The Coward’s Revolution

Revolution has come to America. The average citizen would be excused for not noticing – but it has come. It didn’t come with force of arms, explosions, civil war or an invasion (at least not in the sense of a D-Day style clash of Allied bodies against the Nazi wall on the shores of France). It came quietly, clandestinely, camouflaged and under the cover of night – it crept in cowardly.

If you look around you, there is not one single institution from the entertainment industry (the NFL or the music world) to your local government that either isn’t pushing some aspect of the progressive agenda or is already governed by it. This could be a professional athlete protesting the national anthem, a musician performing a tribute to Michael Brown during an awards show or simply mandates from your city for curbside recycling or the banning of plastic grocery bags to alleviate climate change.

We are also taxed without representation. The individual has little input on the taxes they pay, reduced to finding ways to legally avoid paying what has become a mandatory fee levied on certain classes who are not in favor with the government. You have no say over the national debt – and make no mistake, the national debt is a de facto tax on you and all generations following you. The majority of our elected representatives have shown no interest in stemming either the debt or the red ink from wanton spending.

Well known is the face that academia is filled with examples of this coward’s revolution – speech codes, free speech zones, the suspension of due process by kangaroo courts in student matters, safe zones – all go beyond the simple indoctrination that has been part and parcel of academic instruction since the radical days of the 60’s. This has become expected at the university level but now children as young as first grade are being subjected to instruction in the progressive’s subversive views of sex, marriage and human development. This idiocy has reached such a fever pitch that children – and I mean children as young as 4 or 5 – are having their immature minds confused by “sexually fluid” propaganda resulting in their equally immature and confused parents targeting them for “gender reassignment” surgery.

Can you imagine the dementia that must exist in the brains of parents who would seek to have a 5-year-old child physically altered in such a permanent way when the child doesn’t possess the mental faculties to make a definitive decision what to have for dinner? Sheer madness.

And yet this is the absurd world that has been created, a world where social justice warriors team with government to shame and dictate such things to the rest of us, relegating us to nothing more than impotent rage.

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. The Borg didn’t invent this – progressivism did.

Given the magnitude of this malfeasance, if this was 1776 and not 2016, we would be shooting by now.

But we aren’t.

Conventional wisdom says that we must fight this war in a civilized manner with proportional force, the same ROE’s that condemned too many soldiers to die and too much territory to be lost in Afghanistan and Iraq. It didn’t work there and it won’t work now. A coward’s revolution cannot be turned back by cowards or cowardly actions.

William F. Buckley described a conservative in this way: “A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.” Progressives claim their quest for “progress” is righteous and they see conservatives as the enemies of the “progress.” Progressives seem to believe the “arc of history” favors only them – but the truth is that history is not independent of the actions of people and the course of history can often be set in the wrong direction. We have fought world wars due to this fact.

It is way past time for contemporary conservatives to end this coward’s revolution by yelling Stop.

5 thoughts on “The Coward’s Revolution

  1. STOOOOOP!!!!! Ok, I did it but if I had added the shoot part as an “or else” the cops would be told to come get me. I suspect not even the police can yell that phrase anymore without massive retaliation from the progs.

  2. Utah,
    It all depends on the 8th of November, 2016!

    The first big action will be on the 21st of January 2017, after the oath on 20 January 2017!

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  4. In a sense, conservatives are already yelling stop. I notice that the VMA’s viewership was down 34%. Perhaps folks are sick and tired of being told they’re racist through music (if you can call it that). Folks are also burning the jersey of that unpatriotic football player who refused to stand. Why? Because people see how upside down it is that a mixed race boy, adopted by a white couple, becomes a huge success, then bashes his country and white people. Conservatives also notice that Clinton remains hidden and protected by the press, and only comes out to proclaim the right racist. It’s an old, tired argument, and nobody is buying it any more.

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