‘Conservatives:’ YOU Made this Bed; Now Sleep in It!

If you think of yourself as ‘Conservative,’ I beg you to read this post — all of it, to the end.  However, I’ll warn you now, it will be difficult to read and harder to accept.  Still, not only do you need to read what I have to say to you, but you also need to give it some very serious thought, because the people you think of as ‘Conservative leaders’ have been lying to you.  They have helped to cause the mess we’re in, and now they are turning on anyone who refuses to sleep with them in the filthy bed that they have made.  Worse, they are trying to get you to join them in their treason.  So, please, I beg you, read and consider my words.

I can no longer listen to Hannity or Limbaugh.  Hannity has started to attack anyone who refuses to join him in his support of Trump.  He has started to make the false assertion that you are either Trump or Hillary.  Dear reader, this is a lie!  If I tell you that you must be either red or you are blue, does that make it true?  What if you are white, or green?  The same logic applies to voting.  If I do not support Trump, it is a lie to say that means I support Hillary! No, it is not ‘opinion,’ it is a lie.  Remember, the ‘Conservatives’ are the ones who are always preaching about how they are logical and the Left is not.  So, when a self-proclaimed ‘Conservative’ starts to argue the exact same way as the Liberals he or she has made a career of attacking, then they are not ‘making a mistake,’ they are lying to you!  This is because they are professionals: they know what they are doing.  It’s just that they have made a conscious choice to violate what they claim to be their principles in favor of their political agenda, and that is a lie.  It is wilful deception for personal agenda.  A lie!

Limbaugh is no different.  In fact, he is far, far worse.  Just the other day, I heard him tell his audience to stop listening to anyone who tells you there is a difference between a Classic Liberal and a ‘modern Liberal’ or ‘Conservative.’  He literally told his audience to accept his definition and ignore the rest.  Dear reader, this was propaganda!  Limbaugh lied.  I know he lied because I have heard him properly define Classic Liberalism and Conservatism in the past.  He knows they are not the same things.  I have tried to explain their origins and meanings on the RNL myself — many times.  Our founding fathers were Classic Liberals, but they were not ‘Conservatives.’  At the time, they were fighting the ‘Conservatives’ in England!  All ‘Conservative’ means is ‘keep what you have.’  It does not matter if you have Classic Liberalism, Socialism, Fascism, Feudalism, etc, it simply means you hold to what you have.  And in this sense, Rush was being honest.  He was telling his audience to forget about the founding principles and ideals and help him hold on to his Party’s power!

This is what the cry “you are either with us or against us’ is all about.  It is about putting Party over country, and even self.  It is ‘Party Uber Ales’ (Party over All).  This is why Washington told us not to allow Party politics in our country: because he knew it would eventually lead to Party over country.  Well, it has.  Now you are being told you must vote for the Fascist or it means you are supporting the Marxist.  What’s more, you are being told the Fascist is ‘Conservative.’  I have some difficult news for you, my dear reader.  That part is true!  Trump represents Fascism, whereas Hillary is a Marxist through and through.  Now, I ask you, what part have either Marxism or Fascism in the founding of this nation?  So why are you accepting the lie that the founders were ‘Conservative’ when the man who invented the ideology of ‘Conservatism’ lived in England at the time of the founding, was a member of Parliament and openly defended the right of a Corporation to buy, own and dispose of 1/3 of the world as it saw fit?! That is correct: Edmund Burke founded the ideology of ‘Conservatism,’ and as part of that system, he defended the right to the East India Tea Company to buy, own and dispose of 1/3 of the world’s population as it saw fit.  That is what Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest are telling you to defend:Fascism!

