You Democrats Owe Nixon And Reagan An Apology

If you are a Democrat or Democrat Party supporter, you owe Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan an apology!  You pointed your hypocritical fingers at Nixon over Watergate, yet you look the other way or even protect Hillary and her email/classified documents scandal.  You pointed your hypocritical finders at Reagan for the Iran Contract Scandal, but you look the other way or even protect Obama in Fast and Furious, and now, Obama and Hillary for just giving money to people who have sworn to destroy America (BTW: that is the Constitutional definition of High Treason).  Democrats, you have no clothes!  You have no moral credibility at all.  You are everything you have ever claimed the Republicans to be, and since I remember what you called them, I’ll remind you.  According to your own standards, you Democrats are evil and corrupt to the core, and un-American to the max!

Oh!  And you Republicans who think this somehow vindicates you for your part in all of this: NOT!  You are just the right-wing of the Democrat Party!  You are actually worst than they are because you claim to be something you’re not whereas the Democrats make no secret of the fact they are anti-American socialists.  So, please, don’t revel in this post as it damns you twice as much.  Your hypocrisy is two-fold more than that of the Democrats.

4 thoughts on “You Democrats Owe Nixon And Reagan An Apology

  1. Well … Since you’s ( correctly ) said Democrats have no clothes. I’ll say Sorry Dick and Sorry Ron that you might have to see Lena Dunham or Michael Moore…nekkid !!

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