a few rungs I’m afraid.

              But your attempt at equating media hyped pledges with personal morality seems to stop at Trump’s public dismissal of that very pledge. Trump himself made that Pledge null and void.
              And in addition I would ask similarly what is to be made of Trump’s Pledges to his followers that he (a) did not want and would not take outside Lobby money to fund his campaign. (b) he was not interested in having Establishment Politicos on his staff and ( c) wanted to keep Goldman type influence out of his administration.

              Manafort has brought K-Street Lobby money in.
              Dole apparatchiks are now running his campaign.
              Trumps choice of Treasury secretary is a Goldman Sachs guy…..smae as all the rest…..who has strong association with Soros and is a HUGE donor the Hillary Clinton ???

              What indeed happened to Trump’s Pledge to his own campaign and those who supported him ?

              Cruz has done almost exactly what he “pledged” to his supporters and constituents that he would do. He has stayed true to his principles and to Protecting the Constitution. And he told folks NOT to stay home! He has been loyal and true to those he made a promise to represent.

              I am not in the habit of assigning any measure of my morality to Cracker-Jacks box media stunts created by media girls with hormone issues and other agendas.

              • Here’s the statement, dolt: “A politician who isn’t as good as his word, his handshake, or his signature isn’t a politician for me — I don’t give a shit what party he hails from.”

                Nothing more, nothing less, and no amount of hyperbole changes that. So the simple question is … does it matter to you if a politician lies or not?

                Spin away all you want. Blabber on about Trump, Manafort, the Huffington Post (not sure what the hell that piece of shit website had to do with any of this to begin with), or whatever the hell else you want, but if you support a liar, then you are no better than the liar you prop up.

                Cheers. 🙂

                • “A politician who isn’t as good as his word…..”

                  I highlighted Trump’s word. His renegging on his word and thus his breaking of this “Holy” ( media created) pledge. Once he broke it… no longer existed.

                  Cruz HAS kept his “pledges” to me ( Sans TPA of course)….. He didn’t lie…..he kept his word. And that isn’t Hyperbole……it is registered on the Senate docket and in his Speeches on the Floor.

                  In these times we are directed, by those who know, that Beer is Better for Summits.

                  Salute…. :- )

  2. Utah,
    How is your “Hope and Change” working out for you?

    Before I start doubting and calling Trump a liar, I’ll give him the same opportunity
    all the obama voters gave their fraud president?

    • EdwardS,

      Trump has given the exact same signs that he was lying as Obama did. They may take different forms, but it essence or type, they are the same (i.e. same spirit).

      So, why place hope in Trump if you wouldn’t place it in Obama? Honest question. I do not understand. If you could see the Truth in Obama’s lies, how can you NOT see it now in Trump’s?

  3. “Clinton Cash”

    EVERYBODY needs to see this movie/documentary…..only about a hour long !! Please spread the link.

  4. There’s a lot of Truth in what you say. I don’t think Cruz should have stayed away though.

    Trump choosing a Treasury Secty that is a Goldman Sachs guy who is a Soros associate AND a huge Clinton Donor was pretty bad. His choice of K-Street through Manifort kind of put the nail in the coffin of Trump being anti-Establishment. I think Trump’s power circle now represents more of a Nixonian cabal rather than Teddy Roosevelt though. But Nixon was a Progressive par excellence…..EPA etc..

    Mark Levin says they are all Bob Dole people…… and if you see photos of the Reagan-Ford convention….there they are in the backround… Dole, GHW Bush….. Nelson Rockefeller….. all the usual suspects who had been trying to take down Goldwater and later Reagan.

    The same thing here…. Cruz is their focus now.

    • Trump has already told us he can’t wait to “make deals” — and he said that includes making deals with ‘the other side.’ Heck, Trump thinks that makes him look good. All he is doing with his picks is demonstrating that he meant what he said. So why should anyone be surprised?

  5. I believe donors are turning on Cruz because he made a pledge, as did all of the GOP candidates. When he was asked to speak at the convention, he turned in his speech for approval…………..then he went off script on air. I thought it was a selfish move that was not only uncalled for, but also added fuel to Hillary’s dying fire. America can handle four years of Trump. I can’t say the same of Hillary.

