2016 = 1776? Maybe…

2016 will be a watershed presidential election for a number of reasons, the least of which is that it will feature the first female candidate in history versus the first non-politician since Dwight Eisenhower. The reason I think this will be the least of the reasons because there is a greater dimension that gets ignored in the traditional version of the two major party, “us versus them” battle. More than ever, the candidates for president have been chosen by a very narrow segment of each party. Trump by progressive populist Republicans and Hillary by progressive populist Democrats. The commonality is that both are progressive and populist. There is no denying this when studied objectively.

The fact is that there are a far greater percentage of people who want neither candidate than want either of them. This is a recipe for the majority of America to be totally dissatisfied and disenfranchised no matter which candidate is eventually elected and a government that will be at odds with the will of the people, no matter the party in power.

This is the culmination of years of political wrangling, cronyism and statism conducted by both parties. In the process, it has yielded a partisan political landscape where both parties want to use government against the other with no consideration of what effect that use has on the people. Trump vows to use government to solve problems in the same manner as a Democrat, only with supposedly “conservative” motives. He is anti-free trade, pro minimum wage, pro use of government to control industry and isolationist. Essentially the same political stance as a mid-60’s Democrat. Hillary holds the same positions as the Communist Party USA did at the same time. Neither is right for the constitutional representative republic of America.

2016 will herald the final step which will determine the future of this country. In the ensuing years, people will come to understand that it is no longer liberal versus conservative, Democrat versus Republican – it will be the people versus the government. 2016 may well be remembered as fondly as 1776 because it may well be the start of the second American revolution.

11 thoughts on “2016 = 1776? Maybe…

  1. What scares me most about this election is that the winner will most likely be able to fill the Supreme Court with judges that could give their side the ultimate say-so for a few decades.

  2. Well, at least Trump has advanced a list of who he would consider acceptable for supreme court justices. Seems like most of them were on the conservative side. Hillary hasn’t said who any of her potential choices are yet, but we are pretty sure that they won’t be conservative.

    I just know that we don’t want a continuation of Obama policies and that is what we will have with Clinton. Surely we can muddle through 4 years of Trump and then start over. Who knows, he just might surprise us.

    • I agree with you on this. Trump will push Nixonian progressivism. But I think he will surprise us on the positive side too.

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