The truth is this: at the moment, there are very few voices left who are expressing the founding ideology of this nation.  I know of only two, though I am sure there are ore.  It is just that, aside from Levin and Beck (who has other problems but is sound on this issue), those other voices are too small to be heard.  Levin and Beck have both been explaining the founding ideas of America properly.  They have remained true to the founders’ own words.  They and only they have been trying to point to the solution to our problems.  Not the ‘Liberals.’  They are the cause of our problems.  Not the ‘Conservatives,’ as they are the flip side of the Progressive coin.  I know they do not like to hear this, but it is true.  Progressivism started in the GOP with Teddy Roosevelt, and the GOP has not wavered from the right wing of the Progressive movement ever since.  That ‘right wing’ is Fascism!  Even the Libertarians are wrong.  Johnson is little more than an honest Socialist.  If we look at his policies, or even his own admission, he agrees with 80% of Sanders’ platform, he just doesn’t want to pay for it himself.  That means he is an honest Socialist: he wants to control, and provide, but he does not want to pay.  This leaves very few voices defending the original ideology which founded America and it stands to reason because that ideology is inextricably linked to the Judeo/Christian faith.  Without the Bible, there is and can be no America.  Now when was the last time Rush or Hannity told you that?  Or explained why it is true?  Or even told you that the founders clearly and forcefully said exactly this?

So, here we are: faced with the choice of a Fascist or a Marxist.  Either one will most likely end the nation.  The land will still exist, but the Constitution will not survive either of these two people.  And what are we being told by the people we have come to trust for advice?  We are being told to ignore the truth and listen to them.  They are telling us that the Party comes before anything and everything else.  For years they told us principle matters.  Now, when the nation is at stake, they are showing us what their true values are.  They will not tell you that Trump is a Fascist.  They will point their fingers as Hillary, but they willfully ignore everything they have said in the past that now applies to their candidate.  This means their true principles have never been aligned with our founding, and have always lay with the Party.  And now they are turning on the part of their audience who is trying to hold to the founding of this nation.  This is because those of us who still cling to the spirit and idea of America are traitors — to the GOP!  Think, dear reader!  Look to what they do, not what they say.  Have they risked their careers to save the nation?  No!  Levin has!  Beck has!  But Rush has not.  Hannity has not!  Levin and Beck are trying to persuade, but they are not attacking those who disagree.  Hannity and Limbaugh are.  So be honest, reader, how is it that Rush and Hannity are any different from the Left?  Other than the Party they champion, how are they any different?  Both say one thing, but do another.  Both claim to love the nation, but both do everything for the Party.  So how is the Right any different from the Left?

I end with a confession.  I share in the guilt here.  For many years, I accepted the lies of the Right.  I allowed myself to hate the Left.  I was made into a Republican, but that meant I was no longer an American.  Now, I understand if you believe you can be both, but I have come to agree with Washington: you cannot!  You are either a Party person, or an American.  You cannot be both because you cannot serve two masters.  The Left is no different.  But I started to read the founders.  I did not read what others told me they said: I read their letters.  I read what they said, by their own hand.  In the process, I discovered I was being lied to by the people I looked to as leaders.  Now I see a little more clearly, and I am trying to warn you that you are following pied pipers.  please, I beg you, turn away from them.  I believe it is too late to save this nation, but it is not too late to save the spirit which founded it.  But we can only do that if we give up the lies and seek the Truth which created America.  Were the founders perfect?  No!  But they had the correct goals, and they were sincere in their desires to get there.  read their words (not the history books) and you will find that this is true.  And you will also find that the key, the ‘secret ingredient’ to their success was God.  And by God, I do not mean any god, but the God of the Bible.  If this nation will return to Him and repent for having strayed, then and only then will we be back on the correct path to liberty.  But if we refuse to do so, then we will continue to follow those who are intentionally deceiving us for personal gain.


