The Prostitution Party

Yesterday I watched Clinton Cash for free at I don’t know how I missed all of these news stories regarding the Clintons. It’s pretty disgusting to see what these two have gotten away with under the guise of the Clinton Foundation. Aside from being extremely detrimental abroad, they’ve brought their corruption here. For instance, did you know that it was Clinton who provided the means for Russia to own 20% of the United States’ uranium production?! Yikes! For the naysayers who claim that they cannot export; I say it’s already on the table. All of this is brought to you from the party that accuses Trump of colluding with the Russians over her “missing” e-mails.

Speaking of those missing e-mails, seems like Comey admitted that the FBI had them. I’d be mighty surprised if they didn’t. But why bother the public with wedding plans and yoga routines, right? (Courtesy of Clinton Yoga Studios)

I suppose all of these personal e-mails were the reason why she set up a private server in in her basement using some fictitious guy’s name on the same day her senate confirmation hearings began. Yeah, that’s it………that’s the ticket.

Wonder why the IRS had a change of heart, and is now investigating the Clinton Foundation. I guess they figured no one would read the book, Clinton Cash, but maybe a lot of folks would see the show for free. The investigation will most likely be a sham like the FBI investigation. Why? The Prostitution Party knows how to give people what they want in order to get what they want. (In this case, Comey gets to keep his job…………….. with a raise, I bet.)

The other day I was listening to some of the exposed Clinton wikileaks files. I learned you can dine with swine for $200,000. The pay-for-play in Clinton’s Democrat Party is blatant and sickening. The delusional Bernie supporters not seeing the set-up early on is surprising. There were so many red flags: Clinton winning all the ties, Clinton calling the number of debates, Clinton eluding the press, Clinton with a 45-1 super-delegate advantage, Bernie accused of inciting violence……

Then again, I felt sure she would be prosecuted. I felt sure Warren would step in. How naïve of me to think our employees are our employers.

When I told one of my sisters to watch Clinton Cash, she responded that she would, but she worries that the race will be close. This surprised me. Then I remembered that she gets her news from Sugar Mountain (Zuckerberg.)

If you want to get real news, you actually have to go to conservative news sites, out-of-country sites, or Twitter. Seeing live pics of the DNC from Tweets shows you truly what a train wreck this party is: The fence erected to keep out protestors (which were, ironically, from the Democrat’s own party), the initial absence of the American flag, the giant poster unfurled above Biden (it was negative, so they turned off the lights), the raucous boos from different states at different times, the protest signs (blocked by American flags they decided to hand out), the walk-outs……… disastrous.

The funny thing is that Clinton has outspent Trump 41-1, and yet Trump’s ahead. If Sanders’ backers would assert some critical thinking into their vote, they would go orange and vote Trump. The way they should look at it is that Trump is an outsider. Because both parties loathe him, he is the one person who will cause both Dems and Reps to do something they haven’t done in a very long time……………….. work!

If you want to get down and dirty by seeing what federal prostitution looks like, I recommend you watch Clinton Cash.




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