    • He added two sentences at the beginning. And Trump made the pledge null and void on March 29th. It takes all parties to honor a pledge. Trump bowed out ,

      • As I recall, Trump agreed to sign the pledge if the GOP played fair. Was it fair what Romney and McCain pulled on the leading GOP candidate (Trump)? Was it fair that conservative publications wrote five times as many negative stories on Trump than they did on Hillary? Where was all the praise and push for Cruz by the GOP? No where because they didn’t give a rat’s ass for him or Carson. The reality is their little prodigy, Bush, did not come through. Same with Rubio, and finally Kasich.

        • Well actually I agree with you on this ! So….the whole pledges thing (which was a sham to begin with ) was null and void. The point is the Pledge was effectively off the table as any kind of Viable measure of anything … was a sham and Trump correctly called them on it multiple times finally closing the issue Mar 29th.

          What can I say but thank you for backing up my point with soon forgotten Facts.

  6. You know it’s a curious thing that neither Sarah Palin nor Phyllis Schlafly were asked to speak at the Convention by Trump. Two Icons of the Conservative movement who endorsed him.

  7. Joe,
    Black Obama has been president for seven and a half years–easy to see (determine)
    his lies! If you like your doctor, etc?

    Wish I had your insight (spirit) to see (determine) what will be Trump’s legacy?

    • EdwardS,

      With every bit of humility I can muster (as well as a strong sense of sorrow and remorse):

      I saw everything Obama has done before he was ever elected President. I see similar things with Trump (who I fear will win). Is it a ‘gift?’ If so, I do not see it that way. I lost many friends back in about 2005-6 when I started to see that the U.S. was well down the road Germany traveled in the 1930’s. The old crew here at the RNL knows this well. A local talk show host and I parted ways over this, as well. But history has been affirming the things I have been seeing since the 90’s (at least the Spiritual things, which is all that matters to me anymore). So, when I warn people that Trump is no answer to the evil that is Hillary, all I can do is pray you understand it is not a message I want to preach, but a warning I am compelled to deliver 😦

      I just hope those who are meant to hear will hear and heed it (in whatever way they are meant to).

  8. Joe,
    Contrary to your desire, Trump IS the Republican nominee!

    I think you lack the “sprit” of American Patriotism that has been inherent in the
    American population since the founding of the United States of America!

    No person, group or party can dissolve the standard that has been our motivating
    cohesion since 1789, Liberty and Freedom!

    The United States of America will prevail! The alternative is unacceptable!

    History is on our side!

    • I agree Ed.

      The Tide of History is indeed towards MORE Liberty. It sometimes requires looking at a Long view.

      The Wall came down decades sooner than anyone expected and The Soviet Satellites have not a one gone back voluntarily. BREXIT happened. And there are calls for independence all over the world.

      Even here:

      And whether one agrees with Secession or not…..the cry for Freedom and Sovereignty is embedded within it.

      • Don,

        You are MUCH smarter than this. The tide of history has ALWAYS been toward greater tyranny. This is why America is (was) exceptional. It was the exception to the rule of tyranny. But no more. We are racing down the rod to serfdom at an amazing pace, and even those who should know better have grown blind to it. 😦

        • Actually no Joe…..the long tide has been towards Freedom. There’s no doubt that Tyranny is what the movement has fought, but the long trend towards Liberty has wended its way through the forest of fiends throughout.

          My saying this is not an advocacy of Trump as a champion of Liberty. But history is pretty clear. The idea of Liberty found in Cicero, the Greek Democracies and then the Roman republic show a marked difference from all previous North African and Mesopotamian and Persian history. The changes were fleeting in some instances but remained in others long enough for the basic Ideas to take hold in the Swiss Confederation and East Anglia region in Medieval England and thence to the events leading to Magna Carta…..Parliamentary govt and so on up until 1776. And behind ALL of this is the Judean realization of God given Free will. And of course the deep freedom inherent through Jesus.

          There is no doubt that 1776-1787/91 was the ultimate gathering and expression of these trends. Nor that retrograde motion is the norm for Political movement. But the very notion of questioning the concept of legitimacy of leadership and govt itself is something which has grown over time. This notion is part of the dialogue throughout the world. 2000 years ago…..this would not even have been a remote possibility. Today it is part of the Social and political subtext on every continent.

    • EdwardS,

      I am not a Republican anymore. You guys are now Socialists. I’m not and have never been a Socialist. And if I have to be one to have the ‘Patriotic spirit” you think is America, then I suggest you are as Progressive as anyone has ever been — as that is their mantra and NOT the thinking of our founders.

      In fact, the entire tone of your last comment gives me the chills. If only there was a way to show you how you sound without having to tell you who you just parroted 😦

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