Exiting Wonderland; Voting Trump

On Tuesday night we went to the Trump rally. It was YUGE! Seriously, it was literally huge. The park supposedly accommodates 7,000. Trump had 11,200 inside the gates and a little over 10,000 outside. My sister (the lib one) said it must’ve been loaded with rednecks. On the contrary, I saw engineers, teachers, businessmen, military vets; normal middle-class folks there. Oh, and for the record; Trump didn’t grab my Hello Kitty.

Here is a pic of the line outside, and a pic from inside:

Many lovely names ascribed to the Trump voter, but the reality is they are not dim-witted, redneck, fascist-loving deplorables. These are thinking people who know what is going on. We are very well-aware that we are trapped in a real-life Orwellian play where the media is spewing whatever Clinton wants us to hear, yet ignoring the mountains of evidence against her. The latest Wikileaks batch is proof that the media meets and discusses with the DNC to plan what the public is to know. We also know that social media unfairly targets conservatives.

Good Grief! Are we in China? Not one peep from the loyal news networks as these cables are far too damning. Instead, we are told to ignore them, it’s the Russians doing this; you know those same Russians to whom Hillary sold our uranium! But take heed of this, they tell us: A Trump rape allegation has surfaced now from 35 years ago!!! Erp….really? That’s not coincidental timing by any means. smh

The use of simple logic cannot be said for Clinton’s loyal subjects. I mean talk about fascism; how can criminal behavior (Clinton Foundation pay for play, Lolita Express, Bribing the DOJ?) via the government be dismissed so easily? Do they not ask themselves why she is not held accountable? I suppose they don’t question the Red Queen for fear of losing their heads…..or their own popularity. (The media said smart people vote for Clinton, after all!)

Admittedly, Americans are already slaves in a sense. If you’re not being used for your tax money, you’re certainly being used in some form to benefit the government. I do believe it will only worsen with a Clinton presidency. My predictions if she wins:

  • Two definite liberal SCOTUS justices (Ruth will finally resign)
  • Doubles Obama’s number of EOs
  • Allows at least 200k Muslim refugees (Take a look at Paris)
  • Continues military aid to SA in Syria.
  • Gets single-payer through in Obamacare
  • Gets a gun-control law passed
  • Taxpayer-dollars will fund more failed clean-energy projects
  • Obama policies twerked (picture that)

My predictions if Trump wins:

  • One definite conservative SCOTUS justice (Ruth will show up on life support)
  • Doubles Obama’s EO’s
  • Closes borders
  • Stays out of Syria
  • Loosens EPA restrictions
  • Tweaks Obamacare
  • Enforces visas
  • Gets corporate tax rate lowered

Obviously, I will choose the latter. Seeing as to what our country has become under an egotistical lib, I figure we don’t have much to lose under an egotistical moderate. Actually, I’m certain we will see a boost in the economy with a Trump presidency, as well as a start to the ruling class being ousted.

For now, I am ready to exit Wonderland.





17 thoughts on “Exiting Wonderland; Voting Trump

  1. We hear complaints about the separation of church and state all the time.

    But concerning the separation of the Press and the state, it’s…


    …except at THE Donald rallies.

  2. Kels,

    The hubby & I went to see Trump many months ago when he came to speak in Charleston on an aircraft carrier. Even back then the lines snaked back & forth across the parking lot & it was standing room only inside during his speech. The speech was the most unscripted I’ve ever seen. In fact, I put in more prep time for a basic sales call with my business clients. It made me think Trimp actually might believe the things he was saying.

    As we stood in line we spoke to the people around us, they all seemed to be gainfully employed & there were several small business owners. We even ran into some of our neighbors. At no time did I hear anyone disparage any racial group although many of us expressed our displeasure with Obama, Clinton, the media & various members of Congress.

    Like you, I’ve heard all the nasty names we Trump supporters have been called & I always think of my husband. An ardent Trump supporter, a Jew born in NYC & raised in Santa Monica, a guy with 2 graduate degrees & an impossibly high IQ….another typical redneck, dim witted Trump supporter!

    As for me, I’m deplorable……and loving it!

    Trump 2016!

    • Yes! When he speaks, it is obvious he is very intelligent. I think too many things pop into his mind at once, so he goes off on that tangent, then comes back to what he was saying (it’s like talking to my family). He’s also very funny. I think the media doesn’t pick up on this NY humor, so they misconstrue it. Your husband will know exactly what I’m talking about.

      One thing that the media omits is that these rallies (ours, at least) begin with a prayer. He also made references like “with God’s help” or “God willing”. I believe he’s cognizant that he definitely cannot win without Divine help.

      • Kels,

        The prayers & the flag waving at Trump rallies are scorned by the Progs/media, but I love it. Our SC town prays quite openly, we even song God Bless America regularly.

        Regarding the sense of humor, my hubby definitely gets it & hubby is a very funny guy…..dry, but funny.

        I’m hopeful my fellow Catholics see the Wikileaks hacking of Podesta’s email regarding his efforts to encourage revolution in the church. What egos these folks have, they think they can bring down a 2000 year old religion! Is that a mortal sin? I think it might be!

  3. I can’t imagine that there is ANYTHING that the Democratic press could bring up that would make me abandon Trump and vote for Hillary

  4. Kels,
    Have to add my AMEN!

    Everyone here with the same attitude: we are not only voting to keep our Christian Way,
    but against the Satanic followers of “The Evil One” who thinks SHE has the future FAVOR
    of her worship and right hand of power of The Earthly Prince, Satan!

    My Vigorous Jeremiah Wright blaspheme to Crooked Hillery!

    Lets Make America Great Again!

  5. I put up a post outlining the massive violence against Trump supporters….with evidence. And lambasting the rhetoric against Trump.

    And it was not allowed to be posted.

    Censorship on the Rio Norte Line……….. Really Sad…..really pathetic.

      • Well I can email you the links certainly…..but my ” Essay” was deleted and is gone. It was about 3 1/2 paragraphs.

        I suppose I could try and recapture the spirit and ” eloquence” of my rhetoric.

      • Well Dusty I tried to post again on “Thinking it Through” and the second part was deleted ( Censored ) again !

        I don’t lie Dusty…… I have no investment in it. You can see my attempt split into two parts over there……the second part was deleted…….the truth hurts, so it is best to not have it be seen.

        As I said before… sad and pathetic.

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