America on the Cusp

The fact that Hillary Clinton is even still in this race is a testament to the power of the media to choose what they believe the average citizen should see as important.
Even in scientific inquiry, if you are only fed sets of data corroborating a certain hypothesis and never see anything contradictory, you are bound to reach conclusions that support the hypothesis. This is the power of omission the media wields like a massive sword.
More than just the power of the media, it also indicates just how close to a communist state America has become.
It is fair to count both the Democrats and the mass media as one entity holding progressive ideologies. It is also fair to equate contemporary American progressivism with socialism and communism. It is also fair to define progressives as statolatrists – people who literally worship government. To be a committed progressive, one must be comfortable committing (or excusing) literally any act that is purportedly committed for the “good of the many” and these days, such acts are committed almost exclusively by those who are members of government and the progressive caste.
What we are seeing is an apparent progressive majority of America that is comfortable with, and forgiving of, any sin committed in by someone in government or of the progressive class. Two current examples:
  • The private sector candidate makes misogynist comments 11 years ago and he is metaphorically crucified. Every fault and statement is endlessly investigates, parsed and subsequently magnified by the media. These crass statements are raised to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors against humanity by the wife of the current resident of the White House even as she and her husband have invited dozens of rap music impresarios to entertain at their home even though the lyrics of their works incorporate far worse language against women than anything the private sector candidate has ever said.
  • The candidate of the statolatrist progressive caste, a lifelong member of the government class with a history of lying under oath, actually breaks national security laws, lies about it and is not prosecuted when others who did exponentially less are tried, convicted and sentenced to prison. She has provided cover for a husband who actually received oral sex in the Oval Office via an intern and has allegedly committed sexual assaults in the past (and is reported to continue “dicking bimbos at home”), making her an accessory to these crimes at a minimum.
The “sins” committed by anyone not behind the shield of “government” or by a member of the progressive caste are forgiven and ignored while those committed by those not under the protective cover of progressivism are not.
This illustrates how powerful (and dangerous) the worship of government has become. When members of the pro-government progressive caste are treated as high priests free to cut the hearts from the people with impunity and other members of this statolatry cult are willing to capture their non-progressive enemies and their children to become chattel and sacrificial animals to their god of government, America is on the cusp of totalitarian, communistic rule.

6 thoughts on “America on the Cusp

  1. The leftist constantly bleats his complaint about separation between church and state while completely ignoring the fact that America’s leftist government establishment and the Press are one body and one flesh.

  2. So how can you require responsibility without infringing on freedom of the press? Perhaps more to the point how can you punish the press for irresponsibility without infringing on their freedoms? Our libel laws are expensive to litigate and difficult to prove. A couple of suggestions from a non-lawyer: 1. Make it much easier to sue when they get a story wrong; 2. Up to the civil war, most towns had 2 or more newspapers, one for each party and in many cases the parties owned the papers. Maybe all we need is more conservative media outlets. How can we make it easier to compete with the old guard?

    • Arthur,

      It’s all about The People each getting a brain of their own, teaching it how to think and then getting it educated not indoctrinated.

      Since a republic is based on personal freedom, not the power of the state, The People get the government that they deserve (choose).

      Bill Clinton and Barack Obama didn’t elect themselves to the presidency twice each, no less.

      They were chosen by The People.

      I believe that THE Donald is correct in determining that this 2016 election is The People’s last chance to save the American republic.

      • Yes. But taking back our Education from the Socialists will take time. And Obama was elected by a good bit of Vote stealing….they were fraudulent election…..certainly at the margins. 100% 1nd 125% of registered voters in districts voting for him…TWICE ? Come on.

        That said there were indeed many who did. So your point is taken. I don’t take truck with the Idea nor the statement any more that “people get the government they deserve ( Choose). If 49 % vote for freedom and 51% vote to Steal those freedoms…..the 49 % don’t “deserve” that.

        • Don,

          The People have been enthusiastically choosing Progressives for over a century.

          1. Theodore Roosevelt is on Mount Rushmore.
          2. Woodrow Wilson served two terms.
          3. FDR was elected to a whopping four terms.
          4. Lyndon Johnson author of the war on poverty won by a landslide over conservative Republican Barry Goldwater.
          5. George H W Bush was a Progressive
          6. Bill Clinton found both George H W Bush and Bob Dole to be easy pickings in spite of all his well-known and well-publicized scandals.
          7. Barack Obama, a proven liar, black racist and hater of America was elected twice.

          And in a representative republic, the president is elected by the elector college which is a check on the popular vote.

          Clearly, The People have spoken…

          …over and over again.

          They prefer the lies of politicians to the truth of statesmen.

          • Silence,

            Once again 51 % of a vote does not equal “The People”. You condemn the 49% percent. I suppose you would side with CNN and say that Trump supporters are to blame for the firebombing of their NC headquarters ? Where the Jews responsible for being murdered by the Nazis.

            Your basic argument is itself the very heart of progressive thought. ” They” “The People” etc are Marxist class terms….. Congratulations on your slight of hand.

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