Follow the Money

The day before yesterday, I was reading about the problems that the Deutsch Bank is having. In the comment section, this fella was going on and on to check out Merkel, Draghi, Juncker, Tsipras, and Yellen. This guy wrote in code, but I figured out he is a Bulgarian financial wizard who says that because of his warnings, these bigwigs tried to get a court order to find him insane in order to shut him up.

When I look at all of the folks he listed as a whole, I see a cadre of Keynesian-economic disciples with a bit of the Kalergi Plan flowing through their veins. These folks obviously don’t care for their own people, the ones who entrusted them to serve honorably. Look at Hillary’s favorite leader, Merkel. After bailing out the Greeks, bringing in 800,000 Muslim refugees, she’s now putting a negative interest rate on the savers in German society.

How long the Europeans can hold up under these pressures before it all collapses is anyone’s guess. Their leaders are already starting to nip at each other’s heels. It’s not surprising to me that they are gradually doing away with real cash altogether. They say it’s for the environment. Let me correct that: They say it’s for the environment as they fly off on a leer jet to the Swiss Alps for a convention on overfishing as they are served endangered fish.

The same things are happening over here, of course. Trump correctly brought up Yellen’s manipulations. Nobody bats an eye. Nobody questions the audacity of a former president, the DOJ, the FBI, and the Fed being in cahoots. Are we as dumb as the Germans?

Without a doubt, I think Brexit was the best thing that happened for Great Britain. They’ve somewhat limited the damage that’s about to befall Europe. Over here, I can only hope that Trump wins; otherwise, we’re doomed to four years of Murica’s Merkel.

16 thoughts on “Follow the Money

  1. As fast as Europe appears to be beaten to death by immigrating (?) Muslims and ignorant enonomics doing the same here., I don’t think America will last thru 4 years of Hillary

  2. Edited version of the above post:
    As fast as Europe appears to be beaten to death by immigrating (?) Muslims and ignorant economics , I don’t think America will last thru 4 years of Hillary doing the same here.

  3. Most important thing I learned in Econ 101 was that Keynesian doesn’t work, can’t work, end of discussion. Please educate me RE: Kalergi Plan. Don’t remember anything on that.

  4. According to my hubby who has an MBA in Finance, Keynesian can work in certain limited situations, none of which we are currently experiencing.

    Personally, I can’t see it ever working.

    • With all due respect to hubby, they tried to tell me the same thing but the prof had no answer for the lost opportunity cost of the taxpayer money that goes into the Keynesian government spending nor was he able to tell me how much of that money was forever lost as the cost to run the government, the most inefficient way to do anything. Lastly, my eyes tell me that it is nothing but crony capitalism and government weenies are very rarely qualified to do much more than push paper and pat themselves on the back. My $.o2 after 70 years of watching government programs fail.

      • In grade school the nuns taught me Govt was an expense & should be kept small & controlled. When I owned a recruiting firm I always kept the administrative staff small & put my $ into hiring more recruiters. Worked out well there. Seems like common sense to me, but what do I know?

  5. Follow the Money…..who has any money ?

    Laffer Curve…baby dolls………….. and that ain’t no Laffing matter !

  6. The “rabble,” or the “plebes” as they were referred to in ancient times, or the “uninformed voter” as they are known today, haven’t been whipped into a frenzy yet.

    But the quiet, Christian, Country Class is a boiling caldron of concern.

    But it has been decades since they anyone in the government to represent them.

    • Having moved 3 years ago from San Francisco to a suburb of Charleston SC I agree completely that the “quiet, Christian Country Class is a boiling caldron of concern”. I’d say we are at a strong boil here in my local caldron.

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