Justice for Charlotte?

Justice, n. Proper administration of laws. In jurisprudence, the constant and perpetual disposition of legal matters or disputes to render every man his due.”
~ Black’s Law Dictionary
I have been giving a great deal of consideration to the riots in Charlotte, following on the heels of yet another shooting of a black man by police. This is really nothing new – those old enough remember the 1992 LA riots initiated by a media narrative built around the beating and arrest of Rodney King. In the subsequent riots, entire sections of LA were burned to the ground, over a billion dollars of damage was done and 55 people died and over 2,000 injured – among the injured was Reginald Denny, a white truck driver who was pulled from his truck and almost beaten to death by 4 black thugs.
Important to note that I state that the riots were due to a “narrative” because the outrage was stoked by an edited CNN video (yeah, they have a long history of that) that was extremely sympathetic to King and not so much to the police. Due to the narrative this video created, police misconduct took top billing – but many to this day do not know that King was high on PCP. Recounting the story, Tim Dees, a retired Reno, Nevada policeman and criminal justice professor stated, “When ordered out of the car, King laughed at the CHP officers, then turned his back to them, bent over, grabbed his rear end, and shook it at them. The other two occupants, both black males, exited the car and followed the officers’ instructions. They were “proned out” [lying face down on the ground], handcuffed, searched and questioned briefly, and were released without charges or injuries.” King continued to resist arrest and the police increased or decreased their response in proportion to King’s resistance. These are facts supported by the court testimony and witness statements of the others in King’s car that night.
The 1992 riots were truly a case where terrorists were inspired by a video.
Now, decades later, we have had a number of race riots that can trace their genesis to similar narratives – narratives that have been both broadcast and supported by urban legends. “Hands up. Don’t shoot!” being the most memorable one.
Sitting back and watching each one of these riots reveals there is a common theme – the theme of “justice” but given the immediate mass hysteria of the madding crowd, the rush to judgment of police guilt (pre-judgment, actually), the instant canonization of the alleged victim (no matter your background or the length of your rap sheet, the fastest way to #blacklivesmatter bestowed sainthood is to get shot by a cop), the lack of demand for any rational process of fact-finding and examination of evidence, all combined with the lack of focus for the target of the rioter’s rage (is it the institution of policing, white cops or just white people in general), one must wonder what this “justice” is.
It is curious that those who seek “justice” also seek to destroy the institutions tasked with protecting it by undermining trust in these institutions but the true endgame for these “justice seekers” is not anarchy, rather it is the replacement of one system of justice for another more favorable to their positions.
The conclusion one derives is this – contrary to the Black’s Law definition, people do not want “to render every man his due,” they do not seek true justice, they simply want the power to define what justice means to them. This typically means that “justice” will be defined in political terms of power over others – which means it isn’t actual justice at all, it is a political movement with political goals.
But the fact remains the institutions themselves bear a lot of blame for the current tension – they also have had a hand in their own destruction, causing a loss of trust and faith through arbitrary and capricious application of laws and regulations. The relativism, equivocation and Orwellian newspeak of the progressive movement in America has accelerated this deterioration. In their efforts to attain and retain power, they have bent the laws until they have broken. They have used unequal treatment in an effort to create equality and behaved in such arbitrary and capricious manners that literally no citizen can affirmatively state what laws will or will not be enforced. Isn’t this the supposed genesis of #blacklivesmatter complaints? Isn’t their battle cry based on the arbitrary and capricious enforcement of law and subsequent application of force toward black people?
If I believed the true goal was true justice, I might feel differently – but I don’t believe that. I believe the current agitators would be just fine with the current corrupt system as long as they were in charge of it. The fact that in several of recent issues involved institutions controlled by black mayors, black city councils, black police chiefs and the black “victim” was shot by a black cop indicates that this is about the institution of government, not racism (at least not racism alone).
In a 2013 column, Charles Krauthammer wrote:
“A Senate with no rules. A president without boundaries. One day, when a few bottled-up judicial nominees and a malfunctioning health-care Web site are barely a memory, we will still be dealing with the toxic residue of this outbreak of authoritative lawlessness.”
And so we are.
What to do?
Tough question – I don’t have a ready solution but one thing I do know, the answer won’t come from increasing the power of already corrupt institutions.

19 thoughts on “Justice for Charlotte?

    • Me 2 !

      Smart Blog…..And commenter Jak Black is correct……they mostly lack Cognitive Tools. I however am inclined to think it is congenital.

      I look forward to the demise of the *BLM-entitlement-marxist inspired movement*. And a return to rational American ideals of character and work. In anticipation of the Demise of the Racist BLM/Soros movement I dedicate this song :

  1. Kells,

    Have to admit I am likewise, all “BLACKED OUT!”

    Also have a ponder: Why don’t all the Black persons who have slave ancestors get on their
    knees and thank all the racist Southern democrat slave owners who bought their slave relatives
    from the Black Nigerian slave owners and shipped them to America to pick cotton on the Southern
    Plantations, creating a heritage for the present Black Americans?

    Where do you think these current black “demonstrators” (Soros employees) would be if not for the
    racist democrat Southern slave owners? Back in Nigeria complaining about the school lunches?

    It is expressly enlightening to ponder!

  2. Don,
    I thought Utah had a policy of not allowing twelve (12) year olds to post on this blog?

    Your Culture comparisons fit the narrative! Confirms my opinion that I’m Blacked Out!

    Black Lies Matter!

  3. Keep posting prejudiced dumb asses. You’re doing nothing but making my point. The problem is not with you because you don’t know any better. That’s why you’re dumb asses (AKA useful idiots). The problem is with the ones that do that don’t correct you. And that’s been my problem with Utah forever. He knows better but he won’t correct you dumb asses.

    • William ….. take your racism…… and shove it.

      Utah is right.
      “Justice” based on racism is anything but Justice. As well as the fact that your real goals are nothing but the attempt to affect ” the replacement of one system of justice for another more favorable to their positions.” To quote from Utah’s article.

    • Might want to take out a mirror and have a look. I stand behind what I wrote. Just like the people I wrote about, you don’t want justice, you want injustice that is applied the way you favor. There was more in this post about how much damage institutions are doing to themselves by not being truthful and transparent but somehow you found a way to make it racist. The day you correct me will be the day hell freezes over.

  4. Hell is frozen. I never said anything about racism. I said prejudiced….there is a difference so you stand corrected.

    You don’t know what I want. You don’t know what I favor. That’s what makes you guys dumb asses. Corrected.

    Remember you told me once, “You don’t know me.” It stands the same for you. You don’t know me so don’t try and tell me what I want and what I don’t. Perhaps you should take a look also. Corrected.

    As for Don? Dumb ass to the highest degree. Kells? She gets a pass. Don’t be so cocky Mike. You’re not always the smartest guy in the room. And you definitely aren’t on this board.

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