I want to add something — so there will not be any mistake.  I am not necessarily judging or condemning the people I have named or those who follow and support them.  I actually believe rush, Hannity and company do care about the country.  I just think that they have become so lost that they can no longer see past the artificial reality they have constructed around themselves.  As I said, I was once inside such a bubble, myself.  So I do not hold this against them personally.  However, as professionals and leaders of a movement, I do expect them to be willing to look deep inside.  This is where I think they have failed.  They are lying, but I think the biggest lie they are telling is to themselves.  They cannot see that they have chosen Party over country, or worse, either over Truth.  This is why I beg the reader to consider that they are not seeing any more clearly than any other ‘Conservative:’ because the ‘Conservative’ ideal is no more real than that of the Liberal ideal.  It is all built upon self-willed notions, not life as it really is.  For that Truth, we have to turn back to the same source as our founders, and that source has nothing to do with human authority…

38 thoughts on “‘Conservatives:’ YOU Made this Bed; Now Sleep in It!

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  2. Wow! Your post is certainly a “hit right between the eyes!” My husband recently left the Republican party and switched to being an Independent. For me, that means that I won’t be able to vote in the next primary.

    I do see all of your points. I’m just praying that if Trump does get in, that he might turn out to be the one who exposes all of the corruption going on from both sides of the aisle. It might be wishful thinking on my part. I realize the fear of him being a fascist in office and not following our constitution or working with congress. I can see how he could be saying anything (and everything) in order to get elected. When I first heard about him running for the Republican nomination, I worried that he would be another 0bama.2. Yeah…how do we choose between a Marxist liar like Clinton and a Fascist wannabe dictator like Trump?

    During the early primary season, my choice was Governor Scott Walker. When he dropped out, I thought that Ted Cruz might be my choice. Some of the controversy surrounding Cruz (still not sure what was true or propaganda hits by opponents) bothered me, but I thought he would be better than Trump.

    Trump is bad, but I think that HilLIARy is far worse. Perhaps our nation is under judgment at this time in our history. It is difficult to trust ANY politician anymore.

    • I have left the GOP, myself. As for Trump exposing corruption: how? He is corrupt, himself — and by his own admission. As for Cruz, I looked into much of the attack on him, and I simply did not understand it. The attacks stood in direct contrast to his life-long record. I found it more informative to look at the source of those attacks. That was why Cruz was my man (still is). So, now, we are left with a choice of Hemlock or cyanide.

    • I have also left the GOP. The false accusations and hyperbole leveled at Cruz were epic Alinsky as well as gutter politics extraordinaire. The only weakness was his vote for the TPA…which was NOT the TPP which he consistently eschewed…… and still does.

      I am with you on the mistrust of ANY politician also.

      But I agree 100% that Hillary is far far worse.

  3. While you await your perfect classical liberal candidate, the rest of us are dealing with the reality that the race is between Trump and Clinton. Choose wisely, young Padawan. Then again, if the feds take over voting, your choice probably won’t matter.

    • So, by not voting for Hillary, one is voting for Hitler and racism???

      Sorry, this logic just does not work — not in a rational world, anyway (which is sort of the point of my post).

      • Hillary and Johnson and Stein are ALL for a continuation of these trends, their policy statements and rhetoric show it clearly. The only viable vote against Hillary and thus against this Trend is Trump.

        That’s not only logic of real-life political reality.

        • Really? So, I am supposed to ignore the fact that Trump has advocated government healthcare, trade wars, has softened on immigration and supports pretty much all the rest of the Leftist agenda? That is a difference and the only choice to avoid those things? Logical? Don, I think we need to have a chat about logic, because that is banging your head into the wall again and again and expecting a different result every time you do it.

          • So:
            Joe will Vote Stein ?
            Joe will vote Johnson?
            Joe will vote Hillary?
            Joe will “write-in”…… ( Many States it turns out don’t have this option….and/or it gets “filed away”).
            Joe will stay home ?

            All five are a vote for Hillary. The Cost of Silence and its consequences are felt all throughout the decision tree…..from every day to politics.


            • And if I vote Trump, I STILL vote to destroy the nation and rule of law.

              Don, you are caught in the insanity that caused this situation in the first place. And, as I saw on FB this past week, making the same mistake more than once is a CHOICE! Ergo, you are choosing to remain tramped in your insanity, and now you are attacking me because I will not join you…

              • I don’t have a FB account….never have.

