2 thoughts on “15 Years

  1. I definitely could never forget…………………. I remember stopping all jobs I had underway that morning and telling all the workers to get home and get prepared for what was coming. I was expecting even more attacks and awaiting a post Pearl Harbor response from our government. I was also surprised when the towers collapsed like they did and the chaos that caused. I have asked God to help the families of the 2,996 people that we lost from those ISLAMIC TERROR ATTACKS many, many times.

  2. I have seen this picture hundreds of times. It affects me deeply each time. Imagine going to work like every other day….routine, the hellos, Good mornings, the ‘oh shoot–someone forgot to clock out last nite’s….all he mundane happenings we all experience. And then you are confronted with something completely unknown and hostile and Hateful…..and terrifying. Something you have no training for and something entirely out of your scenarios of “what ifs”. You have a sense that you are going to die…. but FIGHT to find a way out.

    And instead of allowing yourself to be consummed in fire as the muslims want you to be….. your last act is to take what free will you have to choose ( of your own)….how you will go out.

    There were many…… I will never forget….. Don’t Forget.

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