Memes and Media Talking Points

When I hear the term, “damsel in distress”, I conjure up a virgin maiden tied to a post, screaming her head off because A) she’s about to become a frightening dragon’s meal, and B) she knows damn well he prefers Virgin Flambé.

After trying to convince my youngest sister of the reasons not to vote for Hillary, only to be brushed off with memes and media talking points, I’m feeling a bit like that damsel in distress; sans the virginity and the blood-curling scream.

The problem with Hillary lovers is that they’re stuck in this creepy maze of darkness. Whenever you try to throw them a flashlight, it gets thwarted by the media shield.

Perhaps if memes were shined above the maze, like the batman signal, these folks could see the liar for who she is…..…… indulge me.

Hillary’s first job:


She didn’t dawdle as First Lady of Arkansas:


As FLOTUS, there was Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Lewinsky, Vincent Foster, &c.

As Senator of NY, she agreed with her Republican president more often than disagreeing with him (Patriot Act, Iraq, Afghanistan, TARP, &c.)




The fun really begins when she becomes Secretary of State. She set up a private e-mail server on her first day:

This was okay because she said Colin Powell told her he did the same thing:


She seemed to have deleted a few “unimportant” e-mails:



Her aide, Huma Abedin, has some e-mails that are too “unimportant” for congress to even be allowed to look at:

No conflict of interest there. Must be a coincidence that Obama has a Muslim aide (chief advisor) with questionable ties too:

Maybe the e-mails were about Russia:



She did seem to cozy up to the bear after money was paid to the Clinton Foundation:


Were the e-mails concerning the Clinton Foundation? What a coincidence that the Clinton Foundation would receive money, and the donor would be granted their wish:

except the people who needed it…..


I don’t think the Haitians much care for the Clintons:


Were the e-mails to cover up the gun running in Benghazi?


Were they about the orders to stand down as the embassy was attacked?

With an upcoming election bungle such as this; could these e-mails have been about a video being the cause?

And no, this same thing didn’t happen under Bush:

What about her health?



Dr. Drew spoke out about being very concerned about her health, and was canned.


The media tells us everything is fine:


Nothing to see here:

It’s all just a coincidence:



Ian Fleming had something to say about coincidences:





Thomas Jefferson had something to say about liars:


















7 thoughts on “Memes and Media Talking Points

  1. Good pictures and quotes. I was brought up short with the Maiden, tied up and screaming…..thought for sure ( B ) was going to have something to do with missing out on the Bloomingdale’s sale by mere moments.

    That Valerie Jarrett’s Hot huh !?

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