                You haven’t addressed the options I listed.

                And No. Trump is not a Constitutionalist…… but also NO…..Trump is not the same as those choices above.

                And Yes…. the same old lesser of Two has been manipulated into place. But doing nothing or allowing the more poisonous snake in is a abrogation of responsibility.

                The message is, I’m afraid, that our Fight will have to go on LONG and hard…..and we will have to FIGHT to bend and alter Trump and continue fighting at the local School level, the local gov’t level….and pushing for an Article V COS……all AT THE SAME TIME. There is the marginal difference with Trump….there is NO MARGIN with the others……just look at their site Platforms.

                  • No. I see it differently because I am looking beyond myself. And I am looking to the relative chances with each candidate that the Constitution can survive.

                    Everyone who frequents here ( and comments) is aware of Trump’s failings. But they also have the acumen to see that the Powers that Be are playing hardball and only by being engaged can they have any effect.

                    • You are voting for a man who has never mentioned the Constitution, but HAS said HE will act on his own to do what he pleases and you tell me you are voting to save the Constitution? Don, that is literally ‘fornicating for chastity.’

                      As I said: though I respect you on most things, I believe you have allowed emotion to cloud your judgment on this issue.

                    • No. Actually emotion played a part in my reaction to Trump’s dissing of Cruz.

                      The realization of what exactly a Hillary presidency means is what makes me and others realize that EMOTION should not be a factor. That’s part of what Cruz was saying in his speech at the RNC circus in Ohio.

  4. I will wait as long as possible before turning in my ballot. I suspect that God will permit something that will prevent this election. If not, then I rest in the knowledge that Trump can be impeached but Hillary will not be…..

    • I share your hope and faith in the Lord, but not in the GOP’s ability to impeach Trump. If they refused to impeach Obama, they will never do so to one of their own. remember, they are proving to us that it is ‘Party uber ales’ that motivates them.

  5. Joe,
    As stated in a previous post, Trump is the Republican Presidential Nominee!

    I am trusting the American voter to do the right thing on November 8th, vote
    for Trump, in spite of all the wishy, washy, namby pamby, what if’ers and
    cry baby Republicans, independent and democrat fence-sitters.

    I’m going to plug my ears and shut my eyes to all you great ravers of Democracy
    who will shout to the world what a great job Trump is doing in his second term!

    I will help make America Great Again and vote for the REPUBLICAN

    • EdwardS,

      Yes, he is — but I am no longer a Republican. So, for those who think in terms of Party first, I can understand the support for Trump. I, however, have turned. I think COUNTRY FIRST, and NEITHER D or R candidate is good for the Country, so I cannot vote for either of them.

      As for the notion that Trump will be great… Well, I have been correct in my judgment of what was coming since about 2002, so I am going to tell you now, if Trump wins, you WILL regret it. I know that as sure as I know that the nation will regret Hillary: as sure as I know the sun will come up tomorrow…

  6. Joe,
    Sorry to read your post, you have just voted for the fat person in a blue pantsuit, (hillery).

    If you are wrong, I want you to paste your post (Sept 2, 2016 at 14:44) to your forehead
    for three days, November 10-12, 2020, and tell everyone who asks, yes I’m great for making
    stupid statements!

    Did you vote for Obama?

    I’m voting for Trump to Make America Great Again!

    • Does this mean that, unless you vote for Hillary, you are voting to let the poor starve? Or die from want of medical attention? I mean, after all, the Democrats are the only ones talking about taking care of the poor and needy. So I guess that means you are a heartless, selfish, self-centered and greedy person. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be voting to let people die!

      Now, I have already said I do not support and will not vote for Hillary. But, if you cannot see the point I am making here, then I do not see a difference between you and her supporters. And if I cannot see it, then why should I violate my conscience to vote for EITHER candidate when I sincerely believe BOTH are EQUALLY bad for the NATION? I do not care about Parties, just the country, and I blame both Parties for the mess they have made — but also the people supporting them for allowing the Parties to continue making the mess worse.

