Coincidental Conspiracies

We have talked several times about the act of “virtue signaling”, that act of outrage that is summarily followed by absolutely nothing at all, an act designed to let others know that you are a member of the tribe. Progressives do it, concern trolls do it, it is also pervasive in the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) class.
The media uses a similar tool – I call it the coincidental conspiracy of convenience or the CCC.
The media uses CCC as a “coast is clear” organizing principle after a virtue signal from the leadership of a certain political party or media headliner that it is OK to bring out the dead and stack them on the street. You will see someone like NBC or the WaPO come out with a videotape of a certain candidate with a Cheeto-colored completion stating he likes to contest a few matches of vagina rugby now and again – and then a couple of days later, like clockwork, another major outlet comes forward with a story concerning 20 women with similar complaints of mistreatment at the tiny hands of the short fingered vulgarian antagonist of the moment.
It is a not a true conspiracy in the sense that all the actors gather at a meeting in a smoke filled room (vaped of course) with coffee (decaffeinated) and two dozen Krispy-Kremes (fully sugar glazed and loaded with gluten), then going through a 100-page PowerPoint presentation and afterwards, each participant coming out with blood shot eyes and sticky fingers, grasping a coffee-stained, bulleted action item list and project schedule – but is it a conspiracy of convenience executed by people of like minds using data they have all accumulated for this very purpose. Minor outlets are virtue signaled by the big players and the minor minions kick each other under the conference table, essentially telling each other that they are ready to go hot with a round in the chamber and a full mag.
This allows certain candidates of a progressive, left-wing jackass variety to continue to “go high when others go low” because it preserves an arms-length, Nixonian plausible deniability. The recipient of this assistance must never be caught reeking of vaped nicotine, have coffee stained teeth, sticky fingers or flecks of sugar glaze on their $12,000 Armani jacket. The frustrating thing about the CCC is this: everybody knows it exists but it is so easily denied as to effectively not exist. The obvious coordination just seems to “happen.”
And this is not limited to short fingered vulgarians – it happens to all GOP candidates. Just ask Jack Ryan, the ex-husband of “Seven of Nine” Jeri Ryan, about what happened to him in 2004 when he was running against a virtual political unknown with the initials of BHO.
It’s really easy to be a Democrat, there are always plenty of folks just gagging to carry your water.

3 thoughts on “Coincidental Conspiracies

  1. The leaks from WikiLeaks confirm your post. Naturally, these are not reported in the MSM because they are incredibly damning.

    Speaking of conspiracies; ever notice how Russia is adamantly and continuously blamed for the leaks? Ever notice that what is going on in Syria regarding the US and Russia is kept out of the mainstream? This couldn’t be about Saudi’s wanting oil, could it? After all, Clinton said we don’t have to worry about that nasty, dirty energy any more. It’s clean energy when she’s in, baby. (It worked out so well for Obama)

  2. you might have seen this:
    Robert James Bidinotto, Conspiracy or Consensus? Freeman, November 01, 1995.

    “Yes—there is a powerful force dragging society down. But that undertow is not an international conspiracy: it’s an intellectual consensus. What conspiratorialists fail to appreciate is the power of ideas.”

    • Soft intellectual article that proffers Political action as the downstream results of entrenched Ideological assumptions and beliefs. In a way it is a soft Marxist assumption, it also ignores completely the actual actions of groups of people who act together to “misdirect” or outride hide information in the attempt to further their own goals and agendas.

      That there exist genuine Conspiracies and collusion throughout history is beyond doubt. To deny such is the height of either naivite or and agenda itself.

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