  7. Joe,
    You have TOTALLY missed the point in my posts: WHAT IS YOUR VOING SOLUTION?

    You claim you are NOT voting for Trump or Hillery! WHO ARE YOU VOTING FOR?

    I know that you recognize the History of NOT VOTING, and third party candidates in
    American (U.S.) elections ARE LOSERS!

    Are YOU willing to hold your vote (and elect Hillery), yet blame me for voting for
    Trump because YOU believe both are EQUALLY bad for the NATION?

    Joe, YOU have to quit looking at this election though EMOTIONAL EYES and
    do the ADULT thing: MAKE A DECISION based on all the ETHICAL, HONEST
    information available from people and sources YOU TRUST!


    • EdwardS,

      I know you won’t hear me, but I did not miss your point. Your point is I HAVE to vote Trump or I am effectively voting for Hillary. That is a lie! There is absolutely no truth in it, and arguing it is “practical” is just another lie on top of the first. It is a rationalization for excusing what one knows is a wrong by arguing for another wrong. I know. I did it myself, an for many years. But now I see the Truth, and the truth here is that whoever I vote for, THAT is the person I vote for and no one else.

      As for emotion: it is not me who is being emotional. It is all you who are demanding people vote Trump because of your fear of Hillary (or those demanding people vote Hillary for fear of Trump). I fear neither of them because I have come to trust in the Lord. But I KNOW what BOTH will give us, so I will vote for neither.

      Finally, I AM being the adult here. I KNOW Hillary is a traitor and corrupt to the core, so i cannot vote for her. At the same time, I KNOW Trump is corrupt to the core and arrogant beyond belief, so I cannot vote for him. Anyone who can rationalize voting for EITHER of these two is doing so through willful blindness — especially so if they claim to be a follower of Christ. Scripture tells me to have nothing to do with evil people, so how can I join myself with either of these two by voting for them? If I do that, then I accept their guilt onto me as well. I’m sorry. You might be willing to do that, but I am not — not any more. That is why we are here to begin with: because we have been acting out of our own reasoning and not that of God.

  8. Joe,
    I am trying to be as reasonable as anyone posting on this site! I am not emotional!

    All I am doing is expressing MY OPINION! I have declared my choice for president
    as a Republican, to be THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE, Donald J. Trump!

    I don’t appreciate your emotional comments regarding MY OPINION, but that is
    what can be expected when conversing with emotional responses?

    Speaking of Scripture, all I am asking is for your Yes or No? My day does not
    depend on YOUR OPINION regarding MY DECISION to vote for Trump.

    I am just saddened that your infantile attitude has to be expressed in such
    uninformative posts. I am sure that others will respond accordingly?

    History has a waking moment when repeated, as we are aware! Myself being
    a creature of much of the last post World War Two Period, I am confident
    that The American People will make America Great Again!

    • OK, so YOU can tell me I am “emotional,’ even when I tell you I am not, but if I suggest you have allowed your emotions to cloud your judgment, then you presume to lecture me? See, one of us has reason to believe he is correct, the other is just screaming “VOTE FOR MY GUY OR YOU ARE ELECTING HILLARY!!!”

      By the way: I have not stooped to name calling — but you have. Now, until Trump started to run as a “Conservative,” the “Right” always said name calling was a sign that someone had lost the argument. Well, I think it still is, which means that not only has the ‘Right’ demonstrated its hypocrisy, but you have lost your argument.

      Oh, and if my ‘opinion’ does not matter, why do you keep arguing with me and calling me names?

  9. Joe,
    You are WRONG! Your opinion DOES MATTER, if you totally agreed with what I say,
    we would have NO conversation? As evidenced by NO additional posts on our subject?

    If you think that I have been calling you names–as a Marine you are aware of many of
    the “names” I could be spouting in my “emotional” state?

    As I have reason to believe that I am correct, can I scream: “VOTE FOR TRUMP OR YOU

    Lets Make America Great Again!

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